Monday, 27 April 2009

Mexico Flu Outbreak : Start of Planned Global Population Cull

Mexican authorities are taking drastic measures to contain a deadly new strain of the potent Piggy Wiggy Swine Flu virus that has killed what statisticians refer to as “a whole lot of fucking people” and woken the world’s landless peasants up to the fact that this time it might well be the real thing : a plague of Biblical proportions to wipe out a few billion useless eaters once and for all, and clear the way to usher in the Illuminati’s New World Order – manned only by their own select elite who have survived the pandemic : as the rest of us will be dead.

Obviously all the other poisons and nasty toxins they’re slipping into our vaccines, pharma drugs, food, drinks and potable water aren’t working fast enough to suit the impatient elite’s agenda– the ones causing the massive increases in Cancers, Alzheimer’s, Galloping MS, Autism, Aspartame Toxicity Syndrome, the man-made Morgellon’s Disease nano-virus – you name it.

Same story with the GM / Geneticaly-Mutated crops, Chemtrails, AIDS, Ebola, SARS, Bird Flu and MRSA. This stuff, while moderately efficient in achieving an eventual mortality rate, does not have the potential to wipe out entire tribes overnight, alike Sennacherib and Co., and still leave the infrastructure intact.

So, no idiotic posturing about “Oh, if it’s only in Mexico it’ll never get over here.” It’s already here – in Europe - via design – purposely spread by agents provocateur. A quick squirt here and there at major airports around the world and- voila! – the job’s done and dusted.

Of course it is always possible such a contagion was left to the element of chance – such as Nature - that some Mexican tourist would wander into Harrods Food Hall, let loose a couple of ballistic sneezes, and the entire UK population would be infected in a week - and dead the week after that – hopefully having paid all due council tax to date before coughing up their festering lungs and expiring.

As of this morning we have outbreaks in Mexico, then north of the Rio Grande into the US of A, also in France (who deserve it) and far away Kiwiland – New Zealand.
In Israel, medics are testing 26-year-old Isaac Porkenstein who was hospitalised with swine flu-like symptoms – grunting a lot and sweating like a pig - after returning from a trip to Mexico.

While speculation has been postured that the swine flu outbreak has originated with Mexican peon pig-herders who often live in pretty intimate proximity with their animals (as to how intimate – use your imagination) the truth lies in the fact that the virus has been genetically-modified and mutated artificially to infect humans and spread via an airborne medium – courtesy of some spotty government science techie at Fort Detrick, or the Atlanta CDC, or Porton Down.

When it comes to the ‘usual suspects’ for pinning something like this on then the Israelis and Mossad immediately spring to mind.

However, if the swine flu virus does actually contain any piggy wig type genetic bits then perhaps our false flag favourites might shy away from such a Leviticus- forboden source of virus. Top of the ‘treif’ list, your old pig, in the Shylock’s eyes.
A veritable anathema in fact, as stated clearly in the Talmud’s kosher brochure and confirmed for this report by the Protocols of Zion spokesman Chuckles ‘Crazyhorse’ Cohen.

If it was another epidemic of Bird Flu – well, the first choice for blame would be Mossad’s crazies again. Pig Flu ? – Gentiles only – can’t even blame militant Islam’s Jolly Jihadists this time around – pigs are ‘haram’ - hence might well be one of Mr. Rockefeller’s much vaunted population reduction schemes.

Early in March this year, less than two months ago, newspapers around Europe were questioning if the shocking discovery that regular flu vaccines contaminated with the deadly Fat Duck strain of the Manky Mallard avian flu coronavirus - which were distributed to 18 countries by the American company Baxter - were part of a conspiracy to provoke a pandemic.

The claim held weight because, according to the very laboratory protocols that are routine and de rigueur for vaccine makers, mixing a live viral biological weapon with vaccine material by accident is virtually impossible.
This simply isn’t an innocent butterfingers, blonde moment mistake like sprinkling salt onto your cornflakes instead of sugar – it’s a precise splicing operation involving vacuum chambers, electron microscopes and specialist genetic engineering skills.

Okay, let’s just step back one pace: ‘accidental contamination of vaccine with live avian flu virus virtually impossible’. Er, no - not ‘virtually impossible’ - just fucking IMPOSSIBLE - hence DELIBERATE.

And now, over in Mexico, we have – voila – Swine Flu – with government officials and peasants jointly running aimlessly around like some Chinese fire drill wondering what the fuck to do next and shouting “Jesus H Christ – we’re all going to die!”
There is purposely no vaccine available to the great unwashed public masses to prevent, or cure, the new strain of the virus, apart from Tamiflu oral medication which is as much use as tits on a bull.
However severe cases of the flu can be treated by spending a few days in a coffin.

Mexico's President Felipe Fuctifino has announced emergency measures to deal with the situation – wear face masks and breathe as little as possible.
They also include powers to isolate individuals ‘suspected’ of having the virus without fear of legal repercussions. Nice one.

Once the spread of the virus achieves an infection rate of epidemic proportions north of the border in the US this ruling will equate to a mass round-up, and FEMA concentration camp isolation, of hundreds of thousands of hapless peasants – infected or not – and the timely declaration of martial law.
The red zone crematoriums are already getting fired up for the first batch of corpses.

Hey – nobody worked out what the half-million ‘disposable’ Georgia coffins are for yet? Plenty more where they came from – and they’ll be needed too.

But that’s just for us – the peasants. The illustrious elite Masonic-Satanist leaders of the New World Order – those ruling Illuminati shitbags – have already got their immunisation shots.

Once the flu outbreak reaches a global pandemic level then the science buffs will declare they’re working 24/7 on a vaccine to save us all.

But that lie doesn’t pass muster as those responsible would never release and spread such a weapons grade bio-plague, or put their precious blue-blood arses at risk, without first having an effective vaccine (as per AIDS and Ebloa etc) tried, tested and proved on a series of hapless extreme rendition terrorist suspect patsies until they got it spot-on right – to immunise themselves while we all go the way of Donald the Dodo.

Have you been in Mexico for a BeanFest recently? Do you know of any swine herders that have been affected by the outbreak? Have you had any toxic mercury-loaded vaccines injected against your will? When was the last time you suffered a paroxysm of sneezing? Have you had sex with a pig recently? (four-legged variety)

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