Monday, 11 July 2011

Will Palestine be the next South Sudan?

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Saturday’s festivities in South Sudan, celebrating the Third World dump achieving independent nation status, presented the perfect opportunity for arch vulgarian Rupert Mudrock’s News Corporation to distract the British sheeple from the closure of their favourite Sunday morning shit-raking rag - the ‘more tits on pages 4, 5 and 6 masturbation aid’ News of the World, due its excommunication by the Church of England and associated stigma concerning felonious breaches of privacy statutes and the Data Protection Act – and bribing members of Her Majesty’s crooked constabulary.

This scandalous situation has manifested due the paper’s journalists engaging in unbridled management-sanctioned campaigns of phone hacking - and corrupting dodgy members of the Met’s Plod Squad with mega-bucks bribes in exchange for confidential information concerning criminal inquiries.

The whole shebang is currently percolating at a geometric rate into a critical mass situation that’s going to erupt in a joint political-corporate mega-nuclear meltdown once the entire smorgasbord index of revelations of wrong-doing are exposed and laid alongside the current charges – heralding a complex toxic scandal of criminal activities that will reverberate throughout the hallowed halls of government, corporate board rooms, the stock exchange, and the cloisters of the judiciary for what horologists aptly term ‘a very long time’ – and have a ‘shit sticks’ half-life that might well surpass the millennium’s-plus radioactive contamination around Japan’s stricken Fuckupshima reactors.

Insha’Allah, let’s just hope PM Posh Dave Scameron does distance himself from involvement with the phone hacking and Plod Squad bribery investigations and not do a Tony Bliar by appointing some civil service career scumbag Freemason like Bwian Hutton or John Chilcot - aka Lord Whitewash and Lord Coverups respectively - to head the inquiry.

So, the weekend’s done with, the Screws of the World’s a gonner – along with the ginger-mingin Rebekah Brooks' credibility as News International’s CEO - and South Sudan’s busy recovering from a massive hangover before the IMF’s banksters arrive en masse to saddle them with shed loads of nasty debt and gain control of their undeveloped oil and gas resources.
Thus here’s the question of the day: will Palestine be the next South Sudan – and be greeted likewise as the world’s newest nation – with similar displays of fanfare, fireworks and bunting in a celebration attended and applauded by hosts of world leaders when they stand before the United Nations Assembly this coming September and petition for ‘nationhood’?

Doubtful, when Bobo Nuttyaho and the scumbag Ashkenazi Jews of convenience running the Israeli Knesset are involved – and the United States, under the monetary and political domination of kikester banks and AIPAC are lobbying every fucker and their dog to deny the Palestinians statehood – much as they’ve just pressured (read ‘coerced / blackmailed’) the morally, and fiscally, bankrupt Greek government into preventing the departure of the next Gaza-bound Freedom Flotilla – and likewise coerced European nations various to block the passage of air travellers to Palestine on the ‘Fly-tilla’.

Thus how can the Palestinians regain their usurped – their ‘stolen’ - nationhood status and not remain forever under the ZioNazi jackboot? Alike the West Bank, as an Israeli ‘Occupied Territory’ that the illegal settlements see diminished further with each passing day. Or the Gaza Strip – besieged behind the kikester’s Great Apartheid Wall, where their quality of life is reduced by force of arms to that of Malthusian Catastrophe level, living in the biggest concentration camp on the planet.

Meanwhile, hypocrisy-ridden political leaders from across the globe have been sending their congratulations to South Sudan on Saturday as it became the world's newest nation – while with conspicuous irony, totally ignoring the plight of Palestine, which was a long-established and prosperous sovereign state until the 1948 ‘Yawm an-Nakbah’ (Day of Catastrophe).

It was on this fateful day, that must go down in the annals of historic infamy, when the thieving Ashkenazi ‘Jews of convenience’ kikester terrorists stole their country from under their very feet and drove the Palestinians out of ‘Palestine’ - in a genocidal military action then applauded by the crooked Zionist-dominated United Nations, who were quick to recognise the outlaw state and have complied with ZioNazi demands to ignore their human rights and wrongs breaches and shit on the Palestinians at every opportunity since that fateful date – much to their everlasting moral shame.

Thought for the day: Is the old Dirty Digger Mudrock still to be considered a ‘fit and proper person’, of good moral character, to be trusted with the stewardship of BSkyB with regard to the current phone hacking and police bribery scandals - and the fact his News Corporation media conglomerate is the chief apologist and propaganda machine for the rogue state of Israel – and main media antagonist demonising the Palestinians?

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