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Libyan TNC Rebels : Dog Eat Dog

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Sky News’ press hack Candida Mingerot reports from the Zionist-dominated United Nations that the growing Western trend to grant diplomatic recognition to a bunch of rag-arsed Libyan rebels - who have, with unqualified arrogance, bestowed upon themselves the august title of the Transitional National Council and remain dug in around Benghazi - is facing opposition from the Security Council - and plans to arm said rebels with shipments of hi-tech weaponry will further polarise Council members.

Russia and China have taken a prudent step back and went into head-scratching mode on Friday upon receipt of confirmed reports that the TNC rebels had split into dog-eat-dog factions, with every man for himself – a factor that heralds further chaotic bloodshed due multiple rivalries.

The latest casualty in this deadly ‘pissing competition’ is General Shaheed ibn Himar, the military commander of the Libyan rebels fighting to topple Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s regime, who was killed by assailants from an opposing faction demanding a bigger cut of the oil export earnings – and their own numbered Swiss bank accounts.

General Ibn Himar’s demise stems from rivalry between his clique and a former Libyan army general, Liwat Manuke Khara, who opportunistically returned recently from exile in the United States and with arrogance aforethought, appointed himself as the rebel field commander.

According to an article in this week’s Oasis Gazette "The two men couldn’t stand one another and both failed to realise that the main distraction of being top dog is the time and effort wasted by having to continually cock a back leg and remark their territory.”
While neither military commander had an alternative vision for Libya’s future – post-Gaddafi - they were united only on two points - their hatred of the ultra-eccentric Colonel - and feathering their own nests with a nice secret bank account in Zurich

Rebel opportunism was exposed last month when an editorial in the Usurpers Gazette revealed that oil concessions would be granted by the Benghazi-based Transitional National Council – post-Gaddafi - based on how much support each Western country gave the rebels in deposing the bonkers Colonel and his regime to achieve dominant control of the nation’s oil reserves and establish yet another of their ubiquitous global geo-strategic bases.

Hence little wonder these would-be revolutionaries haven’t inspired the kind of spontaneous support that the Blackberry, Twitter and Facebook-linked revolutionaries did in Tunisia and Egypt.

Combined with their witch hunt beheadings of suspected Gaddafi sympathisers and supporters, the rebels are now heavily into the racialist ethnic cleansing of Misurata Blacks – thus it’s hardly surprising that an excess of one million Libyans showed up on the streets of Tripoli last week to denounce the rebel’s excesses and exhibit their support for Gaddafi as the better of two evils.

Fathi Gerbil, a whistle-blowing NATO mole with access to Gaddafi’s Kevlar-fortified underground bunker tent passed on information that the nutty Colonel is overjoyed that his rebel enemies are doing his job and murdering each other – declaring on Radio Tripoli’s ‘Despots Half-Hour’ programme that “It is the will of Allah that these revolutionaries who have chosen to lay waste to our proud Islamic state and open it up to the domination of the infidel Zionist Great Satan to feed upon, have started devouring each other.”

So, with the rebel forces now splitting into factional camps, opposing not only the entrenched Gaddafi regime but every other fucker and their dog, which includes gaggles of Israeli mercenaries and al Qaeda jihadists – plus a legion of former U.S. Guantanamo Bay inmates who the CIA retrenched to eastern Libya to train with the Benghazi rebels – along with a bunch of manky monarchists, including deposed King Idris Senussi's useless progeny – and tribes of Bedouin who don’t know shit from shinola and who’ll do anything for a couple of goats – plus a legion of die-hard Islamic fundamentalists who espouse the rigorous tenets of the Sharia and would sooner chop their own heads off than see the Great Satan and associated stooges establish any sort of a foothold or commanding influence in Libya.

Thought for the day: Is it fair to ponder on the NATO high command’s state of mind following the manifestation of the afore-mentioned chaotic developments, regarding their UN-sanctioned Operation Unified Protector ‘humanitarian intervention’ strategy (which Julian Blancmange’s WickedLeaks whistle-blowing website now apparently involves the precision bombing of Tripoli’s state TV satellite transmission dishes) – as the hapless military outfit’s sole purpose in this fatally-flawed campaign is to serve as the rebel’s Air Force?

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