Wednesday, 3 June 2009

13th Ammendment Not Yet Ratified in UK

Appraised by a casual glance Mrs Nastygit al Bobo didn’t appear to be an out-of-the-ordinary figure around her home town of Smegmadale in the UK’s grim recession-stricken north-west, apart from the cat-of-nine-tails she habitually carried while chewing a six inch nail and spitting cobs of brown rust.

But behind closed doors this ‘Granny from Hell’ imprisoned her three daughters-in-law and used them as her personal slaves for fifteen years.

Since the details of the 93-year-old's "enslavement" of the three relatives emerged her actions have been described as inhumane, horrific and outdated – even for a backward dump such as Smegmadale - even though they might be quite the norm in a barbaric shithole like Pakistan.

But to some Asian women she is held in awe and, instead of anger, they pity her predicament and envy the opportunity to lord it over their sponging scumbag relatives and turn them into chattels and skivvies.

They blame her arrest and incarceration on the three victims who "clearly wanted revenge against this poor old dominating matriarch.”

The three women, who cannot speak English – or Urdu, and reported by social workers to be as thick as two short planks - were married to Bobo’s three sons, who were also their first cousins – and hence her nieces - which did wonders for improving the quality of the family gene pool.

Bobo was found guilty of falsely imprisoning daughters-in-law Vagina Shagrat, Tazeem Shagrat and Nisbah Shagrat between 1992 and 2007 and treating them as "slaves and dogs" and was duly jailed for seven years.

Smegmadale Crown Court heard that the three women had been subjected to constant beatings and abuse and were made to sit behind treadle-operated sewing machines from dawn ‘til dusk stitching “Christianity Sucks” t-shirts for the Taliban’s propaganda department in Karachi.

Smegmadale, with a population of 105,000 - of which over half are Infidel-hating Muslim Asians - is greatly divided when it comes to ‘Bobo the Bitch’.
Some Muslim women have said Bobo was exploited by her three daughter-in-laws who came to the UK because they thought money grew on trees outside the DSS welfare benefits office.

One wrinkled old Paki’ slag commented: "I feel sorry for Bobo, she has not been treated well and I think it is a clear case of revenge by her son’s ungrateful wives – they are all low caste slappers."

Corner shop owner Jam Butty, who knows Bobo personally (but not in the Biblical sense), said he was shocked that this could happen to "such a nice family of inbred mutant types".
But he condemned Bobo’s abusive actions, saying: "It might be acceptable to treat women like this in Pakistan but not here in England – even in a civic disaster like Smegmadale.”

Mustaffa Crap is the director of Practical Solutions, a charity organisation which works to challenge stereotypes and negative myths about different cultures.
He told a reporter from the Daily Shitraker : "I am saddened by it, living in an age of Democratic freedom, where equality and justice is there for everybody – as long as they can escape and grab a piece of the action.”

Judge Hector McTwat, in summing up, said it was evident her victims had suffered physical and psychological trauma and had spent long periods "living in fear and shitting their pants on a daily basis".

After a BNP-dominated jury, composed of all-white bigots, returned an anonymous ‘Guilty’ verdict with a recommendation of “Hang the slag", Judge McTwat ordered that Bobo, whom he described as ‘a cunt in cunt’s clothing’, serve five-and-a-half years in prison before being allowed out on licence.
She would then face further monitoring due her mental health state being fucked up like a soup sandwich, and would not be allowed to keep even a pet, let alone dominate and imprison other human beings.

Judge McTwat informed court reporters he would be contacting both the police and immigration authorities concerning a fourth woman who had been betrothed to another of Bobo’s numpty sons – and whose body was found in a freezer in Bobo’s cellar – as he did not believe she has climbed in there by mistake to alleviate the effects of global warming.

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