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Notice to St Hugh’s College of Oxford

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Notice to the Staff & Students of St Hugh’s College of Oxford

Appointment of Elish Angiolini as Principal: will St Hugh's College now become alike Aberdeen and synonymous with child molesting and paedophilia?

Subject: Scotland’s former Lord Advocate Dame Elish Angiolini DBE, QC, FRSA (nee McPhilomy) – the alleged High Priestess of Caledonian Corruption - and the designate elect ‘Principal’ of St Hugh’s College of Oxford.

This missive is intended to serve as a socio-environmental moral impact hazard alert to make all aware of the facts that Elish Angiolini is the female of the species personally accountable for the contrived arrest and vindictive persecution of anti-child sexual abuse campaigner Robert Green – an honourable Christian English / Welsh latter-day paladin who has selflessly proceeded against all odds in his crusade to expose what is now known across the internet’s cyberspace spectrum as the ‘Hollie Greig’ case.

Angiolini has been named as the COPFS official responsible for the cover-up of the Hollie Greig disabled / special needs children systemic child molesting / serial rape scandal - and too any investigation into the murder (assisted suicide) of Hollie’s Uncle Roy – crimes committed by thugs in the employ of a cabal of elitist establishment Masonic pederasts in Scotland’s drug smuggling and kiddie fiddling capital of Aberdeen.

Do the Faculty and student body really want an obnoxious child molester’s apologist as the newly-invested Principal at St Hugh’s College of Oxford this coming September?

This woman represents an evil entity incarnate, is fuelled by her own self-promoting, egoistic sense of unqualified arrogance - and currently under investigation for misuse of public funds by Scotland’s Plod Squad CID (monies expended to silence the media and ensure the identities of Aberdeen’s paedophile ring were secured - and thus protect them from exposure, police investigation and prosecution).

Who, in their right minds, would desire to see Angiolini involved in any aspect of trust and a ‘responsibility for care’ involving this nation’s youth and student education, considering her past record of knowingly, and with malice aforethought, perverting the course of justice to enable the criminal seduction and rape of minors on her home turf.

Partaking in this medium of dark knowledge and blackmail she has thus advanced her professional career to great profit, through a systematic agenda of corruption, serving the lecherous perversions of her diabolical Satanic child abuse masters who operate under the Compass and Square flag of a venal branch of Scottish Rite Freemasonry - and maintain their immoral, debauched ranks via the tried and approved ‘Four-Way’ test of Bribery, Blackmail, Bludgeons & Bodybags.

This woman’s notoriety - due her personal actions of sabotaging police investigations and suppressing crucial information relevant to the sexual abuse of Hollie Greig and a legion of like special needs children around the Grampian region - to protect high-profile legal figures and members of the oligarchy belonging to the secretive Masonic cabal of Satanists, pederasts and sodomites known as The Speculative Society, operating in Aberdeen and across the length and breadth of Scotland - and too the entire United Kingdom - will automatically, as St Hugh’s Principal, drag the good name of the college into disrepute by association alone.
This will be a focused purpose of the Hollie Demands Justice campaign.

Objections to this scandalous appointment will manifest not just in the iconic and honourable preserves of Oxford but across the UK and internationally - and too the cosmic expanse of cyberspace - if the Faculty continue with their fatally-flawed course of hiring a woman whose credibility as an honest and magnanimous official falls far short of that required by an institution of learning.

Or, do we speculate, has she been chosen and foisted upon the Faculty via her Masonic political connections to allow a vile and venomous serpent into the midst of England’s university education system by the dark insidious hand of this venal and debased chapter of Scottish Rite Freemasonry that long ago perverted the cult of the Widow’s Son to serve their own base villainous desires?

Beware, for Angiolini falls into that category of persons who give career criminals a bad name.

To view documented evidence of her disastrous and corrupt career as the COPFS Regional Procurator Fiscal based in Aberdeen, Solicitor General and Lord Advocate, click onto these URLs: and - additionally the public support webpages of her latest ‘vengeance’ victim
- plus

It is a commonly held belief that if Angiolini dropped dead there’d be no need to dig a grave, she’s so crooked and bent the undertaker could simply wind her into the cemetery sod like a corkscrew.

Within the Oxford English Dictionary’s indexed lexicon of 750,000-plus words there is none that accurately describes Elish Angiolini, the High Priestess of Caledonian Corruption, nor her sub-human condition. However it has been unanimously agreed by a conclave of prisoners of moral conscience and sexually-abused special needs children that the word KUNT comes pretty close.

To quote: “Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive” - and Justice’s true course is perverted by a foul cabal of child molesting elitist 33rd degree Masonic plutocrats – and their protectors and apologists – Scotland’s corrupt politicians, lawyers, police and judiciary – the ‘lesser’ degree ranks of the ‘Brotherhood’.

To wit, may this criminal ‘fraternity’ that Elish Angiolini, in her official capacity with Scotland’s COPFS and as Lord Advocate has long protected - have so corrupted the morals and ethics of Scottish Rite Freemasonry ‘yet again’ (Thomas Watt Hamilton / Dunblane’s Masonic paedo’ pimp) to engage in acts of kiddie fiddling and / or protect the child molesting pondscum of Aberdeen - be cursed and damned for all Eternity and respectively assigned to Dante’s 2nd and 9th Circles of Hades.

“By our acts shall Freemasonry be judged” - that's their credo and how very true, in light of Dunblane's Thomas Watt Hamilton, paedo pimp to the Scottish lodges - and the disgusting revelations concerning the Aberdeen cover-up of the Masonic pederast ring involved in the Hollie Greig sexual abuse and serial rape case - and the contrived arrest and imprisonment of Robert Green.

Alas, we cannot change the past, but by Hell, it most surely can and will come back to haunt us – that is the path of Karma.

Thought for the day: Just wait until Elish Angiolini takes up her post at St Hugh’s College in Oxford this fall - if she’s not in prison for her scandalous sins already – then she’ll be off Scotland’s corrupt turf - and in England wide open for a citizen’s arrest.

As Confucius once stated for the public record: “Payback’s a bitch!”

For Robert Green: An old Oriental adage states “If you sit long enough on a river bank you will see the bodies of all your enemies float past”. Insha’allah.

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