Thursday, 11 June 2009

Gunfight at the Holohoax Corral

A ‘lone’ gunman, armed with what police detectives described as a “gun”, shot and killed a guard inside Washington DC's Holohoax Museum before being shot himself, city police spokeswoman Candida Fuctifino told the International Herald Shitraker.

The ‘shooter’ is being treated by a horse doctor who stated he was in a ‘stable’ condition following the firefight incident which saw the the museum’s crowds of visitors go straight into Chinese fire drill mode – the proverbial headless chicken routine - with hundreds hurt in the stampede for cover - and the emergency 'terrorist attack’ exits - following the exchange of gunfire.

An 88-year-old man, reputed to be a self-hating Jew and a violent anti-Semitic racist – as opposed to a non-violent racist - opened fire in front of crowds of people inside Washington DC's Holohoax Museum, killing a Blackwater Security guard.

The gunman, named by local officials as Hymie Bonkerstein, was himself shot by supporting security guards and police officers. He is reported to be seriously ill at the city’s Veterinarian’s Hospital.

Pox News reports confirm the man is a Kike white supremacist who has served time in prison for violent offences including monkey spanking, golly bashing and cormorant buggery.

US President Barky O’Barmy stated in a press release he was "shocked and saddened" by the incident and glad he wasn’t there when the shit went down.

"This outrageous act reminds us that we must remain vigilant against anti-Semitism and prejudice in all its forms – especially so by Jews," he told reporters - without the aid of his ubiquitous teleprompter.

Soon after the shooting FBI agents were dispatched to Bonkerstein’s home in Annapolis, Maryland, to check his computer for bullet holes and plant a swathe of incriminating evidence linking him to Islamic terror groups around the globe.

Washington’s Numpty County Police Chief Kathy Kluntenberg said the lone gunman appeared to have acted by himself.
She added that Bonkerstein had been engaged by a security guard shortly after entering the museum with a can of paint in one hand and an assault rifle in the other.

Earlier, police Sergeant Seymour Schnozzer said the gunman had walked into the building carrying "a long gun" – or what is commonly known in military circles as a ‘rifle’ and opened fire on a guard when he was told to stop painting Holohoax denial graffiti on the entrance walls.

Photo and video footage taken by news reporters reveal Bonkerstein’s graffiti contained anti-Semitic and Holohoax denial propaganda such as “Auschwitz was a holiday camp – I was there” - “The Holohoax is a Zionist lie” – and – “Beware the Protocols of Zion – the New World Order!”

An anonymous law enforcement official (Deputy Billy Bob Scrunt) told reporters that Bonkerstein’s vehicle had been found near the Holohoax Museum and was being tested for recent oil changes and to establish if any Airbus flight manuals, Korans or forged suicide notes were left inside the vehicle.

One FBI agent hinted that Bonkerstein has long been tied to extremist groups in Israel, such as Mossad and the loony tunes political gang of Avigdor Lieberman – the ultra-nationalist Israel Beiteinu genocidal headbangers party.

Bonkerstein runs a racist, anti-Semitic website and has written a book about the imminent "Destruction of the Goyim Races" by madcap Zionist eugenics proponents through the release of pandemic H1N1 'Sneezy Pig' super-viruses.

One eyewitness to the firefight, Rita Twatrot, told Pox News "I heard shots and though it was sort of loud, as though someone had dropped something – like an anvil - or a small bomb.”

A group of teenage children on a Poughkeepsie school tour told reporters : “Yeah, the shooting thing was a great break from the mundane slog - cos museums, especially Kike ones with all that bullshit propaganda about the Holohoax, are usually so boring."

"Today’s shootings - with the Yid nutbox going postal - really livened things up for us.”

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