Monday, 10 August 2009

G20 Plod Thug Squad Caused Miscarriage

London’s Police have been criticised for refusing to let a woman, Rita Slagg - who was kicked in the stomach by the Met’s Thug Squad and subsequently suffered a miscarriage – leave one of their ‘kettling’ cordons for five hours during the G20 summit protests.

The Independent Police Coverups Commission spokeswoman, Fellatia Sodomberg originally informed a reporter from the Whitewash Gazette the likelihood Ms. Slagg miscarried was unproven but called for changes to the policing of protests when female demonstrators are visibly pissing blood on the pavement.

It has not been established with any certitude that police officers knew the woman was suffering from severe uterine haemorrhaging at the time, even though CCTV footage clearly shows them slipping in puddles of her blood.

Scotland Yard pronounced there was an "opportunity for lessons to be learnt by riot control Thug Squad officers for future ‘kettling’ encounters with protesting disaffected peasant types – especially so in ensuring the removal of ID numbers and wearing ski masks.”

Ms. Slagg, an unemployed radical anarchist - made a complaint to the IPCC about her treatment by officers at the Climate Clunts Camp in Bishopsgate on the day of the demonstration.

Her claims that she was kicked, pushed and beaten with shields and batons by the Thug Squad at the G20 protests are supported by CCTV recordings plus independent news footage and bystander cellphone camera shots.

According to the report, Ms Slagg considers her treatment by the plods was "unnecessary, disproportionate and inhumane" and she felt "violated" when one officer, later identified as PC Ghengis McTwat, wellied her about the body with his baton, stuck the nut on her then kicked her squarely in the snatch – inducing a miscarriage.

As a result of McTwat’s frenzied attack she was left with bruising on her face, arms and legs as well as suffering a miscarriage and heavy intimate bleeding.

CCTV footage of Ms Slagg holding her stomach in pain after being kicked by McTwat clearly shows the moment of her miscarriage as the three month old embryo hit the pavement and was promptly kicked by McTwat to another officer – who then booted it to a mid-fielder – then onto a winger – then to a striker who deftly left-footed the aborted foetus into a bordering drain – to the acclaim and cheers of bystanding police reinforcements.

The kettling Thug Squad’s explanation that they though Ms Slagg had dropped her handbag and were simply kicking it clear was accepted by the Independent Police Coverups Commission as ‘a pretty logical assumption’ considering the stressful circumstances they were labouring under.

PC McTwat is currently suspended on full pay / gardening leave and reportedly moonlighting as a bouncer at Mothercare.

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