Monday, 17 August 2009

Israeli Troops Shoot Flag-Waving Kids

Israeli soldiers from the IDF’s ‘Murder Incorporated’ Regiment shot and killed 110 Palestinian civilians who were waving white flags, the Geneva-based Human Rights and Wrongs Agency claimed on Thursday in a report on the Gaza war - whose credibility Tel Aviv’s Zionist zealots immediately questioned as being biased against Israel and anti-Semitic in content – branding the report’s authors as goyim scumbags - and Holohoax deniers to boot.

Israeli Defence Force spokesman General Reuben Weasleberg dismissed the report saying it was based "upon the biased testimony of lying Palestinians gits whose credibility had not been substantiated."

Weasleberg pointed out that of the 110 flag-wavers snuffed only 45 of them were children and this constituted a small fraction of the total death toll in the December-January Operation Genocide massacre that human wrongs groups claim killed 21,300 Palestinians, including more than 4000 children aged under 16 – and anyone else old enough to bleed.

Israeli ultranationalist and bonkers Yisrael Beiteinu party spokesman - and arch-Muslim (and Gentile) hater - Rabbi Hymie Slimestein told Pox News that under the laws of war Palestinian children who throw stones at Israeli troops invading Gaza – or wave white flags at them to tease and provoke a response – are liable to be shot – or blown to pieces – on sight.

"Merely displaying a white flag does not automatically grant immunity," Slimestein told a reporter from the Warmongers Gazette, adding that soldiers are authorised to neutralise the threat if the child – or children - holding or waving the white flag presented a possible danger – such as suggesting their surrender – or a cease-fire or a truce.”

Slimestein further claimed Hamas uses Palestinian children holding up white flags as cover for belligerent action and to protect themselves from return fire – and had recently introduced the all-new Iranian-made sub-nuclear ‘white flag’ bombs to attack Israeli positions.

Conversely in three of the hundreds of incidents detailed in the report, Israeli soldiers who shot civilians who were walking down the street with white flags trying to escape the area of conflict did later apologise with a “Whoops - sorry folks” to surviving family members.

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