Thursday, 11 June 2009

Big Pharma : Names You Cannot Trust

Yesterday one more in a long line of Big Pharma-controlled corupt FDA advisory panels approved the prescribing of powerful mind-altering chemicals for children.

Seroquel, Zyprexa and Goedon have now been approved by this advisory panel of career criminals to be prescribed to children as young as 5 years old : to treat a fictitious disease invented by crooked psychiatrists and given the name "bipolar disorder."

Bipolar disorder does not imply a child doesn’t know his North from his South, it is the singular medical contrivance of quacks who don’t know their arse from their elbow and will sign off on anything their Big Pharma paymasters lay before them for certified approval.

Yes, bipolar disorder - merely a name assigned to children demonstrating the predictable side effects of correctable dietary imbalances – from the ingestion of chemicals found in processed and junk foods – and other DNA-damaging toxic additives and substances that we stick in our mouths such as MSG, food colourings, aspartame and fluoride.

In light of this disturbing decision, it is instructive to remember the history of pharmaceutical medicine and children.

One hundred and ten years ago, Bayer marketed heroin to children as a non-addictive alternative to morphine.

Did someone say "non-addictive?" Yep, right in the files of the company's own marketing materials.

Such just goes to illustrate that drug companies have been lying through their teeth to the landless ignorant peasantry (and poisoning their children) for well over one hundred years.

Much like the FDA's present-day endorsement of antipsychotic drugs for children, the American Medical Association endorsed Bayer Heroin for kids, touting its ability to ease coughs – and provide one hell of a buzz at the same time.

A bit like smoking meth’ or mainlining on rhubarb, in issuing this endorsement the AMA adopts the FDA's screwy logic, which claims "the benefits outweigh the risks."
(Financial profit benefits to Big Pharma outweigh the risks to children – or the possible future compensatory costs of getting sued)

During all this, of course, the AMA utterly failed to inform parents that heroin was a highly addictive narcotic drug. Hence parents were dosing their babies with heroin -- all with the full approval of the American Medical Association.

What a bunch of happy campers – no wonder their kids were fucked up like soup sandwiches.

Today, the FDA spearheads the endorsement and sponsorship of drugs to children, doing its best to promote toxic synthetic chemicals that artificially alter brain chemistry while outlawing any mention of natural remedies that work much better. (like the Omega-3 oils, which are natural brain chemistry stabilizers)

Thus one hundred and ten years on Western medicine still poisons children – via the medium of drugs or toxic vaccines - with the full approval of "health authorities" - all while enriching the corporate criminals of Big Pharma.

In recalling the servile and compliant endorsement by the AMA of heroin treatments for children, it's helpful to consider a bit more of the history of Big Pharma.

Heroin-marketer Bayer is a German pharmaceutical company with all sorts of interesting ties to Nazi Germany and the medical experiments conducted on concentration camp prisoners during World War II.

In 1956, for example, Fritz Slimeberg became the chairman of Bayer. What's so interesting about that? This was following the seven years he served in prison after being convicted at the Nuremberg Nazi war crimes trials for carrying out medical experiments on concentration camp prisoners at Auschwitz.

It really is a very bad joke - "Trust me - I'm a doctor."

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