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News of World Gets Death Sentence

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In a piece of risible and classic irony, the Screws of the World gutter press rag, so handy at throwing libellous shit at others for the past 160-odd years, has now finally found itself besmeared with its own stinking fectal effluent, with incriminated management and staff, past and present, flapping aimlessly around like a shoal of slimy hooked congers in their death throes.

Today, the exotic concept of ‘Karma’ is proven to be not simply some exotic Oriental faith ‘payback’ fantasy but an actual ‘reality’ manifested, as we see the sins and misdeeds of the pro-Zionist scumbag Rupert ‘Wrinkles’ Mudrock - and his News Corporation crime syndicate - that includes the Pox Network and poses as an international media conglomerate while in reality being Israel’s front line propaganda arm - finally called to account and the shit-raking News of the World red top ‘toilet door’ tabloid’s head laid squarely on the block, ready to be ritually executed following the publication of this Sunday’s final ‘Very Sorry’ banner headline issue.

News of the World staff claim they were stunned after News International chairman James Mudrock son of the 96-year old Dirty Digger vulgarian, Rupert, announced on Thursday that the NoW was to be closed down following days of increasingly damaging allegations - with the paper's hapless editor Colin Myler announcing to anyone interested in listening to his babble "Fer fuck’s sake – not again – this might well be the saddest day of my professional career – back to the Jobcentre yet again."

Alas, James Mudrock himself is, ironically, rumoured to be the target of the Met’s undercover Twat-Watch police unit, following GCHQ and Echelon taps (read ‘hacks’) on his landline, mobile and e-mail communication systems have revealed instances of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice by attempting to ‘buy off’ hacked complainant’s with out of court ‘financial settlements’.

Not only have the phone hacking revelations and ensuing imbroglio precipitated the death throes of the vile and disreputable Fourth Estate news sheet, which has been churning out libellous scandal since 1843, but Karma’s kick-in-the-arse ‘synchronicity’ has likewise exposed the corrupt synergy linking Mudrock’s News Corp’ to the London’s Metropolitan Plod Squad - with testimony revealing the depths of improbity involved - wherein bent police officers were paid up to £30,000 quid for confidential information by journalists in clandestine money drops – a la Mohammed al Fayed style big brown envelopes to bent MPs - at the Slumborough Hamlets branch of McDonald's Chew n Spew – so symbolically situated opposite the News International HQ on Wapping’s Happy Highwayman Bypass.

Following initial exposure by Parliamentarian Tom Watson, the Labour MP for West Scallydale, the case has manifested significant public and political concern over revelations involving not only phone hacking but also the bribery and corruption of the Met’s Plod Squad by Mudrock’s crooked journalists acting with the approval of News International management and editorial staff – with former editor Andy Coulson being arrested in connection with allegations of his personal involvement with both the police corruption and phone hacking aspects of the case.

Coulson, who kicked off his News International career working alongside the dodgy Piers Moron at the Sun, was the innovator of the tasteless ‘Big Tits’ website, and served as editor of the News of the World’s from 2003 until his resignation in 2007, ironically following the conviction of Bazzer McScrote, one of the pilloried and now-doomed tabloid’s reporters, in relation to illegal phone-hacking.
He immediately shifted from one criminal connection to another by becoming Tory leader Posh Dave Scameron's communications director until, with Socratic irony aforethought, announced his departure in January of this year due fears that the lashings of viscid improbity associated with the continued investigation of the phone-hacking affair (and looming Plod Squad bribery scandal) might rub off onto Scameron and the Tory Party’s political machine.

The current political editor of the News of the World, Jack Bogbrush, claims he reacted with shock to news that the gutter press rag will shut up shop after this Sunday's edition, saying the closure came as a bombshell - when the Serious Crime Squad’s Tactical Unit threw a flash-bang grenade through his office door just prior to arresting him on suspicion of involvement and concealing information pertinent to their inquiries.

