Thursday, 6 September 2012

No-Mates Israel’s Iran Attack Shunned

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A cabal of Israeli MPs still able to think for themselves - and fortunately possessed with a modicum of common sense and moral conscience - have refused to sign a letter supporting Prime Minister Bobo Nuttyahoo’s belligerent sabre-rattling stance, hell-bent for launching a pre-emptive sneak attack against Iran’s uranium enrichment facilities on the grounds that if the mad Mullahs develop nuclear weapons they’ll pull the regional military hegemony trump card rug from under Israel’s holier-than-thou feet.

Knesset MP Tipsy Hovelslut, the psycho ‘ideological voice’ of the Likit Party, who stands accused of attempting to coerce fellow MPs into obedient compliance and sign the document, responded with lashings of chutzpah and ‘hudaibiya’ (lying) by informing one press hack from the Chosen People’s Gazette that the entire Knesset had thrown their support behind Nuttyahoo’s push for a sneak strike against the Islamic Republic when in fact no fucker or their dog has signed the letter – apart from a craven handful of Likit Party stooges who expressed oral support rather than get a midnight visit from Mossad’s Kidon Unit assassins.

A die-hard Sabra skanger, heavily invested in self-glorification, Hovelslut displayed her true ZioNazi colours and the fact she has the equivalent intellect of a goldfish in July last year by informing US squawk show host Glenn Beck that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has nothing to do with territorial claims over the occupied West Bank and besieged Gaza Strip ghetto but is a battle of sectarian ideologies – Judaism versus Islam – and the Palestinians were lucky to be refugees in their own country.

Hovelslut was eventually forced to admit that no lawmaker in the nutty Knesset had actually signed the letter after MP Koos Emakk, one of the MPs whom she claimed was the first to scribble his moniker, wrote on his Facebook page that he’d never put his name to such a war-mongering piece of trash that was destined to come back and kick them all in the arse.

“Tipsy Hovelslut is PM Bobo Nuttyahoo’s whore – his ‘kedeshah’ - and a racist ‘chaneph’ to boot. Nobody here in Israel wants war with anyone – especially not Iran - and get bombarded with Hezbollah’s rockets from Lebanon and have Fatah and Hamas suicide bombers coming out of the woodwork when these Likit Party crazies kick start a Pan-Islamic jihad against us.”

“Nobody wants this - apart from these bellicose death wish Ashkenazi Jews of convenience who push this Zionist Greater Israel fiction and the Rothshite crime syndicate’s ‘Protocols’ madness - and have soured international opinion to the extent we are viewed as a pariah, racist apartheid state and have this Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign levelled against our trade goods.”

“Nuttyahoo and his Likit Party hawks hold to this pure, fundamental deceit in their core rhetoric claim that Iran’s uranium enrichment program has a covert military component, which Tehran rejects and argues that as a committed signatory to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and a member of the International Atomic Energy Agency it has the right to use nuclear technology for peaceful purposes - and the IAEA has conducted many inspections of their nuclear facilities and never discovered any evidence they are developing nuclear weapons. Whereas we have Dimona and a stockpile of illegal nukes and refuse to sign the Non-Proliferation Treaty, nor allow IAEA inspections – how is that for hypocrisy, I ask you?”

So, are the moronic psychopaths running the ZioNazi state of Israel stupid enough to believe – or is this just another example of their customary ‘couldn’t care less’ blatant arrogance – that the Iraq weapons of mass distraction scam is going to work again on Iran and a pre-emptive military strike by the Coalition of the Warmongers led by serial victim Israel is the only way to stop the mad Mullahs running the Islamic Republic from building their Doomsday weapons and blasting the Promised Land off the map?

But such is life in this Age of Stupidity, and what Israel are pushing for with their US / Great Satan stooges is clearly defined by the Nuremberg Principles as the ‘planning, preparation, initiation or waging of a war of aggression’ – specifically a war fought for a purpose other than self-defence: to wit, in breach of Articles 33 and 51 of the UN Charter.

