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Greedy Grocers Pushing Slave Labour

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Three score and ten Met Plod Squad officers were mustered for duty on Saturday - with a guarantee of cash-in-hand overtime pay - to resolve a sit-down demo’ crisis when a gang of Bolshie unemployed protesters forced the closure of a Pestco Greedy Grocer supermarket chain store in central London.

The massed ranks of an aggravated proletariat were out in force and vented their ire with the Libservative Coalition’s mishandling of Broken Britain’s disastrous unemployment situation by squatting on the check-out counters and the Deli’ section’s bacon slicer at the Portcullis House branch of a Pestco Express on the City’s Eye of a Needle Street.

The demonstration, led by Right to Work activists Ms. Twatcha N’kunta and her common law partner Mr Wormhole Chuckabutty, was sparked by a Jobcentre website advert for night-shift workers at Pestco stores in exchange for bus fares and their continued jobseeker's allowance – which supermarket bosses were quick to claim was a mistake made through an IT error as it wasn’t their intention for it to be publicly broadcast they intend to replace full-time workers with slave labour.

Conversely, according to Right to Work’s Ms N’kunta, the vacancies were advertised as work experience placements with a guaranteed job interview at the end of the compulsory eight weeks work period - as mandated under the government's sector-based work academy scheme - which is directly linked to the payment – or non-payment - of benefits.

Speaking to one press hack from the Bastille Stormers Gazette, Mr Chuckabutty commented that: "Jobcentre whistleblowers have leaked records that over the past four months some 1,400 people have worked for Pestco without pay for eight weeks so they wouldn’t lose their benefits an’ only 30 got a job interview with the company – an’ none got employed.”

Ms N’kunta added “Wot we got is de same situation wiv Pestco as wiv Pukesburys an dat other up-market bunch of scumbags Mammon & Snobford. Den ya got Waterstones de book store on dis scheme as well – an’ dem other shitbags wot owns Matalan - dat cut-price redneck clothing store wot specialises in sweatshop ‘Pikey-Wear’.”

“All dese bastards is profiting greatly from de diabolical economic practices of usurious capitalism dat’s de control mechanism of de social pecking order.”
“Dese am still de same exploitive shits wot shipped us across de Atlantic from Africa ta de West Indies in shackles an’ chains ta work in de sugar fields an’ banana plantations for fuck all. Jest rememba dis - we wozn't 'volunteers' - we woz slaves. Now even if slavery woz abolished dey want us ta do de same for dese Greedy Grocer supermarkets too. So wot de fuck’s next – wearing shackles again – an’ whips an’ chains?”

The Cheesy Crust Church of Latter Day Luddites ‘High Priestess’, Rev. Slagella Titwank was on hand as always to add her two-penneth of cavetas and condemnation, proffering an opinion of: “Twatcha’s spot on and the truth remains that this pisspot Libservative Coalition led by tossers like Scameron and Clogg haven’t the slightest idea how to solve the unemployment crisis. No manifesto, no plan and no clue – and forget the Jobcentre quango numbers – we have nigh on seven million people unemployed or working bare minimum part-time hours - and this lot’s being coerced into searching for full-time jobs that simply do not exist.”

“The Tory government is slashing jobs and then punishing the jobless. Hence to qualify for benefits we have reached a state of neo-serfdom where the hapless unemployed will be forced – en mass - into unpaid ‘volunteer’ work to boost profits for big business – as per Cabbage Patch Dave Scameron’s Big Society – we’re all up shit creek together - Let’s Get Britain Working project. That’s his answer to this chronic unemployment crisis that his Tory predecessor Slaggie Thatcher caused when she chose to get a cob on with the unions and de-industrialise Britain – to achieve its current ‘broken’ state of calamity.”

“Just look at how fucked up this government is – in a week that has seen UK unemployment shoot up yet again at a geometric rate, the word’s been leaked to Snitch & Grassers magazine by House of Conmans insiders that up to 20,000 jobs are to be created inside prisons in England and Wales – with the lags getting paid below the minimum wage. Now that’s bullshit as we expect to see fresh job opportunity investments creating new jobs for hard working, honest folks – not a bunch of criminals and convicts.”

