Monday, 31 August 2009

Murdcock’s Brat-Sprog Curses BBC

News Corporation's CEO, the diminutive Jimbo Murdcock, in typical hereditary Aussie whingeing fashion, has preposterously stated – in an all-out case of the kettle calling the frying pan ‘black arse’ - that a dominant BBC threatens independent journalism in the UK – and specifically the survival of the over-stretched and bloated fascist News Corporation Empire.

The 36-year old baby chairman of the Totalitarian media giant that now owns every newspaper and media outlet on the planet apart from the UK’s iconic Beeb – and the Beano – spat the proverbial dummy and blamed New Labour’s government for regulating the media to suit its own political ends – just like his geriatric father Rupert does when abusing a media Baron's prerogative on a daily basis.

The dictatorial Murdcock was blathering aimlessly on at the MacTaggart lecture at the Edinburgh Television Festival, seeking sympathetic support for his claims that organisations like the BBC, funded by the TV licence fee, as well as the Ofcom regulators, made it harder for other broadcasters to survive.

“The BBC is dominant," Murdcock claimed in practiced histrionic fashion. "Other organisations might rise and fall but the BBC's income is guaranteed and growing – and the scope of its activities and ambitions is chilling – and my old feller can’t buy shares in it."

News Corporation, which owns Sly Television and Pox News, lost what bankers term ‘lots and lots of effing money’ this year to the end of June, which his father, News Corporation Fuhrer 'Raving Rupert', said had been "the biggest fuck up since the last major fuck up – as no fucker or their dog are watching our programmes any more.”

Other media organisations are also struggling as advertising revenues have dropped due the New World Order / Zionist-designed bank crashes and ensuing global recession.

Moreover the once-faithfully gullible unemployed peasants simply cannot afford the monthly subscription fees to view re-hashed tat and crap on the Sly TV network every night – preferring the better entertainment value of peering out of an upstairs window and watching the daily spectacles of neighbouring houses get forcibly repossessed by bank-hired bailiffs from Renta-Thug – or rival gangs of drug-dealing hoodies and chavs fighting in the streets and gutting each other with their Mum’s kitchen knives.

However, lying at the root of Murdcock’s whingeing is the fact News Corporation recently announced it will start charging online customers for news content across all its global websites.

The Murdcockian viewpoint beholds that the free news access on the internet provided by the BBC makes it "incredibly difficult" for private greedy mega-profit news organisations like themselves to force people to pay for their news when they can simply log onto the Beeb’s website and view it for zilch cost.

The senior Murdcock, Wrinkly Rupert, told his own sycophantic hacks from Pox News that “The BBC are getting into the fatally bad habit of telling too much of the truth in their news reporting since the big blow-ups with New Labour and Bliar over the dodgy Iraq war dossiers and their murdering David Kelly to keep his big gob shut.”

“We at News Corporation have a tacit agreement with the dodgy governments of the countries we operate in around the world that we tow the party line, keep the sheeple happy with a few stories and some piccies about who’s just set Greece on fire again or why Gaddafi’s such a loathsome twat – divert attention from the fact Iraq and Afghanistan are both major military fuck-ups, and an attack on a non-nuclear Iran will be even worse – or that Israel’s kike politicos and military are a bigger bunch of cunts than the Nazis ever were."

“Our job’s to promote the sham Sneezy Pig flu pandemic to mass pandemonium levels so everyone screams “Help – save us!” and gets their toxic vaccine shots - and never let the cat out of the bleeding bag by telling the effing truth about the population cull.”

“So, how are we supposed to destroy the four traditional pillars of human identity - family, race, religion and nation - to corrupt human nature and usher in our Masonic Zionist New World Order when institutions like the BBC are getting funded by the peasant taxpayers and then broadcasting more truth than spin and lies?”

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