Thursday, 28 July 2011

UK Ups ‘Gaddafi Out’ Ante

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All Libyan diplomats assigned to their London embassy have been ordered to leave the UK immediately if not sooner, in a pathetic effort to demonstrate to Colonel Gaddafi that his legitimacy as the African Messiah has come to an end.

Well, at least that’s the gospel logic according to the UK’s closet case Foreign Secretary Willy Vague – regardless of the fact Gaddafi & Co still hold the keys to government and a majority following, while a rag-arsed bunch of Al Qaeda terrorists and unwashed Bedouins are hanging onto Benghazi in the east – thanks to the intervention and arms supplies from Western bloc nations – and the likes of the insufferable Vague declaring them the legal governmental authority.

This action is viewed as a desperate last resort response to the utter fuck up and failure of the US-Zionist instigated attacks on Libya now being expedited with the typical ham-fisted clumsiness they’ve become famous for since kick starting ‘Operation Grab the Oil’ – the fatally-flawed military adventure somewhat disingenuously aimed at ‘humanitarian intervention’ - to protect civilians from Gaddafi’s Viagra-fuelled army of rapists – before the NATO air attacks started wiping out entire residential sub-divisions with their not-so-smart bombs.

FS Vague informed the Zionist Gazette that while the Libyan ambassador to the UK, Omar Jellybean, was expelled in May, the rest of the Gaddafi-regime diplomats and associate staff have now been labelled as persona non grata and are due to be kicked out from the embassy in Shitesbridge - with the Al Qaeda-infested rebel National Transitional Council (NTC) invited to take their place as the sole governmental authority in Libya.

NATO / EUSSR member nations, including Britain and France, reflecting on their collective failure to snuff the bonkers Colonel outright, now appear to be in a bit of a dither and shifting their stance on whether Gaddafi has to be ousted at all – or will they simply Balkanise Libya down the middle with an East and West geo-political partition – a device so handy in dividing Korea and Vietnam in conflicts past. Plus, in Libya’s case, all the oil’s located in the eastern fields.

At a press conference on Wednesday, FS Vague resorted to his customary black propaganda and character assassination script when declaring that the non-democratically elected NATO-backed NTC had shown its commitment to a more egalitarian form of political structure and being Western friendly and being "Good dog" compliant - in stark contrast to the Gaddafi regime whose concocted brutality against his own population had stripped him of all credibility as the type of bloke you can invite round for dinner.

Vague further outlined measures to unfreeze £91 zillion quid’s worth of assets belonging to the Libyan National Oil Company whose wells and pumping facilities were now controlled by the NTC - to help meet their basic needs in the east of the war-ravaged country – such as more guns and bombs to strike at the legitimate government and Gaddafi supporters with – and open a few Swiss numbered bank accounts to stuff ready for retirement – or reversals of fortune.

Conversely, and perhaps just to rub Vague’s nose in it and say “Fuck you, Willy”, the convicted Lockerbie bomber stooge, Mohammed al Patsy, appeared at a pro-Gaddafi gathering in Tripoli, which was broadcast on Libyan state TV and stood up to announce “Hi there Scotland – so long and thanks for all the chemotherapy.”
Mr al Patsy was released from prison in Scotland almost two years ago on compassionate health grounds as he was dying of cancer and had but a few weeks to live.

Thought for the day: Fuck NATO and the Project for a New American Century and the ZioNazi’s New World Order.

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