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Scottish Independence: the Real Reason

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North of ‘the Border’ - that geo-political boundary determined by Hadrian’s sadly-diminished segregationist wall - the Scottish Nationalist Party, under the leadership of the rabidly chauvinistic Alex ‘I Beat Bulimia’ Salmond, a former West Lothian ‘Toby Jug’ impersonator, has recently decided to give Merrie England and our iconic United Kingdom the proverbial ‘digitus impudicus’ by putting the Libservative Coalition PM, Posh Dave Scameron, on notice that they intend to stage a referendum and cut loose from Westminster’s ‘beady eye’ and purported stranglehold on their national economy - and henceforth go it alone.

So, does this fanatical display of patriotism all come down to the spirit of Bannockburn and seizing back the revenues of North Sea oil in an all-consuming thirst for self-determination – then dump the ‘Pound Sterling’ to launch their own ‘Thistle’ or ‘Kilt’ or 'the Jock' banknote currency – and stand unrestricted to turn the Highlands into one gargantuan wind farm – and further allow Donald the Trump to construct strings of golf resorts upon lands stolen from the rightful, historic owners via the sophistical deceit of ‘progress’ through the execution of compulsory purchased orders - and blight the once-pristine Scottish coastline environment in entirety with his odious ‘Trumptons’?

Or are there motives sinister lurking behind the Scots’ contrary nationalist independence issue that will result in their shipyards emptied of British naval vessels, the country cut off from BBC reception - with immigration visas required for excursions south into England - and a strict Defra quarantine slapped on the movements of haggis and sporrans?

Well, the nitty gritty gospel according to the rumour mill claims that a venal cabal of elitist Masonic oligarchs and power brokers that call the shots inside the dominant SNP – the Satanic-worshipping plutocrats that ‘own’ Scotland – seek to rid themselves of Westminster’s oversight and reprimand so their criminal syndicate ‘Brotherhood’ might exercise total and ‘absolute’ control over all aspects of the wee nation’s governance: parliamentary, judiciary, police, social services, banking, commercial, etcetera, et al – and especially clamp down on the freedom of the scandal-mongering Fourth Estate that might dare expose the schemes and dirty deeds of this band of calculating psychopaths who wish to operate as an insular entity beyond the strictures of conventional law and order – and the focus of media scrutiny - to impose a dystopian police state

The criminal cabal that dominate and pervert the Brotherhood of Scottish Rite Freemasonry – and too Holyrood’s corridors of officialdom and the COPFS - intend to push the referendum for independence so they are unrestricted to impose a cloak of total concealment on their nefarious sins.

Evidence of this insidious intent is stamped plain as day on the front page of the SNP’s self-rule roadmap with its primary aim of abolishing the Freedom of Information Act – so henceforth FOI will be the acronym for ‘Fuck Off Information’ now the lard-arsed Salmond and his band of pondscum cohorts have installed Rosemary Agnew as the all-new Scottish Information Commissioner – undoing the past good works and efforts of her predecessor, Kevin Dunion.

While their perversion of the founding virtuous principles of Freemasonry will go down in the annals of infamy, this band of politico-commercial villains have degraded the Brotherhood’s once-honourable name to be synonymous with fostering a culture of corruption, perverting the course of justice – and too committing gross criminal acts of misuse of public funds, perjury, conspiracy, bribery, blackmail, rape, pederasty – and pre-meditated murder.

Herein lies the true purpose for Freemason Alec ‘Three Chins’ Salmond and his criminality-ridden SNP now in control of the festering cesspit of the Holyrood Parliament and their bid for independence - so they can evolve their graft and corruption notoriety to new heights for self-aggrandisement and tribute upon the altar of their infernal god, Saitan.

First Minister Salmond, a latter-day vulgarian driven by a mix of ego and ambition that far surpass the resources of his limited intellect – is blighted with a body mass index equal to that of a baby grey whale, and a mere two steps away from a fatal coronary or stroke – or both. But Alex, for all his faults – warts and all - is the chosen stooge to do the shadowy cabal’s dirty work until he drops dead in his tracks. A jukebox politician – simply slip a few coins in and he’ll play any tune you like.

Implementing this agenda alongside the porcine Salmond we have Kenny ‘Piranha Teeth’ MacAskill, the Justice Minister’ (sic) who is anything but considering the establishment crimes he chooses to ignore – yet endorses and sponsors the efforts of the notoriously corrupt Crown Office Procurator Fiscal Service in their persecution and silencing of honest men and women who would stand up to be counted in the midst of the licentious sodomites and pederasts and expose the establishment’s foul abuses to the light of day.