“But that’s what Scameron and Co want isn’t it – their sole purpose of being – to sow dissention and get the public’s backs up to incite violent responses so it forwards the Rothshite’s panopticon Big Brother / New World Order agenda to impose total control over what they view as oppositional defiance disorder - cos asking awkward questions and telling the truth become revolutionary acts.”

“What they’re after is the creation and maintenance of a dysfunctional society – with the wholesale disruption of the traditional British way of life and culture topping their agenda to drag us further into the EUSSR and a state of total ‘indigenised’ federalisation with the rest of poxy Europe.”
“Then it will be the same as the US – British versions of the Violent Radicalization & Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act and their National Defence Authorization Act that tosses habeas corpus out of the window and they can lock you up indefinitely in one of their FEMA style ‘Arbeit Macht Frei’ concentration camps in the bloody Pennines.”

“So that’s what we’re faced with - massive unemployment, low-wage jobs, sky-high debts owed to shifty Shylock banks, and aimless credit card consumerism ripe for exploitation. While there is no such thing as ‘conventional political wisdom’ there does exist, and all too frequently displayed, is ‘conventional political stupidity’. Really, just imagine the implications for freedom if we here in the UK used our numerical potential to say ‘NO FUCKING MORE!’ to the system and ceased to cooperate with our own enslavement. Oh yes, from little Anarchists, great Revolutions grow!”

“Just wait, the Day of the Rope is getting closer – then we’ll have our reckoning with these so-called politicians – and the usurious banksters bosses – and the scumbag doctors and Big Pharma lobbyists who dare mandate that our children get poisoned with their toxic vaccinations and doped up with Ritalin simply because they’re hyperactive which the medical profession’s been coerced into diagnosing as a comorbid condition.
“Then they’re attempting to force the Codex Alimentarius down our necks – along with fluoridation of our drinking water and poisoning kid’s candy and soft drinks with synthetic neuro-toxin sweeteners like aspartame – which gives kids the ADHD symptoms in the first place.”

Pukesbury's and Waterstones, since having bricks and petrol bombs lobbed through their store windows, now claim they’ve opted out of the Tories’ loathsome scheme, which requires people to work for nothing for an employer for up to eight weeks – just to get an idea of what ‘slavery’ entails.

Thought for the day. History marks well the flawed foundations of the capitalist system.
To quote from Hewlett Johnson – the Red Dean of Canterbury’s text ‘The Socialist Sixth of the World’: “Real freedom demands provision of opportunity for all – but such freedom cannot flourish in a land in which the overwhelming mass of people lack adequately paid work and ample leisure to enjoy its fruits; and where half the population are underfed and lack freedom of opportunity with respect to education, choice of a profession, provision of health, and insurance against old age and the accidents of life”.

Ouch, that pretty well sums up Broken Britain and the EUSSR.

Johnson, the preacher, in his jeremiad, further observed there was a denial of creative living – and hence the development and realisation of man’s inherent spirituality.
While Communism was the worst concept for disaster since trench warfare, neither is Socialism the name of Utopia on the lips of all budding anarchists - and Capitalism remains the bane of the 99% - which has divided rather than united people due the corrupt system treating workers as no more than cogs in the capitalist machine.

Those who laboured in factories and on the land were regarded as no more than ‘human resources’ – useful only in the creation of profit and wealth – for their elitist masters. Treated as nothing more than commodities, their humanity was thus violated, their spiritual well-being ignored, and their cultural potential so crushed – thus mankind was purposely and with malice aforethought deprived of the opportunity to access that essence of the Divine that lies deep within us all - the God particle – our immortal and all-knowing soul - hence we have failed to thrive as full and complete human beings.

Human resources – that’s ‘us’ - therein is the give-away of today’s cruel world – no more ‘Personnel Department’ – now we have a ‘Human Resources Manager’ – and a ‘Compliance Director’ – to ensure the cattle follow instructions to the letter and do as they’re told.

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