Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Princess Di’ Murder Plods Face Arrest

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A French judge, Mingeeter Godemiche, has issued a subpoena to force the questioning of two of Britain’s leading former Scotland Yard police officers over allegations that they knowingly, and with malice aforethought, criminally withheld crucial evidence concerning the staged car crash which resulted in the illegal killing of Princess Diana in 1997 – and specifically why they failed to disclose the existence of a vital missive in which she predicted her assassination by such vehicular means.

Ex-Yard chief, Baron Basil Condom and Sir Marmaduke Verruca, the Met’s Assistant Commissioner for Special Skulduggery, are under suspicion that they were personally responsible for the cover-up of the abortion of a six-week old foetus and subsequent Satanic ritual blood-letting sacrifice / murder of Princess Diana in the back of a Paris-based Dignitas ‘Suicides-R-Us’ Clinic ambulance which parked up en route to the mortuary following the engineered collision of the Mercedes saloon she was travelling in through the Pont de l’Alma Tunnel with husband-to-be Dodo al Fayed, when side-swiped by a white Fiat Uno driven by a dodgy Greek national known as Prince Philip of Saxe-Coberg-Gotha.

Condom and Verucca could face international arrest warrants as suspects in the inquiry should they refuse to attend interviews in Paris, according to voice mails and text messages intercepted from the cellphone of Judge Godemiche by News Corporation’s A-Team hackers.

A copy of the ‘20/20 Hindsight’ note, then in the possession of Diana’s lawyer Lord Victor Mishap, was handed to the named ranking officers in the weeks following the 1997 Paris tunnel crash - which also claimed the lives of Diana’s boyfriend Dodo al Fayed - son of the phoney Pharaoh Mohamed Al Fayed - plus Di’s bodyguard Trevor Rees-Alzheimers and the couple’s star-crossed chauffeur of the night, Henri Paul.

The highly-respected lawyer’s document records the fatal conversation Diana overheard in May of 1997, specifically a phone call between her ex-husband Prince Chazzer, the Plant Whisperer, and his bonkers Virus Man father – His Royal Rudeness, Prince Philip - while picking up her sons from Clarence House.

Di’s eavesdropping revealed that “Efforts would be made to get rid of her via an ‘assisted suicide’or some fatal accident in her car, such as a pre-prepared brake failure or whatever the MI5 and 22 SAS black op’s boys were good at, ensuring that at least she was so badly injured and maimed as to be declared unbalanced and sectioned - and stop her fucking around with Johhny Muslim and upsetting the land mine industry – and shagging the hired help then dropping ginger mingin royal cuckoos.”

Diana's private secretary believed she was right in her assumptions, as police and lawyers only passed the incendiary ‘Mischon Note’ to the royal coroner Michael Burgess when the damning details were also revealed of Diana's fears by her former kleptomaniac butler Paul Burrell in 2003.

Burrell’s revelations confirmed that there was a conspiracy afoot to snuff the Princess and also the chain-smoking Royal Poke, Gorgonzilla Parker-Bowles - now the Duchess of Cornhole - and thus free up Chazzer to marry his latest royal ranga hump at that time, Tiggy Legge-Bourke, with whom he had become enamoured due her erotic oriental tongue rings and ‘suck n swallow' fellatio techniques.

The gospel according to the rumour mill at that time claimed Ms Legge-Bourke, the royal nanny, had just undergone an abortion to ensure there’d be no more of Chazzer’s bat-eared bastards infesting the royal domain – or ranga-headed brats fathered by toyboy cavalry oicks.

Solicitor Sandra Davis, from Mishcon De Reya, who represented the Princess during her divorce from the bonkers Prince, stated during the inquest that Diana told her on more than one occasion she had a snitch in Bucks Palace who provided info’ that "They" were going to kill her.
When asked by Michael Mansfield QC if Diana ever told her who the sinister-sounding "They" were, she replied: "Yes, the Freemasons – and her twat of a father-in-law, Prince Philip.”

Met Plod Squad and Shitehall civil service whistleblowers working for Ox-Rat, the international snitch and grassers government abuse watchdog charity, passed on evidence that it was more than three years later before facts emerged that the officers had locked the note in Lord Condom’s safe at Scotland Yard. When Lord Condom stood down as the Metropolitan Police Commissioner his successor as Met’ Commissioner, Sir Angus McTwatt, continued to keep its sinister existence a closely guarded secret.

As the original inquest was held on French soil, and thus under French law, the pair are hence construed as responsible for “removing or concealing” evidence, which could “facilitate the discovery of a crime” – an offence punishable by three to five years in jail.

Now Paris-based Judge Mingeeter Godemiche is locked in a protracted legal battle with British authorities over her demand for ‘up close’ interviews with Baron Condom and Lord Verucca.
The explosive development means that the issue of whether the fatal crash in the Pont de l’Alma tunnel in Paris was an accident - or premeditated murder - is likely to be once more the subject of a controversial trial in the public arena of barrack room law – doubtless further fuelled with much gusto by our old friend and perennial thorn in the snob-infested British establishment’s side - Mohamed al Fayed.

An article in yesterday’s Daily Shitraker reveals that Judge Godemiche has been engaged in lengthy exchanges with Sylvie Chocolate-Eclair, a legal beagle attached jointly to the French Embassy in London and the Home Office, who assists in cross-Channel legal issues – such as those still resulting from William the Conqueror causing havoc with the Saxon immigration agency in 1066 due arriving at Hastings without a valid ‘invasion visa’- plus demands for outstanding damages and reparations relating to the 1415 Battle of Agincourt.

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