Wednesday, 19 September 2012

G4S Acronym = ‘Good for Shit’

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Human rights activists have kick started a broad brush ‘Let’s Get G4S’ campaign against the not-fit-for-purpose security company as the firm is further bestowed with lucrative money-spinning contracts by our moronic Libservative Coalition to take control of even more of Broken Britain’s public services despite a litany of pantomime ‘incompetence’ fiascoes and human rights scandals permeating the very fabric of its ‘profit over morals’ (and efficiency) corporate structure that to all intents and purposes appears centred on amassing huge management performance bonuses via acts of genuflection and worship before the altar of Mammon.

A veritable Biblical potpourri confederacy of ‘anti’ activist groups protesting against the muddled medley of socio-political controversies with which G4S is involved - including privatisation and deportation (ordinary rendition, extraordinary rendition and too erroneous rendition) – gathered to demonstrate outside the company’s ‘Manor’ HQ at Creepy Crawley in Sussex yesterday.

The assembled campaigners included the Free Palestine Potholers Crew, the Gaza Gangsters Appreciation Society, the Tottenham Townswomen’s Guild free-fall team, a cadre of Bolshie Scouseland trade unionists, congregationalists from the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster – and the anti-papist Pancake Tuesday Adventists – later joined by a hodgepodge group of off-course ramblers from Henshaws Blind Institute along with a band of Swiss tourist yodellers (whose melodious contribution to the generalised heckling was very much appreciated) – plus Uncle Tom Cobley and all.

The end game aim of this now interlinked campaign is to inflict a severe dose of terminal reputation and credibility damage to the tainted G4S brand – an abomination that is involved in diverse human rights and wrongs abuses around the world where their fascist big stick / bully boy Renta-Thug security guard morons are deployed – from Siberia’s grotty gulags to the Antarctic Emperor Penguin’s Ice Palace.

An actual ‘Stop G4S Convergence’ conference is scheduled to take place upstairs at the Pitbull & Pikey Arms pub in Smegmadale-on-Sea on October 6th, 2012 with the gathering now endorsed by the Boycott ZioNazi Israel Network, No Borders UK, Comfort-4-Convicts, the Battenberg Badger Whisperers, Kikester Kunt Watch, Cormorants for Palestine Solidarity, Stop Deportations to Sweden, Shifty Shylock Twat-Alert, Lags for Free Range Prisons, No to Condoms Catholics, and South Yorkshire's ‘Give the Dog a Bone’ Club.

G4S has been rightly slammed with an international barrage of caustic criticism for its kowtow compliance with the outlaw Israeli regime - providing equipment and guard services for the rogue state’s checkpoints, illegal settlements, the Great Apartheid Wall watchtowers and sinister detention centres such as the notorious Facility 1391 where Palestinian political prisoners - including children - are incarcerated and tortured – and their internal organs harvested to supply the illegal Rabid Rabbi black market transplant donor trade.

Speaking to one press hack from the Scumbags Gazette, Ms Fellattia van der Gobble, spokeswoman for the Jimmy Mubenga Memorial Society, related that “Despite the Olympic Games staffing debacle where G4S proved themselves to be a bunch of incompetent amateurs posing as professionals – especially with the ridiculous CEO Dick ‘Bouffant’ Chuckles mismanaging this circus without a tent - they are still in the running to participate in the privatization of the UK’s Plod Squad, with authorities having to outsource services to tackle a £73 zillion quid shortfall in their funding.”

“As far as we’re concerned, how the fuck can it be cheaper to hire these G4S dog wankers to take over the UK’s police force human resource and prisoner transfer duties than keeping it all in-house?”
“Moreover we are now faced with a host of fresh allegations against these G4S bully boy guards, ranging from accusations of rape to claims of drug-taking and theft – along with the stigma of their Olympics staff spitting at British troops and referring to them as ‘baby-killers’.”

“Really, this outfit have an appalling record of putting profit before human rights and dignity. Personally, reflecting on the above, I consider G4S to be an international pariah corporation that, like the maligned Slackwater / XE mercenary outfit, is abhorrent to polite society. In fact I’ve seen better organised riots and we intend to bring their already-shaky house of cards toppling down on their pointy little heads.”

Thought for the day. So, who’s next on the social conscience target agenda? It’s a pretty long list of abusive likely candidates that act as government proxies to harass and bully the common herd – and most disgusting of all – the disaffected and marginalised ranks of society.

How about we zero the cross-hairs in on Ian Duncan-Smith and his Department of Work and Pensions and Atos Healthcare, yet another neo-fascist ‘for profit’ private firm paid to carry out fit-to-work medical assessments that are resulting in paraplegics being told to get their arses down the Jobless Centre – and the welfare benefit slashing campaign casting families out on the streets - and the lame and blind reduced to begging.

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Bazzer said...

They so deserve any and all shite thrown at them - Rusty's only touching on their crimes. Our government needs to be a bit more responsible on who they give these contracts to - read the small print Osborne!