Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Greedster MEPs Demand Pay Raise

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As the EUSSR’s 17 member ‘eurozone’ teeters on the brink of utter catastrophic insolvency along with the remaining 10 non-euro states - and Broken Britain’s Libservative Coalition government – that no fucker or their dog ever voted for - push their draconic budget cuts and austerity measures over the very edge of the revolutionary abyss to kick start a violent wave of havoc and chaos of Biblical proportions, Brussels based MEPs have given a whole new definition to the term ‘greed’ - sparking a firestorm of outrage by demanding pay rises of 3% on top of their £82,915 quid per year bloated salaries – not forgetting their extra rake-in of an obscene £360,000 in annual expenses.

The EUSSR’s 754 vulgarian MPs voted through the increase of 3% during a debate on next year’s budget in Strasbourg – using the flawed rhetoric for justifying the increase being due the fact of Croatia joining the Union in 2013 to become the 28th EUSSR Federation state.
Que? WTF? Croatia? Has that Third World pikey dump got roads, running water and electricity now – and a viable economy that doesn’t require bailing out with mega-euro IMF injections every five minutes?

So we have Greece ready to default, go totally tits up and revert back to the dodgy drachma – with Italy, Portugal, Spain and Eire also in dire straits as far as the contents of their national piggy banks are concerned – yet the MEPs infesting the Brussels and Strasbourg graft and corruption-ridden Parliaments want a pay raise.
Personally we’d apply a spot of Babylonian Law and have the fucking lot on jobseekers allowance - £60-odd quid a week. If the unemployed are supposed to manage on that then so can they. Same with the House of Conmans MPs and that doss house next door – the Lords. Point is though, if that were the case, then no fucker would want the job – apart from a bunch of Polacks or Albanian pikeys – or beached Somali pirates.

If this ‘inflation offset’ salary increase is ratified next month it will result in each of the EUSSR’s MPs costing the taxpayer a staggering £2 million quid apiece – an amount that banksters and accountants commonly refer to as ‘lots and lots of effin’ money’.
More to the point, this budget increase will see MEPs pocketing not only an extra £2,500 in pay per month but also a boost in lucrative expenses and gold-plated pension entitlements – and slap an extra £45 million nicker per annum to the hugely inflated parliamentary budget.

To wit, the increase would bring the total cost of feeding and stabling the bloated number of 754 MEPs and their hangers-on to a staggering £1.55 billion quid a year.

Thought for the day: Hmmm, Nero fiddled as Rome burned – yet in this case it’s Brussels’ ‘fiddling’ that has caused the eurozone to burn.

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