Conversely it is nice to know the Knesset belligerents are getting stymied on the Iran attack front – especially so by members of their own government.
So too in the White House and Pentagon - a piece of bad news the Israeli hierarchy are doing their damndest to play down and keep schtum over – that the O’Barmy administration has dispatched a secret message to Tehran confirming it won't participate in any Israeli-provoked military attack so long as Iran doesn't attack US interests in the Mid-East / Gulf region.

CIA top dog David Betrayus, currently in Turkey to discuss further black op’s against the Syrian Assad government, confided to one press hack from the New World Order Review that “These scumbags in Tel Aviv are trying to drag the US into this conflict in the Gulf so we end up bollocks deep and take all the flack and casualties while they sit back and play the victims role as usual."

Only days previously the Great Satan’s top military official General Billy Bob Redneck reiterated that “A sneak pre-emptive Israeli strike would not only be counterproductive but prompt Iran to constitute a nuclear weapons program in earnest – and kick start a regional war that would involve the armoured might of Russia and China.”
“The political costs of US cooperation in a unilateral assault are considered too high by the O’Barmy administration, especially with the Presidential election coming up in November – as such a war will be one of choice, not necessity.”

“This is a bad time for Barky O’Barmy – and Mitt the Moron Romney too – it’s okay pledging this, that and the other to AIPAC and the Rothshites and Tel Aviv – until something fucks up and goes totally wrong – then the shit really hits the fan cyclone fashion and we end up in yet another Vietnam – same as Afghanistan – and the Ruskies have got to be laughing their balls off at our predicament there – especially with all these ‘green on blue’ fifth columnist attacks.”
“We need to be maintaining our own interests in the Middle East – the military bases and muppet client states that Washington uses to maintain control over the oil resources – and fuck this systematic blind subservience to a bunch of kikesters in Tel Aviv and running AIPAC.”

As further proof of the Israeli leadership’s blatant arrogance and gross hypocrisy, Schlomo Scattstein, a retired IDF brigadier general, yesterday launched a rabid verbal diatribe against both Cairo and Germany over their recently-concluded sea-going military acquisitions contract, claiming any move to modernise Egypt’s navy - and specifically their submarine fleet – would present Israel with negative strategic factors.

Shylock Snakehead, a former Israeli ambassador to Egypt, claimed the timing of the sale was particularly unfortunate as the outlaw Zionist regime would have yet another Islamic state neighbour with weaponry capable of threatening their naval capabilities.
“Any arms sales to the Middle East always concern the military balance of Israel and its Arabic environment – and it is our prerogative to be better armed than our nasty Muslim neighbours”

Conversely, the fact that ‘perpetual victim’ Israel has possession of a fleet of six German built nuclear-capable Dolphin submarines - one lurking offshore Suez and a further three stationed respectively in the Arabian Sea, off Iran, and in the Persian Gulf, ready and waiting for the craven sneak pre-emptive military strike on the Islamic Republic – this hypocritical anomaly is not subject to the same rhetoric as the Egyptian issue in presenting a strategic threat to any fucker or their dog.

Thought for the day. Well, the raving hypocrisy and pantomime antics demonstrate yet again the illegitimacy of the Zionist regime and their theft of Palestine from its rightful, historic owners – the Semite Arab Palestinians.

Are these so-called Chosen People too thick between the ears and brain-dead to comprehend that the usurped land of Israel is no geological monument but a transient aberration that exists for the duration of a mere blink of the eye in the passage of history – much akin to Hitler’s Nazi Thousand Year Third Reich – that actually only managed a mere span of twelve – from 1933 to 1945 – and ended in a state of tits-up ruination.
Now we have the illegal, rogue state of Israel – 1948 to 20?? Well, that’s the question isn’t it – but not much longer if they are arrogant enough to attack the Islamic Republic of Iran and believe they can do so with impunity. Have these clowns never heard of Pandora’s Box or Karma?

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Anonymous said...

Nice one, Rusty. Well constructed kick in the knackers for the bastards.

Anonymous said...

Israel - grrr. Now the US Democratic National Convention have given their okay, backed by Barky Obama, for the ZioNazis to declare Jerusalem as their capital - and the Palestinian's be screwed.

wiggins said...

It is only lamestream media shabot goyim who still support these scumbags.