Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Singapore’s Lee Regime Release Brit’ Author

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Alan Shadrake, the British author jailed last year by Singapore’s totalitarian judiciary for the unforgivable crime of ‘daring to tell the truth’ over a variety of damning aspects concerning the island state’s fascist system of government, was released on Saturday from Changi’s ‘Smiley Face’ Prison and driven into the sunset, handcuffed in the back of an immigration authority vehicle (white van).

Mr Wormhole Jaffacake QC, Shadrake’s lawyer, speaking to the media outside his Serangoon Gardens office, informed one press hack from the Autocrats Gazette that his client was being taken to Changi Airport where he would be deported back to the UK immediately, if not sooner.

The 76-year old Shadrake was summarily arrested last July when he visited Singapore to launch his book – ‘Once A Jolly Hangman: Singapore Justice in the Dock’ – and sentenced to prison for contempt of court over the content of the critically-acclaimed tome which focused on the ‘Coconut and Computer Chip’ sweatshop economy republic’s lack of impartiality in the implementation of their draconic laws and the inhuman death penalty – long ago morally proscribed by all but the worst examples of barbaric Third World nation states.

The best-selling book contains interviews with human rights and wrongs activists, lawyers and disgruntled former police officers - plus a damning diatribe by the Totally Honest Party leader Sum Dum Fuk and his deputy, Jimmy Qui Tam - both arrested and tossed into jail on the eve of the 2008 elections on charges of disagreeing with the Lee’s People’s Action Party's corrupt policies.

However, in all ‘truth’ – a subject that seems to be anathema to the Lee dominated government - Shadrake was convicted of insulting Singapore’s bent judiciary – (which, under the iron rule of Chief Justice Flip Flop Keong, has a most conspicuous history of sensitivity to how it is portrayed) – and illustrating for all to see that the term ‘Democracy’ under the Lee Dynasty regime is a farce.

Shaldrake’s big mistake was in sending copies of his book to the 120-year old geriatric Divine Heavenly Emperor Lee Kuan Yew and his intellectually-challenged son HRH ‘Baby God’ Lee Hsien Looney – the dynasty’s incumbent PM and best hope for continuing the Triad-controlled People’s Kleptocracy Party’s dictatorial domination of the graft and corruption-ridden island republic’s socio-economic / political system.

Lee Senior’s response was to issue one of his despotic Chinese Imperial Court style ‘Read This, Tremble and Obey’ decrees and order Shadrake’s arrest and subsequent prosecution for having the audacity to expose the short-comings of his piss ant island republic and their Common Purpose NLP / brain-washed leaders and judiciary.

Conversely, to any ex-pat who has been unfortunate enough to live and work out of the supposedly civilised Clean n Green – and totally Sterile – postage stamp republic long enough to breathe deeply – not just around the Orchard / Shaw Road tourist area – or the all-new Bugis Street, or along the Cliffords Pier stretch (although an eye-opener for Indonesian and Thai whores and sexy Kai Tai’s in the Come Bar) – but out in the boondocks of Jurong in the West and Loyang in the East (but don’t dare mention the darkened ‘under-the-table’ handjob bars infesting Geylang – or Sembawang’s knocking shops) – Singapore is as civilised as a monkey house – and about as much fun as a course of chemotherapy since the old 392 Club and Aoki Bar and Tivoli Beer Garden went the way of the dinosaur.

To appreciate the accuracy of Shadrake’s written work, the discerning eye should take a peek at where the disaffected and marginalised sections of Singapore society live – well off the beaten tourist track - in blocks of shitty HUD flats with urine detectors in the elevators and signs bearing the logo ‘Beware - Killer Litter!’ warnings of discarded furniture and defunct household appliances (cookers, fridges, washing machines - and the kitchen sink) being hurled indiscriminately over the 20-plus floors up balconies by the moronic residents onto hapless passers-by below.

Now this is the true face behind the façade of Harry Lee’s model society – the semi-benign dictator’s counterfeit 'Fine City' Utopia - and, alas, Shadrake’s accounts bear the unpardonable stamp of condemning veracity on the tyranny that it truly is.

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