Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Vague Beats ZioNazi War Drums

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UK Foreign Secretary William Vague, wholly ignoring his oath of office – ‘Britain first afore all others’ - has done his usual ‘Israel Üeber Alles’ trick while being interviewed by Andrew ‘Bat Ears’ Marr on the Biased Broadcasting Corp’s ‘Black Propaganda Hour’ programme, warning of Iran's increasing hostility towards the illegal, outlaw state of Israel and the Great Satan - and their hatred of the West’s ‘democratic freedoms’.

Vague cited the recent Wiley T. Coyote scheme blamed on Iran to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to Washington (for no reason) by hiring a Mexican drug gang – El Beaners – to carry out the hit. He also drew timely attentions to Tehran’s alleged involvement in last week’s ‘car bomb’ style false flag terrorist attacks in New Delhi, Georgia and Bangkok - carried out by Mossad agents – which have even inspired a bunch of speculative rumours that such might well be payback by Tehran’s Republican Guard ‘Ninja Squad’ for the Israelis snuffing a stream of their nuclear scientists by attaching magnetic bombs to the sides of their cars while in traffic.

“Really, you people should be paying attention to this and not switching channels to see what’s on HBO – if we go to war with them and they win, you’ll be living under Sharia law. What’s more, if Iran develops nuclear weapons then they’ll upset Baron Rothshite’s Protocols schedule and the greater scheme of things and that could be an end to Israel’s military hegemony in the Mid-East region if the Mad Mullahs have nukes as well – then we’ll have a sodding arms race and another Cold War – even if it is very hot over there.”

“This is why we’re planning on further sanctions to force Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadashell to call a halt to their uranium enrichment programme. So to achieve this end every branch of Achmed’s Chelow Kebab take-away’s will be closed down – from Cornwall to Newcastle. Next, we’re not going to be importing any more Persian carpets or baklava or Karakul lamb’s wool or those nice warm Astrakhan coats – and no more sodding crude oil either after July and the Olympics are finally over and done with.”

Meanwhile in a surprise but ironically fitting response to the panic-mongering Vague’s ultimatum – and too a clutch of like threats from EU nations that displayed the brazen hubris - the unqualified arrogance - to believe they’re actually calling the shots and would cease buying oil from Iran as of July - the Islamic Republic has announced they’ve decided to pre-empt the threat by cutting off the supply to these same bullies forthwith and sell to a new batch of needful customers who don’t conspire to covet their lands and natural resources.

Ouch – sort that one out Mr Vague, as up goes the price of every fucking thing and really makes an even bigger bollocks of the devastated European economy.
But here we have yet another blue-nosed Conservative who, alike his Zionist stooge fellow travellers tows the Rothshite crime syndicate line – a ‘Friends of Israel’ Club member since he joined the Tory Party and a career apologist for the rogue pariah state.

A kikester propaganda merchant who lobbied for the Universal Jurisdiction arrest warrant laws to be amended so Israeli war criminals like his spank-eyed kissing cousin Tipzi Livid could visit Britain without fear of being handcuffed for her part in ordering the 2008 / 2009 Operation Kill Every Fucker military attack by the IDF on the Palestinian civilian population of the besieged Gaza Strip that snuffed 2,500 non-combatant women and children – plus dusted the entire enclave with depleted uranium and other toxic nasties during its despicable 22-day duration – the stuff that should be tried before a reassembled Nuremberg War Crime Tribunal for the Israelis’ genocidal human rights and wrongs abuses.

Oh yes, let’s put the boot into Mr Vague while the opportunity presents itself and expose the tosser as a person who was once influenced by the ‘compassionate conservatism’ of George Dubya Bush.
Que? WTF? Was this before he was snapped reading the goat book up-side-down while Mossad’s Hi-Fivers nuked the shit out of the Twin Towers and murdered some 4,000 American citizens in a false flag terrorist attack that was planned and then used to initiate the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq?

So, this is our man Vague - a closet case frog who once dreamed of being a toad – (until being informed he was about as popular as chemotherapy and wasn’t up to the job of Tory Party leadership) – who would now spread a wave of pro-Zionist propaganda that we’re all targeted by Iran’s weapons of mass distraction – which they can launch within a 45 minute window and rain death and destruction – ( well, mass hysteria, anyways) - down on the forthcoming Olympics with their Scaremonger and Paranoia II missiles.

Conversely, and here more to the point – leaving Vague’s desperate slandering bids and fatally-flawed rhetoric and logic aside, if the Israelis don’t kick start their scheduled pre-emptive attacks on Iran this April, then watch out for a series of false flag terrorist attacks on London during the Diamond Jubilee celebrations – or Wimbledon - or the Olympic Games fortnight.

Here we’ll have Mohammed al Patsy caught with a street map of London bought from the Tehran branch of WH Smiths – with more tube trains blasted apart from below and double decker bus roofs blown off with those insidious sub-nuclear black pepper and peroxide bombs blended in some Slumborough Hamlets bedsit kitchen.
Doubtless Mr al Patsy and his cohorts will meet a classical stooges end alike the 7/7 bombers before them – at Canary Wharf – or during their payoff up in the David Kelly Memorial Woods.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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