Thursday, 4 June 2009

Anniversary Day in Tiananmen Square

Police in China's capital, Beijing, have ringed Tiananmen Square on the 20th anniversary of the violent suppression of student-led protests – known in the PRC as the “June 4th Incident” to avoid confusion with all the other occasions when students and protestors have been slaughtered in the square.

The clampdown comes as international pressure (from the US and their lackeys – as usual) mounts for China to issue a full account of what happened in 1989 – which has as much chance of happening as Hell freezing over – or the Palestinians ever getting their homeland back without a war.

Hu Sed Wot, spokesman for Beijing’s senile octogenarian Politburo, told the media the US had made "groundless accusations" after the O’Barmy administration called for a listing of those killed in the June 4th 1989 massacre – and issued the stinging rebuke of “How about a listing from you usurper Americans about all the Indians slaughtered from the treacherous Pamunkey Peace Talks Massacre to Wounded Knee?”
“You have very long conscience for what everyone else done wrong but never for yourselves and your own inhuman sins.”

Thousands, possibly millions, are rumoured to have been slaughtered in 1989 when brutal police from China’s Sadista Squads loosed packs of starved man-eating panda’s into the crowds of dissidents and students mourning the deceased radical Hu Yao Bang and demanding political change and reforms - at a time when Communism was proving as popular around the world as haemorrhoid surgery.

US Secretary of Sleaze Hilarious Rodent Clinton said in a duplicitous patronising statement released on Wednesday : “A China that is trying to emerge to take its dubious place in global leadership should examine openly the darker events of its past.”

The Arkansas broomstick merchant went on to claim the Beijing government need to "provide a public accounting of those killed, detained or missing, both to learn and to heal.”

Apparently Clinton’s security detail was quick to taser and evict a group of hecklers from the Sino-affiliated Renta-Mob who at first applauded, then bawled “Here! Here! How about the USA’s ‘darker events of its past’ and admitting the genocide of the American Indians so we could steal their land? When are we gonna come clean on that score, huh?”

Chinese diplomats expressed "strong dissatisfaction" with the Rodent’s comments by officially setting fire to a US flag and then pissing on the ashes.

Foreign ministry spokesman Fuk Yew Tu told Pox News : "The remarks made by this hypocrite dyke bitch disregard the facts and make groundless accusations against the Chinese government. She needs to remember Mena and keep an eye on her philandering husband.”

"We urge the US to sort its own shit out first and refrain from undermining bilateral relations by mentioning our crimes against human rights when they commit worse crimes of human wrongs each day in Iraq and Afghanistan – and everywhere else they stick their interfering Zionist running dog noses.”

Have you ever demonstrated in Tiananmen Square? Do you even know where the fuck it is? Do you really care? Did you know Tiananmen means Gate of Heavenly Peace in Chinese? Would you get run over by a Chinese tank just to prove a point – and end up in Heavenly pieces?

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