Saturday, 11 February 2012

Numpty Natty Loses Libel Case

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Financier nutty Natty Rothshite, scion of the global pro-ZioNazi banking crime syndicate, has lost his libel case against the Daily Shitraker following a 2010 story which he claims portrayed him as a "right snidey little kikester cunt".

In May that year, the red top gutter press tabloid printed a scandal-breaking story that Rothshite had co-ordinated meetings between the arch-vulgarian Lord Peter Scandalson of the Fletchers (aka Vermin in Ermine), Tory shadow chancellor Georgie Osborne and the dodgy ex-KGB Russian oligarch Oleg Mobsaroubles – the owner of energy giants Wankprom Oil and Gulag Gaz – and too the controversial RussKrapp aluminium conglomerate - in conspiratorial conclaves - firstly in Siberia and later at the Rothshite’s holiday villa on Corfu.

In evidence presented to the court the Daily Shitraker claimed these covert synods were convened by the wheeler-dealing Rothshite to negotiate with Scandalson - the-then incumbent EUSSR Trade Minister – the bestowing of ‘favourable’ import duty concessions - to exempt and singly benefit RussKrapp at the expense of other global manufacturers and traders – in the face of allegations that Mobsaroubles had been fly tipping cheap aluminium foil onto the European markets.

The Rothshite lawyers, Crater, Ffuck and Chancre, indicated that their client would appeal against the High Court judgement handed down by Mr Justice Tugithard, who, presiding over Court 14 of the Royal Courts of Justice, was obviously unimpressed by Natty Rothshite’s self-promoting swagger and audacious chutzpah, wisely decided to try the case on its merits - without a jury.

The offending newspaper's publishers - Associated Cesspit Press - denied libel and had argued the claims of Rothshite Junior being a political meddling twat whose bloated ego far surpassed his limited intellectual powers, were justified.

The article further exposed Rothshite - yet another of the bankster fraternity’s Ashkenazi Jews of convenience without a single Semite gene in his mongrel DNA and whose family name is synonymous with graft and corruption – (and support for the outlaw Zionist state of Israel) - as a money-grubbing influence peddler who abused his elitist, privileged position as a member of one of Europe's greediest family dynasties for personal gain.

Rothshite, the type of bloke who inspires people unfortunate enough to have shaken hands with him to count their fingers after, had sought mega-bucks damages over what he described as ‘sustained and unjustified’ attacks by the Daily Shitraker for even daring to have the audacity to publish the truth concerning the machinations of one of the budding financial Masters of the Universe.

Mr Rothshite was not present in court but, post-verdict, issued a statement to press hacks outside the family’s flagship Shylock Bank of International Usury in the City’s Eye of a Needle Street, stating "Of course I’m pissed off with the stupid judge and today's ruling, although I don’t regret bringing the action as the costs can be written off against taxes. Let’s see how the appeal goes if I can wangle my Uncle Seymour to sit on the bench with a couple of his Inner Temple mates."

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