Thursday, 7 July 2011

EDL Exposed as ZioNazi Stooges

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The bonkers English Defence League, formed in 2009 via merging of the United Morons of Luton with the Skinhead Dingbat Patriot Movement, who’s bigoted leadership branded the squint-eyed Nick Griffin’s nasty neo-fascist ‘National Hate Every Fucker’ Party as a gang of ‘armchair racists’, wholly devoid of exercising any sense of real thuggery and gratuitous violence to get their chauvinist political message across – were this week exposed as being not only fanatically ‘anti-Muslim’ but also in cahoots with the Rothshite crime syndicate family and the Ashkenazi Jews of convenience scumbags running the ZioNazi state of Israel.

Following the publication of an editorial in the Daily Shitraker which labelled the EDL as a bunch of latter day Nazis and a resurrection of the genocidal Israeli ‘Kahane Gang’, the ultra-xenophobic group’s leader, Stephen Yaxley-Lennon - aka Tommy ‘Pitbull’ Robinson – their party theologian and apparently the ’brains of the outfit’ (sic), told one press hack from the Jingoist Review that “De English Defence League woz formed two years ago an’ one of our fundamental beliefs dat dis movement woz built on is its support fer Israel’s right ter defend itself against all dese Palestinian twats from de PLO an’ Hamas wot sez dey own de Gaza Strip an’ de West Bank – an’ even effin’ more if yer listen ter their bullshit claims.”

“Dat’s why I wears dis Star of David badge instead of de St George emblem - cos Israel’s a shining star of democracy an’ if Israel gets taken over by all dese heathen Arab states wot prays ter dis Allah bloke an’ hates democracy den we’re all fucked.”
“I’m like de Israeli Prime Minister, Bobo Nuttyahoo – a die-hard follower of Ze’ev Jabot de Hutt an’ believe Jabotinskyism – cos buildin’ an’ effin’ big wall around Gaza and de West Bank’s de only way ter keep de Palestinian terrorists in check – plus de occasional bit of ethnic cleansin’ wiv one of dem Cave of de Patriots demo’s ter let dem know who de fuck’s in charge.”

“De EDL stands fer freedom an’ since Baron Rothshite gave us a stack of money last year we support de Jewish people ter remain free forever, and we all stand together in dis fight against dem Islamic Jolly Jihad bastards an’ Hamas an’ Hezbollah an’ Iran an’ any other fucker an’ der dog wot sez Israel’s in breach of human rights cos dey don’t take any shit off de Palestinians.”

Robinson concluded “Fer fuck’s sake, dese Palestinian twats need ter wake up ter reality cos de Jews is God’s ‘Chosen People’ an’ de Halacha – orthodox Jewish law – sez dat anyone wot’s not a Jew is goyim scum – so dat’s dem totally fucked wiv a large capital F. Den yer got dat Pentateuch thingy wot sez dat de Holy Land all belongs ter de Jews - from de Euphrates ter Washington – an’ AIPAC have already have a grip on dat end of things cos dey’ve got de little Kenyan darkie bloke wot’s squattin’ in de White House by de short an’ curlies an’ doin’ precisely wot he’s told.”

Conversely, and in contradiction of Herr Gruppenfuhrer Robinson’s rhetoric, the gospel according to the Daily Shitraker editorial has stated for the public record, that in their qualified opinion, the English Defence League is neo-Nazi far-right street protest movement whose membership is composed of career NEDs and a legion of other intellectually-challenged gormless twats whose parents have been swimming too long at the shallow end of the gene pool.

The editorial, scribed by the iconic ‘Fair Play All Round’ philosopher, Sir Irwin Bogbrush, claims without ambiguity that the EDL are a tool of the Anglo-American-Israeli establishment’s military-industrial combine and simply fulfilling the part of stooges in their PNAC / Protocols of the Greedy Bastard Elders of Zion quest for full spectrum dominance of the Middle-East.

Of course the EDL recruit thick as pigshit morons from the Renta-Thug contingent of our society - soccer hooligans barred from attending live matches, and rabid racists slapped with Asbo’s which prevent them going within a hundred metres of a Paki’ chippy or take-away or a mosque - as no fucker with an ounce of common sense or grey matter between their ears would pay heed to their jingoistic and xenophobic ‘Hate Thy Neighbour’ spiel.

While it might well be deemed as unfair to tar (and feather) everybody in the organisation with the same brush, the antics and slogans of the street-demo’ membership don’t tend to come over as those of an eclectic group but more of one of similar mind and purpose – that of racist Islamophobic misanthropes and generalised shit-for-brains haters who haven’t a clue about the beliefs or culture of those they would pillory and burn at the stake.

However, this view suits the Libservative Coalition and British ruling establishment who, since the false flag jobs of 9/11, and too 7/7, have been working flat out like a lizard drinking to promote the charade of the war on terror and a false global overview - wherein the manky Muslim Jihadists, who’s religion they claim is vehemently intolerant of the illusionary Democracy we are supposed to relish in our panopticon surveillance society, are out to usurp our Christian beliefs and impose the jackboot of Islam and Sharia Law on our infidel necks – simply because it supports the government's involvement in illegal overseas wars of aggression.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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