Friday, 3 February 2012

Clinton Urges NATO Attack on Syria

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The US rug-munching Secretary of Sleaze, Hilarious Rodent Clinton, speaking on behalf of the Zionist warmongers running the White House and Pentagon, went into one of her frenzied ‘menopausal maniac’ diatribes before an amused United Nations assembly on Tuesday afternoon, proclaiming that the Security Council faced a monumental choice: stand with the US-Israeli backed scumbag mercenaries stirring up chaos and mayhem in Syria - or be complicit in the Bashar al-Assad regime's brutal violence by letting them go for the ‘self-determination’ option of having a bit of a civil war.

However, the Mena Mafia Matriarch’s equivocal message was aimed squarely at two permanent – and veto-wielding - members of the Security Council: Russia and China.

“Anyone who watches Mr Mudrock’s Sky News knows that change is coming to Syria," the demented Clinton informed the incredulous assembly. "The question is how many more innocent civilians will die before President Assad bows to the inevitable, and how unstable a country will he leave behind."'

Hmmm, fair question from the Rodent. Well, if Assad goes the way of Gaddafi – assassinated without trial by NATO’s ‘humanitarian intervention’ psychos – then Syria will probably end up the same as Haiti, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya after copping for a double dose helping of the Great Satan’s socio-political meddling.

An Order into Chaos total clusterfuck as per the so-recent Libya experience – the entire infrastructure decimated - and with every fucker and their dog toting an AK47 and gobbing off that his boys are in charge.
With a ‘transitional’ government composed of barrack room lawyers, psychopaths and kleptomaniacs – headed by some craven and compliant Western-Zionist stooge. Another ego-massaging juke box politician with ambitions far beyond their limited intellects – just slip a few bucks in and they’ll play any tune you want.

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