Rumours abound that ex-NoW editor, the ginger-mingin Rebekah Brooks - (nee Wade, a skanger who seems to change her name more often than a Nazi war criminal) - who gained celebrity fame status as the pugilistic thumper ex-wife of Bell Enders hard man Ross Klunt, is the next in line for a pair of handcuffs and an interview at Scotland Yard with Deputy Assistant Commissioner Candida Knackers into allegations that she personally commissioned the hacking into phones of crime victims, celebrities and politicians - with the Met’s Plod Squad so far identifying 4,000,000 possible targets – plus she okayed the bribery and corruption of police officers to obtain highly confidential information.

The intellectually-challenged ranga-slapper Brooks, one of the cradle-snatching Mudrock’s favourites, is now (following a series of three-hole suck n swallow clusterfuck executive training sessions with Rupert and Chief Concubine Wendi Dong) the CEO of the NoW’s parent company, News International, and is no stranger to London police cells. On November 3rd of 2005, the-then Rebekah ‘Wade’ was arrested following an alleged assault on her husband, Ross Klunt, by giving him a knuckle sandwich in the gob – but later released without charge after Klunt admitted the violent altercation had been his fault and declined offers of medical attention for a fractured ego and deep lacerations to his tough guy fa├žade.

Thought for the day: Libservative Coalition PM, Cabbage Patch Dave Scameron, too cosy by far with the News Corporation mafia concerning the BSkyB media plurality (read ‘monopoly’) deal, has been cautioned by opposition MPs that in the spirit of impartiality he should remove himself from all decisions regarding the public inquiry into the NoW phone hacking and police bribery scandal investigations due his personal lack of due diligence, prudence and probity in hiring a career criminal in the person of Andy Coulson as his communications director.

Alas for ‘Big Society’ Dave, he’s blighted by a long succession of chronic personal misjudgements, especially so by involving himself with the ultra-Zionist and Israeli apologist Mudrock’s cabal of career scumbags and their News Corporation crime syndicate. Scameron needs to remember his responsibility is to the British voting – and taxpaying – public – and his Shitney constituents first – and not the corporations that make up the Fortune 500 index.

So too London Mayor, Bonkers Boris Nonsense, who originally dismissed the NoW hacking claims as ‘codswallop’ cooked up by Ed Millipede’s back-stabbing New Labour Party.
That’s the public opinion of ex-Mayor Red Ken Livingroom, who further accuses Bonkers of also being conspiratorially ‘up close and confidential’ with Dirty Digger Mudrock’s crime syndicate family due the damning facts he recently scoffed at least two meals with Rebekah Brooks, plus a dinner and a lunch with young Jimmy Mudrock – followed by dinner at Mayfair’s Old Twats Club with Wrinkly Rupert himself while trying to keep the lid on the festering scandal – which just serves to draw focus to the depth of the incestuous relationship between the British government and the Zionist-owned media.

Hmmm, one is tempted to play the Devil’s advocate and speculate who in the upper echelons of management past – or present - is going to end up the fall guy, the ‘patsy’, for authorising mega-bucks cash payments to ranking bent plods for information?
Even a moron can discern no press hack went down to the NoW’s accounts office personally and said “Yeah, I needs £30,000 quid in cash ter pay off this Scotland Yard copper fer some nice juicy scandalous info’ – an’ no receipts either.”
Oh no, someone in authority – right at the top of the food chain – gave the okay for that little criminal endeavour.

So, the Screws of the World’s gone under and the shit’s going to hit the fan big time viz News Corp’ management with past associations with the scurrilous rag and the hacking / police bribery investigations – but more to the point who’s going to fall on their swords amongst the ranks of the Met’s Plod Squad crooks? Some sod’s got to be sweating big time now it the season for Kiss n Tell and it’s every fucker for themselves.
This is one complex toxic scandal of criminal wrong-doing that going to reverberate for quite a while – and have a ‘shit sticks’ half-life that might well surpass the millennium’s-long radioactive contamination around Japan’s stricken Fuckupshima reactors.

To conclude, Flatbrokes, the ubiquitous UK High Street bookies, are refusing to give odds that the final Screws of the World banner headline will read “So Long – and Thanks for all the Filth”.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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