Part of Salmond’s spin doctoring team is Elish Angiolini – the ex-Lord Advocate and yet another self-promoting moron on an ego trip the size of the national debt since being bestowed with her Royal honour – Dame - who inspires people unfortunate enough to have shaken hands with her to count their fingers after. Angiolini’s job was to dip her fingers into the taxpayers’ purse to finance the likes of law firms Levy-McScumm or Slipshod & Fishwick to pervert the true course of justice whereby the guilty become the libelled and the whistle-blowing paladins that would expose their crimes, the persecuted.

If any of the afore-mentioned trio were to drop dead there would be no need for grave-diggers as they’re so bent the undertaker could wind them into the cemetery sod like corkscrews.

Aha, but where is the evidence, cry the sceptics and detractors? Alas, all around us, we’re stumbling and falling over the stuff like horseshit at Ascot. Leave the Augean stables of Edinburgh’s Holyrood alone and simply take a peek at Scotland’s crime and kiddie fiddling capital of Scaberdeen and the establishment’s circle of vile pederasts who hold top rank in Grampian officialdom’s pecking order – tainted with the same tar brush that smeared the Dunblane scandal and Thomas Watt Hamilton – the appointed paedo-pimp to Scotland’s catamite worshipping, lecherous Masonic fraternity – supplier of little boys and girls to sate their abnormal carnal palates – until his felo-de-se following the Satanic ritual of mass murder of his prey back in March of 1996.

But Dunblane’s a dead duck – the issue covered up and whitewashed over by the corrupt Mason Lord Dougie Cullen of Shitekirk – and all incriminating evidence sealed forever with a secret handshake and a gagging order of 100 years. What a justice system - with more criminals inside than outside.

Now to the nitty-gritty. Scaberdeen and Stonehaven and the Hollie Greig sexual abuse case – the decades-long systematic rape of special needs and disabled children by Grampian worthies and the persecution of the crusading Robert Green for daring to expose this horrific scandal to the light of day and public view.

Robert Green faces the wrath of the Brotherhood this week - on the 17th of February - when he will be handed down sentence before the Stonehaven Sheriffs’ Court following a concocted ‘vengeance’ trial spread over 24 months and costing the Scottish taxpayer what banksters and accountants refer to as ‘lots and lots of public money’.

Green was charged with a Breach of the Peace on the orders of Angiolini and the scum of Scaberdeen society who were ‘traumatised’ by his exposure of their sins – a gaggle of craven pederasts and assorted sexual perverts queuing up at the Stonehaven Court to bear false witness and perjure themselves at the behest of the Brotherhood-directed prosecution led by Procurator Fiscal Stephen McGowan – yet another Masonic stooge.

Hmmm, in the immortal words of Scott (no pun intended, Sir Walter): “Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive”.

Alas and woe, where now are the courageous likes of Sir William Wallace – a true Scots patriot - to bring down the sword of justice upon the heads of these child molesting scumbags that continue with immunity from prosecution to sexually abuse innocent bairns and despoil the reputation and dignity of Scotland?

So let’s have a big round of applause for Robert Green and a silent prayer that Sheriff Principal Edward F. Bowen CBE, despite being labelled with the sobriquet of ‘Bent Bowen’ due his reputation for endorsing official corruption and protecting the likes of Elish Angoilini from witness stand interrogation, settles for a slap on the wrist rather than a heavy fine and / or a custodial sentence - which will raise Cain and a cacophonous cry of ‘Foul!’ from all quarters of the globe where fair play and justice – unlike Scotland – still rule the day.

Whatever punitive fate is visited on Robert this Friday to silence him, let us not overlook the glaring factor that while the corruption-ridden Grampian police force refuses to investigate – and continues to ignore and cover up these allegations of child abuse - and hence fails to put a permanent and long-overdue stop on the activities of this elitist syndicate of Masonic kiddie fiddlers and murdering criminals - then children will continue to be in danger from their foul sexual perversions and Satanic Black Mass ritual blood sacrifices.

In 1902, even Pope Leo XIII - while presiding over the biggest kiddie fiddling institution on the planet – the ‘Roman Catamite Church’ - stated for the public record that the aim of Freemasonry was "to exercise an occult overlordship upon society – with its sole raison d'etre being to wage war against God and His church in the name of Lucifer, their infernal Master."

Thought for the day: Wild conspiracy theories besides, it would be imprudent to lose sight of the fact that public school old boy networks and secret societies have - via the latent homosexual bonding mediums of ‘brotherhood’ and ‘fellowship’ – and utilising the corrupt vehicles of bribery, blackmail, bludgeons and body bags – brought the entire world to its current state of inherent chaos that perhaps only a global tits-up natural disaster Armageddon – or Agenda 21 eugenics mass population cull will solve - by returning us back to a Day One ‘Otzi’ cave dwelling status and on a welcome equality par with whatever’s left of Mother Nature.

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