Tuesday, 23 June 2009

US Kingmakers Choose New Shah for Iran

Washington’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Masonic Zionist fantasy foreign policy schemes regarding the Islamic Republic of Iran have now seen the Manifest Destiny quest for regime change choose a new ruler and prime minister.

The Obama administration’s desired form of government would be a Constitutional Monarchy, with the Head of State being Reza Pahlavi, the wastrel scumbag son of the former wastrel scumbag Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi – a virtual chip off the old corrupt block who ran away to hide in the 1978-79 Islamic revolution and never came back.

Much as the criminal enterprise known as the Bush administration had Hamid Kharzai ready to fill the Afghan presidency in 2001 and renta-crook Ahmed (watch yer pockets) Chalabi ready for Iraqi leadewrship in 2003 – O’Barmy’s advisors now have Pahlavi ready to be King - and Kansas-born slimeball Skunky Sobhani as his Prime Minister.

Stuck in a Groundhog Day political time warp US officials seem to think that a CIA type Operation Ajax coup d’etat is going to play out again as it did in 1953 when Donald Wilbur and Kermit ‘Kim’ Roosevelt Jnr. engineered the criminal overthrow of the democratically-elected Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh – to the detriment of the many and benefit of the few – with that ‘few’ being oil companies threatened with nationalisation.

The chief promoter of the O’Barmy administration policy is Masonic Zionist stooge Michael Ledeen, who has written and lectured obsessively about regime change in Iran on behalf of his Rothschild masters – and all from the unique vantage point of never visiting the country or studying Persian and Farsi culture.

While Reza Pahlavi is, like his father, a poser and hedonistic wastrel – his interest in being Shah is exclusively one of personal greed and extracting revenge for Daddy’s 1979 overthrow by the Jolly Green Giant Islamic fundamentalist movement.

Conversely Sobhani’s interests in regime change are very clear and very consonant with Masonic-Zionist American desires – and wholly commercial.

He professes that supporting a secularisation of Iran would lead to easier transport of Caspian oil through Iranian territory – with said secularisation being beneficial for Israel – who had excellent ties with Iran prior to the1978 / 79 Islamic Revolution.

Elimination of the clerical regime in Iran would eliminate support for the Iran-backed Lebanese Hezbollah and lead to renewed trade between Tehran and Tel Aviv – and the desired dismantling of Iran’s nuclear ambitions in toto.

Ledeen, Sobhani and Morris Amitay, former director of the principal Israeli lobbying group, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) joined forces at the American Enterprise Institute in a seminar entitled The Future of Iran, in which they called for regime change – with the fatally-arrogant Sobhani publicly putting a price tag on the operation, stating “You can buy yourself a Free Iran today for $20 million.”

Nice to know the United States still holds the spirit of sovereign self-determination and its own Monroe Doctrine in high esteem.

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