Saturday, 15 September 2012

Nutcase Nuttyahoo Pushes Iran Attack

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The outlaw state of Israel’s war-mongering psycho of a Slime Minister, Bobo Nuttyahoo, spitting the proverbial dummy in yet another customary display of infantile petulance, launched a veritable diatribe of condemnation against the Great Satan’s Washington administration this week – throwing not only the constraints of international law to the four winds but also the niceties of polite society - and stating for the public record in grand fascist Hitleresque ‘Anshluss’ fashion that "We are God’s Chosen People – the superior Jewish race (sic) pursuing our Manifest Destiny - and the goyim cattle of this world have no right to stop us from attacking Iran.”

To the media’s mind there was little doubt that the rogue state of Israel’s belligerent leader was directing his frustrations and chutzpah venom at the incumbent White House cuckoo, Barky O’Barmy and his Secretary of Sleaze, Hilarious Rodent Clinton – in reference to their refusal to draw a red line in the sand – or anywhere else for that matter - that would automatically initiate a craven, US-led pre-emptive sneak military strike on the Islamic Republic of Iran if President Mahmoud Ahmadashell and the manky Mullahs even dare transgress the ‘unwritten rule’ – a chimerical factor as yet to be defined – but suspected to hinge on them developing a covert and illegal nuclear weapons arsenal just like Israel’s and thus undermine the apartheid kikester state’s military hegemony in the Mid-East region .

According to freshly-hacked US / Israeli top secret intelligence services internet traffic just decoded by our embedded ‘blog moles’ inside GCHQ, the rumours are flying thick and fast that O’Barmy’s barricaded himself in the Oval Office, hugging his new digital teleprompter and is not only refusing to meet with the obnoxious Nuttyahoo but even take phone calls from him and listen to yet another of Bonkers Bobo’s unqualified arrogance loaded lectures about the good ole United States being Israel’s bitch.

Before going into ‘retreat’ Barky informed White House staffers that “Does this kikester turkey realise we’ve got an election coming up in November, and if I okay another no-win situation military conflict in the Middle East before getting re-elected then I’m gonna be out on my sad black ass come January and probably have to move back to Kenya or Indonesia to find a job after the last four years of negative Hope n Change fuck-ups – and avoid a slew of war crimes charges like Tony Bliar.”

Ah well, such is the price you pay for allowing the Rothshite crime syndicate’s heinous AIPAC to corrupt the very core of the US Congress and Senate – along with every state capital administration – and outsource US foreign policy decisions to the homicidal maniacs running the Knesset in Jerusalem.

Las Vegas-based kikester crime boss, Sheldon Adelson, has pulled editorial privilege on his gutter press Israel Hayom tabloid to echo Nuttyaho’s propaganda hype - that the United States President has dared to snub an Israeli prime minister – and hence is now assigned to the ranks of all those who previously hesitated – let alone refused – to kiss Israel’s kikester ass – and were duly branded anti-Semites and Holohoax deniers.

But all is not lost as Nuttyahoo has tasked the ultra-Zionist subservient AIPAC lobby to back Mitt the Moron to win the November election by pre-programming the Urosevich / Carlyle Group controlled Diebold ballot machines, same as they did for super-moron Dubya Bush – twice.
Then at least Israel are guaranteed a US-backed pre-emptive military strike on Iran anytime after Romney’s 20th January 2013 inauguration – and perhaps that very night if the USAF are put on notice to get their B2 Stealth bombers loaded up for bear with their all-new GBU-57A/B 30,000 pound MOP bunker buster ordnance.

Hmmm, on second thoughts, the 21st January might be a good day to stay home and tidy up grand-dad’s fallout shelter.

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