Monday, 3 September 2012

ZioNazi Warlords Want Syrian Buffer Zones

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The joint hare-brained, frenzied efforts of Israel’s Zionist stooge bitches – the United States of the Great Satan, Broken Britain and a cabal of equally corrupt EUSSR nations led by the Frogs and Krauts – plus Arab League class act scumbags Qatar and Saudi - to launch yet another insane Libyan style NATO ‘humanitarian intervention’ calamity on Syria, have to date all been parried, blocked, thwarted and foiled at every turn in the United Nation’s Security Council chamber by ‘sensible shoes’ China and Russia.

However the Rothshite crime syndicate’s homicidal maniacs are still chomping at the bit to push full steam ahead with their manifest destiny ‘Foreign Policy Initiative’ Mid-East destabilisation / conquest agenda and get on with hoofing 'Bad Basher' Assad’s arse out of Damascus and replacing him with a compliant puppet regime so they can go for Lebanon and Hezbollah - then all roads lead to kick starting the fatally-conceived SHTF pre-emptive attacks on Iran to oust the ruling Muslim cleric beardies and complete round two of the neo-colonial New World Order’s Islamic state domino-toppling game.

So if their bid to lower the threshold for what justifies war and launch a UN-sanctioned NATO ‘humanitarian intervention’ order into chaos no-fly zone campaign on Syria remains stymied by the uncooperative Bolshie Chinks and Ruskies - who are exercising equal measures of due diligence and prudence aforethought to reflect with 20/20 hindsight on last year’s Libyan debacle that has left the North African showpiece in a state of mayhem and ruin - then the next best bet for the ZioNazi aggressors is to push for the establishment of UN-approved non-combatant ‘buffer zones’ – which in all reality will be utilised to provide safe haven for the rebel Free Syrian Army’s foreign merc’s to re-arm and launch fresh rounds of attacks on the hapless civilian population, and use the embedded Western media rats to continue to blame the massacres on Assad’s troops.

And what better strategy to employ than a replay of the tried and tested – albeit clichéd - weapons of mass distraction scam – with an Israeli-expedited false flag chemical weapons attack using willy-pete and mustard gas – or simply a cloud of ‘sniff n die’ Sarin on some poor twat’s village that will galvanise the media to unleash a barrage of black propaganda, generalised bullshit and all-out lies in their anti-Assad hue and cry denouncement of the ruling Ba’athist regime.

To those gifted with a psychic canny sense of smell to detect the stench of conspiracy and official line of hype from a mile off, then the US Kenyan cuckoo President’s timely mention last week of the use of chemical weapons by Assad’s military being anathema and the ‘red line in the sand’ was so obvious a blatant ‘fuck you’ purposeful slip of the tongue precursor for a pre-planned false flag attack to justify a military invasion by NATO’s psychos using the ‘humanitarian intervention’ sham and thus bypass UN approval.

Deep penetration whistle-blowing moles inside the Rothshite crime syndicate’s network - the few still possessed with a moral conscience - have leaked details that MI6, CIA and Mossad agents are coordinating with Saudi Arabia for the FSA rebels to use mortar rounds to launch a false flag chemical weapons attack on Syrian civilian inhabitants of the densely populated town of Daraa on the Jordanian border to frame Basher al-Assad’s forces and justify a NATO military assault sneaking in under the cover of a ridiculous pantomime convoy of some 1,400 Red Crescent ‘armoured’ ambulances bought and paid for by the Saudi regime – and all equipped with anti-gas / chemical warfare filtering systems at a typical DARPA-inflated cost of $97,000 bucks apiece.

Selling the ‘buffer zones’ deception around Europe, Francois ‘Le Chèvre’ Hollande, France’s ultra-socialist president – and an even bigger Bilderberg Zionist stooge than his midget predecessor Nicky ‘The Sayan’ Sarkozy - boasted in an interview with Le Merde this week that the Coalition of the Warmongers were closer than ever in achieving some form of acceptable justification to launch a campaign of humanitarian intervention in Syria via their so-called buffer zone safe havens - for civilians.

“We are working on the initiative of buffer zones with these turkeys in Turkey and the muppets running Iraq, and the self-preservation stooges in Jordan to achieve a state of encirclement - then we can have one of the US’s MQ-9 Reaper assassination drones target this Assad character and leave these rag-arsed Syrian militias to get on with their sectarian ethnic cleansing campaigns and hunt down the Ba’athists and anyone else they don’t like.”

Oh yes, encirclement - followed by systematic Balkanization, based on a prescribed formula of manufactured and simulated internal socio-political chaos and the devastation of the entire national infrastructure – just like Iraq and Libya.

Thought for the day. Hmmm, said he, stumbling over a mountainous heap of United Nations hypocrisy and affiliated bullshit that permeates this homicidal dynamic of forcing democracy down people’s throats. Syria might be ruled by a mild dictatorship, but alike Iraq and Libya before, it is a moderately benign regime, whose populations in all three enjoyed a developed infrastructure and social care system – now devastated from order into chaos.

How come no fucker or their dog ever stands up to be counted amongst the ranks of Satan’s little helpers and cries “Foul!”, and demands the UN sanction a campaign of ‘humanitarian intervention’ or a ‘buffer zone’ for the hapless, marginalised pro-democracy protesters in Bahrain – or the Palestinian populations of the ever-diminishing occupied West Bank, and those victims of kikester Zionism suffering daily privations and a system of slow cook genocide in the Gaza Strip – besieged behind Israel’s racist Great Apartheid Wall in the biggest Nazi-style concentration camp in the known Universe?

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Yet another brill' dig at the Zionist's evil schemes.

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The sooner Israhell is turned into a glass car park.....the better.