Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Dempsey Hit Attempt a Mossad Snafu

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Sick to the back teeth with a slew of the usual black propaganda accusations being fielded against them by the Western media over the past two weeks, Taliban leader Mohammed Haramzada today issued a statement, posted on their official Jolly Jihad website, disclaiming any and all responsibility for Britain’s rain-swept ‘summer’ (sic) or the missile attack on the Great Satan’s Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman, Martin Dempsey’s C-17 plane at Bagam Air Force Base in the early hours of the 21st August.

In a reversal of fortunes kick in the teeth, Haramzada, commander of the Taliban’s front line Shaheed Semtex al Ka-Boom Brigade, pointed the fickle finger of fate straight back at Mossad agent provocateurs tasked with sending General Dempsey one of their politically incorrect ‘snuff messages’ for snubbing Israeli PM Bobo Nuttyahoo and telling him to stuff his manipulative psychotic demands for a pre-emptive ‘October Surprise’ sneak attack on the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Here again we have the rogue Zionist state going into outlaw mode and transgressing the niceties of international law to target any fucker and their dog they perceive as ‘the enemy’ – an aberrant mental condition that manifests in the kikester mindset whenever a person or group decide that kissing Israel’s criminal arse is no longer in their best interests or those of world peace (whatever that might be).

General Dempsey called in at Tel Aviv to pick up a tuck hamper of Mama Shylock’s ‘Miracle Matzo’ while en route to Afghanistan and informed the belligerent Nuttyahoo that America and the Pentagon’s JCS wanted no part of his homicidal scheming against Iran – and later confided to one press hack from the Warmongers Gazette that “I run the Pentagon and US military machine – not some trigger-happy ex-furniture salesman like this neurotic big stick bully Nuttyahoo - super-paranoid and chomping at the bit to get us involved in World War Three when we can’t even keep track of all the goddamn order-into-chaos conflicts we’ve kick-started since 9/11.”

“Jaysus H Christ, any military attack to destroy Iran’s nuclear energy program, launched by these belligerent Israeli headbangers that have built a huge covert nuclear weapons arsenal outside the scrutiny of international monitoring or control - and refuse to allow inspections of their Dimona reactor facilities in the Negev by the IAEA - or sign the Non-Nuclear proliferation Treaty – will constitute a clear act of aggression in violation of international law – which the Israelis don’t seem to give a flying fuck about anyways. All they’re after is destabilising the entire Middle-East and leaving them untouched and intact – and the Numero Uno regional military power.”

”But jest wait til the Iranian’s SS-N-22 Sunburn missiles start flying – then we'll have a real SHTF situation with Coalition of the Stooges warships sunk around the Persian Gulf and Straits of Hormuz from arseholes to breakfast-time.”

“I’ve come across some bizarre and weirdo crap around the world in my career but Israel’s the only country that’s got a 30-foot high apartheid wall built around it to keep the Muslim riff-raff out. No shit, even the die-hard Afrikaans racist Boers never went that far to segregate the whites from the Bantu darkies.”

Dempsey’s rejection of Nuttyahoo’s ultimatum that the US military play their usual role of Israel’s bully boy proxy and lead the attack on Iran - whether they have a nuclear weapons programme or not - was construed as an act of brazen hubris (the Christian version of ‘chutzpah’) that drove the clinically insane Israeli PM into another of his dummy-spitting psycho tantrums, screaming at all and sundry “Who do these ‘kus ima shelcha’ goyim scumbags in the Pentagon think they are – daring to censure our demand to attack Iran and give Israel the brush-off? Get me that Obama cuckoo on the phone!”

As the White House declined to take any more of Nuttyahoo’s collect calls and listen to his ear-bending diatribes, this resulted in Mossad being ordered to dispatch one of their nasty Kidon Unit assassination squads to sit on Dempsey’s tail and send him a clear cut warning that the good ole US of A was the Zionist state’s bitch – bought and paid for by the Rothshite / Payseur crime syndicate’s AIPAC lobby.

Thus Mossad’s Taliban impostor crew, kitted out in Ninja-black burkas, managed to infiltrate the Bagram Air Base, loose off a couple of shoulder-fired Shitstreak missiles at Dempsey’s C-17 aircraft, then did a proverbial ‘exit-stage-left’ bunk – with their ‘in and out’ presence completely undetected by the US military’s sentries - a force equipped with sophisticated fifth generation night vision, rocket detection systems, early warning blimps with ground penetrating synthetic aperture radar - and the continual coverage by UAV drones using infrared detection – all of which were mysteriously disabled during the snide attack by embedded pro-Zionist moles attached to ISAF’s 14th Treachery Brigade.

Thought for the day. From a professional point of view one has to sympathise with Mart’ Dempsey’s predicament viz Nuttyahoo’s demands when the good ole US of A is in the stranglehold paradox of being run by forces of opposing polarity – the ‘elected’ (sic) White House incumbent Obama - and the Zionist military-industrial Neo-Con shadow government – plus has so many intelligence (sic) agencies away with the nids and running their own shows and scams – and promising the likes of Israel the girl, the gold watch, and everything else – which specifically equates in plain English that the right hand hasn’t got a fucking clue what the left hand is doing. Hence little wonder CIA Director, General David H Betrayus has ulcers and trouble sleeping.

Regardless of the ‘October Surprise’ Iran attack schedule getting shit-canned, come the US Presidential elections in November, when the Diebold ballot machines are programmed to ‘Vote for Mutt the Moron’ mode, then with Romney taking over the Oval Office in the January, Israel’s swaggering bully of a leader Nuttyahoo will be guaranteed his US-led pre-emptive strike on the Islamic Republic.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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Anonymous said...

More truth to this one than satire

wiggins said...

General Dempsey told Nutty that there would be no attack on Iran. Cue toys being thrown outta the pram. On his arrival back in Afghanistan his plane was blown up in one of the most protected camps in the world, oh and the electronic security had been turned off...now I don't think the jolly jihadists are that sophisticated. Maybe the guys who attacked Harry's camp dressed as soldiers weren't 'Taliban' either.

Anonymous said...

Why don't the US and Uk and the rest of the Zionist gophers just tell Israel to get fucked and slam them with a whole slew of UN sanctions - for the nukes and the Palestinian abuses and land thefts?

wiggins said...

Because these cockroaches have got the dirt on the people in power who do their bidding ...or else. That is why;they are vampires that subsist off people not of their 'religion.'

Anonymous said...

Rustys right - this is the way the whole shebangs going ---- downhill ---courtesy of Uncle Sam