Thursday, 2 February 2012

Smart Meters: Big Brother & Health Hazards

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House of Conmans MPs have warned that the scheme to install ‘smart’ gas and electricity meters (with plans to eventually include water consumption also and penalise toilet flushing addicts) in every home across the length and breadth of Broken Britain – at a total rip-off cost of £11:7 zillion quid – will bring zero benefit to the actual customers of the foreign-owned profit-grasping power suppliers – and is furthermore the first tip-toe step of an agenda to impose higher tariffs for using certain power hungry appliances during peak consumption hours.

While hapless families and businesses are being burdened with higher bills to fund the Government-backed scheme of installing the radiation-emitting digital surveillance devices by 2019, the greed-mongering energy giants have no intention of passing on to customers the billions of pounds estimated to be saved through the introduction of the new technology.

But that’s only a minor problem aspect of the smart meter roll-out. The downside is yet another nail in our panopticon surveillance society coffin - the Orwellian Big Brother spying factor where households can be monitored and detect when the premises are unoccupied – an ideal slice of information for burglars - and the specific usage of each and every appliance – TV, jacuzzi, X-Box gaming, electric toothbrush, cellphone chargers, PC internet habits – and how much time is spent per week sat astride a vibrating Sybian sex machine getting one’s rocks off.

Next on the negatives index comes the fact that a household’s ‘private’ (sic) consumption details can – and will – be flogged off to third party commercial interests to aid in marketing their products to gullible power users – (think green / solar product manufacturers as a first and singular instance) not to mention the disturbing fact that a residence or business’s supply can be remotely disconnected without prior notice at any time - day or night - hail, rain or shine – with the simple ‘click’ of a pc mouse.

Then we come to the myriad of health hazards and the electronic radiation smog polluting the home, work or business environment with carcinogenic radio frequency waves ricocheting off the walls to a steady ‘toxic tumour tempo’ - as the infernal smart meters operate via a Wi-Fi system on a par with mobile phones and their signal-boosting communication towers. Oh yeah, Big Pharma will be really lobbying for smart meter installations – and just watch their profits grow – alongside those of the chemotherapy clinics and undertakers.

“Ouch!” and “Foul!” cry the energy suppliers – “There’s not enough medical evidence or a big enough pile of dead bodies to support the health hazard claims against smart meters.” Not yet perhaps but it is a well established and proven fact that RF radiation – any form of radiation (especially the microwave and nuclear types) - is not conducive to good health.

However, when we come down to actual facts versus opinions or speculation, in the good ole US of A, due being bombarded with class action suites relating to negative physical and psychological health effects on consumers, the power companies have been forced to remove their smart units and reinstall analog meters for customers suffering a myriad of Wi-Fi radio frequency related ills which range from states of mental agitation bordering on hysteria and suicide - to cases of galloping acne and pandemic outbreaks of the ‘Dreaded Lurgy’ and the ‘Screaming Hab-Dabs’.

While the power companies have collectively – and disingenuously - declared for the public record that their smart meters only emit a mere one watt of electro-magnetic RF radiation the actual undeniable fact remains that they emit over two watts – with the radiation cloud for an entire neighbourhood thus constituting several million watts of pulsed RF waves. Hmmm, no fucking wonder bumble bees can’t find their way home.
In addition to this, the ‘mesh network’ uses a two-way data harvesting system – the ‘stacking factor’ - which operates via a series of ‘collection points’ assigned randomly (sic) to certain properties – without the resident’s knowledge or consent – which thus exposes the home owner to six times higher levels of continuous radiation.

Chris ‘Points Man’ Huhne, the inept tosspot currently posing as the Libservative Energy Secretary – a perjuring scumbag who, like UEA climate scientist David Viner has the credibility of a flying pig and isn’t to be trusted – in an act of pandering to the power lobby has thrown his support behind smart meters, arguing the tip-toe fascism line that they’ll encourage families to cut back on energy consumption while also lowering carbon emissions - and save a stack of money to pay for speeding fines.

Obviously the energy firms have a hard-on for the technology due the simple fact it can supply meter readings automatically over the Wi-Fi mobile phone network and thereby allow them to fire legions of hapless meter readers and billing staff – and further swell the burgeoning Jobcentre queues to real time socio-political dissent and violent revolution levels. Hmmm, don’tcha just love ‘technology’.

* Carbon Credit Offset / Cap & Trade Exchange (aka Global Warming / Pollution Reduction Scam) declaration: No trees, fish, cormorants, bumble bees or small furry mammals - otters or voles - were harmed in posting this message. However, a large number of electrons were temporarily inconvenienced.

Thought for the day. Hmmm, what the fuck next – smart meters on wheelie bins - with utility companies and the government rationing our water – another stated strategy and end game goal for totalitarian control under the insidious UN Agenda 21 – if we allow it. Wake up folks – the clock’s running.

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