Thursday, 23 February 2012

Robert Green aka Prisoner 125799

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Sheriff Principal Edward F. Bowen CBE delivered a tirade from the bench prior to sentencing Robert Green last Friday at the conclusion of the two-year duration vindictive persecution trial for a charge of Breach of the Peace that’s cost the hapless Scottish taxpayers’ some £500,000 quid – plus expenses.

Bowen’s biased public record (and racist) remark – which will prove his downfall, was “No Mr Green, you have had your say” – to Robert’s strong objection to Bowen’s observation that he - as an interfering Sassenach (English/Welshman) - had no business meddling in the affairs of Scotland and trying to tell the Scottish people how to run their crooked justice system – totally ignoring the glaring irony and hypocrisy of his remarks with reflection on the fact that Scotland is the only country on the planet with a registered political party aptly titled: ‘Scotland Against Crooked Lawyers’ – a moral conscience pressure group dedicated to exposing graft and corruption within the COPFS and entire Scottish legal system.

Well, that’s just the point, Mr Bowen – Scotland’s corruption-ridden political and police and justice systems have failed to do anything about the sexual abuse of Hollie Greig and a legion of other children for the past ten years – plus – so it was about time for all good men and true – from whatever corner of our once-sceptred isle – Irish, English or Welsh – to take up the banner and put an end to this Masonic cabal’s paedophile industry – and their silencing and ‘suiciding’ of those that might expose their crimes – to wit Roy Greig – and the last week’s imprisoning of Robert Green.

To quote: “Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive” - and Justice’s true course is perverted by a venal cabal of child molesting elitist oligarchs and Freemasons – and their protectors and apologists – the corrupt politicians, lawyers, police and judiciary.

To wit, may this criminal fraternity that have so corrupted the morals and ethics of Scottish Rite Freemasonry yet again (Thomas Watt Hamilton / Dunblane’s Masonic paedo’ pimp) to engage in acts of kiddie fiddling and / or protect the child molesting scum of ‘Scaberdeen’ be cursed and respectively assigned to Dante’s 2nd and 9th Circles of Hell.

Pederasts Anonymous: A partial list of Notoriety.

Alex Salmond - SNP Prime Minister
Elish Angiolini – High Priestess of Caledonian Corruption
Kenny McAskill – Justice Minister (sic)
Sheriff Principal E F Bowen –aka ‘Bent Bowen’
DPF Stephen McGowan
PF Anne Currie

The Milltimber, Bridge of Don, Bieldside and Ferryhill based paedo’ Mafia of Scotland’s crime and kiddie fiddling capital of Scaberdeen.

DENIS MACKIE - Club Fled, Portugal
GREG MACKIE - Club Fled, Portugal
JACK BUCHANAN 31, Binghill Road West
TERRY MAJOR (Grampian police officer)
SYLVIA MAJOR (13 Ferryhill Place)
ANN ROYAL (15 Ferryhill Place) AB11 7SE
WINIFRED DRAGAN (72 Ferryhill Road)
EILEEN SIM (Social worker Woodend Crescent))
ROBERT LYND (Partner of Eileen Sim)
HELEN MACDONALD (Social worker, 9 Lochview Place, Bridge of Don)
IAN MACDONALD (Husband of Helen Macdonald)
CAROL LOWLIFE (Nurse, 26 Grant Close, Westhills)
ATHOLL SNOTT (Accountant)
ANDREW 'MOLLIE' YOUNG (Headmaster, Beechwood ‘Special’ School)

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George Robert Green
Prisoner No 125799
4 Grampian Place,
B11 8FN

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Anonymous said...

Thank-you for another of your excellent blogs. Just a short comment to see what if anything can be done about Robert Green's banning from the internet. Can he be re-jailed for getting somebody else to make his blogs for him? I suppose he can. How many stages removed from him does somebody have to be to be able to post something in his defence without the statement being tracked back to Mr. Green, resulting in his re-incarceration?
Surely, there are enough people who feel strongly about this that something can be put on the internet without it backfiring in Mr. Green's direction?
This effectively gags Hollie Greig's mother as well, as Robert Green has been her main articulate outlet, not that she is not capable of speaking for herself; but obviously far too close to him for the powers that be.