Friday, 14 September 2012

US ZioNazis Behind Anti-Islam Movie

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An investigation by Ox-Rat, the international human rights and wrongs abuse watchdog, into the dark and sinister forces behind the provocative US-made anti-Islamic film responsible for kick starting violent protests and ‘insta-Jihads’ in Egypt, Libya and Yemen – and too a plethora of radical hotspots across the length and breadth of the known Universe - has led to the posting on the WickedLeaks website of documented evidence which proves the covert financing of the hate-mongering production originated from the Las Vegas-based Sands Corporation offices of ultra-Zionist gopher and multi-zillionaire casino owner 'Shifty Sheldon' Adelson.

The gospel according to Ox-Rat, the ‘shovrim shtika’ whistle-blowing moles working inside Sands Corp claims that the blasphemous, race-hatred film – designed solely to inflame sectarian sentiments around the Mid-East - was masterminded by the addled-brain Adelson’s kikester Mafia organisation working in conjunction with the Bush-era Neo-Con scumbags, AIPAC and Abe Poxman’s Anti-Defamation League – then filmed in California by Israeli director Shylock Imbecile at his ‘Yetzer Hara Studios’ and released to coincide with the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 false flag terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre Towers (Pentagon etcetera, et al – expedited by a bunch of hi-fiving Israeli psychos) and stir up Muslim outrage and displays of gratuitous violence to justify further Western militarisation of the Middle East and North African Islamic states.

Like a pine forest wildfire caught by cross-winds and proceeding at a geometric rate, protests by irate Muslims, sick to the back teeth of the Great Satan and Western democracy, have also been reported in Morocco, Sudan and Tunisia and look set to spread like a dose of clap in a Patpong katoey brothel throughout the entire North African Islamic community and Greater Middle East - and beyond into Afghanistan, Pakiland and Indonesia.

In what might be construed as an ironic twist of fate, on Tuesday achieved Arabist Christopher Stevens, the US Ambassador to Libya, was murdered by pissed off rebel militia members and a cadre of die-hard Islamic Salafists who took personal affront at the way the US-produced micro-budget ‘Innocence of Muslims’ movie mocked the Prophet Muhammad(PBUH), portraying him as a kiddie fiddling paedo’ and a bungling all-round dog wanker - and launched their very own micro-Jihad against the US Consulate in Benghazi, burning the entire shebang to the ground – along with every fucker still inside.

US media bullshit and propaganda viz Ambassador Stevens being asphyxiated by smoke on the consulate roof besides, his actual ‘true’ fate would not have been a pretty sight – dragged from his 4 x 4 SUV escape vehicle, then, as is the way with these barbaric Arab retribution customs, beaten to a pulp with Korans and gang raped by the inflamed mob – but fortunately, being an Arabic speaker, would have been able to cry out in vain for “Rahma!” (Mercy) as the fedayeen lynched him in the street alongside his two hapless companions.

So, what an end to an illustrious double-dealing diplomatic career - snuffed by the very unwashed psychopaths he recruited, funded and armed to raise an insurrection against the Gaddafi government last year. Oh well, Karma can be a bitch when it turns full circle and perhaps now, upon reaching Paradise, he realises that Mammon, aka the Great Satan, is a false deity and ‘There is no God but Allah’.

Commander Ras al Shitbag, the Benghazi-based leader of the Al Qaeda-affiliated Ghaban Kess Emakk Brigade, informed one press hack from the Israel HaYom gutter press tabloid “The US kikester scum joined hands with the Israelis to pull off their 9/11 false flag attacks and blame fundamental Islam to justify their New World Order neo-colonial invasions of our lands and to demonise our religion – all to establish geo-political military bases and control the Gulf region and the Arab oil reserves.”
“We do not want their much-vaunted democracy, it is alien to our culture – yet now the infidels insult our Prophet with malicious purpose aforethought, solely to invoke our anger and a violent response. These are the seeds the ZioNazi Great Satan has sown and now must reap – these grapes of wrath.”

California-based bit actors who appeared in Shylock Imbecile’s controversial ‘Innocence of Muslims’ film, when informed they would probably have Islamic hit squad fatwas issued against them, shit kittens and told the media they thought the production was part of an advertising campaign for Bedouin brand sandals and Perrier bottled water.

Thought for the day. Well, who can blame the Muslim community for getting pissed off when provoked in that manner and their revered Prophet ridiculed by a cabal of US Zionist infidels just out to stir up even more trouble and strif – and deliberately polarise two cultures already critical of each other’s conflicting ideologies. Our sympathies go out to them as they’re the very same sentiments Christians feel towards the Jews for murdering Jesus Christ.

But that’s what a bit of a black propaganda anti-Muslim movie can do to stir up a whole shitpile of Pan-Islamic protests – and in light of this reaction these neo-con kikester clowns running the United States of the Great Satan and Israel are still intent on a craven, sneak pre-emptive military strike on the Islamic Republic of Iran and are deluding themselves the retaliatory kick-back collateral damage will be minimal. It’s time to think again and reassess – before they run out of body bags.

Thought for the day. Biblical quote: Jeremiah 19/11 – “And they shall bury them in Topheth, till there be no place left to bury”.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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Anonymous said...

'neo-con kikesters'? what is a kikester?

Ally said...

Ha, the gospel according to Rusty's lexicon defines a 'kike-ster' (kike-gangster)as an ultra-ZioNazi Khazar-Ashkenazi Jew of convenience and member of the Rothshite's global bankster crime syndicate.

Anonymous said...

For Sheldon Adelson see.... Mutt Romney. Cui Bono....?

wiggins said...

I think you will find it was a 'hit' Rusty. Probably at the behest of that shabez goy tart Hitlery Clitstone....all the rest is just a smokescreen. The film has been on Jootube for months, why the outrage now and on 9/11 ?

Ally said...

To Wiggins:
The Jolly Jihad / Muslim Brotherhood fanatics are unfortunately a quick study, and much to their own detriment they take the proffered hook, line and sinker in a single gulp with even the slightest trace of anti-Islamic bait attached - and hence can be manipulated into all sorts of riotous protests with one of Mossad's agents provocateur at the head of the mob - who lobs a petrol bomb or grenade, fires off a couple of rounds, then 'whoof!' - disappears like a rat down an aquaeduct.
To wit, if you want to impose further sanctions / martial law then someone's got to cop for the shite - hence Stevens was just another sacrificial goat.
Oh well, they caused this Balkanised order into chaos mess in Libya and armed every fucker and their dog - so sectarianism rules - until the last scumbag standing.