Thursday, 20 September 2012

Lib-Dum Clegg Joins ZioNazi Warmongers

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A recently-fired Lib-Dum Defence Minister went public last night during an interview on Channel 69’s prime time Warmongers Hour programme, confirming rumours that he was summarily sacked from his post by party leader Mick Clogg to avoid a damaging Coalition split over the craven – and wholly illegal – scheduled pre-emptive military strike on the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Former Armed Forces Secretary Sir Nick Harvey had first confided to fellow members of his local Snitch n Grassers Club during a weekend barbeque function that he got the hoof in Posh Dave Scameron’s recent ‘ethnic cleansing’ cabinet reshuffle to allow Deputy PM Mick Clogg to sign a wholly unaware Britain up to support the sneak Israeli-US ‘Operation Kill Every Fucker’ military strike and cause criminal ‘hard core vandalism’ damage to Iran’s nuclear research installations, thereby releasing a massive Chernobyl / Fuckupshima style radiation leak hazard – and thus quite possibly kick starting World War Three once Russia and China get their sleeves rolled up and step into the tag team ring for Round 2 of the conflict.

Whitehall pals of Sir Nick – who was bestowed with the ‘golden handshake’ knighthood as payoff for his sacking and keeping schtum over the scandalous dirty deeds – claim he would have caused a veritable hue and cry for DPM Clogg – and Scameron - by loosing off a stream of criticism of the Coalition’s criminal backing of the Israeli unilateral attack if he had remained in the key MoD post – comparing such to Tony Bliar’s dodgy 45 minutes to Doomsday / weapons of mass distraction dossier purposely spiced up to justify the ‘order into chaos’ military invasion of Iraq back in 2003.

During the Warmongers Hour interview Harvey related that Israel was lining up the US and Britain as the main fall guys to lead the pre-emptive strike on Iran which, if successful, would ensure their continued bully boy military status and nuclear power hegemony in the Middle East region without getting their hands dirty – and obviously leave their goyim stooge supporters to count the cost – and the bodies – and clear up the ensuing mess.

Conversely, Downing Street’s spin doctors have been quick to belay any such speculations, maintaining that Harvey’s ‘lateral promotion’ to the Jobcentre queue - which now sees the MoD staffed entirely by Tory bureaucratic jobsworths and a sinister cadre of the Rothshite crime syndicate’s pro-Zionist moles - was due a ‘pre-crime assessment’ report by Mossad questioning Harvey’s commitment to the New World Order / Foreign Policy Initiative – and the planned forced regime changes of several Islamic states to install Western-friendly muppet governments who understood which side their bread was buttered – and the meaning of ‘compliance’.

So, is that it – the order of the day - conscientious objectors to be side-lined, and moral do-gooder whistle-blowers euthanised?
Hence we pose the question: does membership of the Lib-Dum Friends of Israel Club (alike the Conservative Friends of Israel Club) require politicians to comply with every homicidal demand made by the belligerent Ashkenazi Jews of convenience freaks running the nutty Knesset and IDF?
It’s about time this big stick psycho bully, PM Bobo Nuttyahoo, went back to selling furniture as politically he’s as much use as tits on a fish.

Thought for the day: Hmmm, one is inclined to ponder on Harvey’s fate for transgressing the unwritten law – grassing up the Coalition's ‘Let’s Get Iran’ plot after collecting his pension and a ‘hush-hush’ knighthood.
Will he be found ‘suicided’ up in the David Kelly Memorial Woods - wrists slashed with a blunt spud peeler and a gut half-full of co-proximol tablets – or stuffed inside one of MI5’s black North Face holdalls and dumped on the Grassy Knoll landfill site. The mind boggles at the possibilities.

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