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RAF Top Afghan Civilian Snuff Ratings

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In what is being condemned not only by the Christian Church but also Amnesty International and Ox-Rat, the human rights and wrongs watchdogs, as ‘a scandalous admission of couldn’t care less immorality’, the UK ‘Royal’ Air Force’s commanders have declared for the public record that in their collective unqualified arrogance and moronic opinions, they feel ‘legally comfortable’ with accidentally killing batches of non-combatant goat herders, women and children in Afghanistan via the arbitrary and abstracted medium of unmanned MQ-9 Reaper UAV drone attacks.

The RAF has deployed one of its heinous Merry Mayhem murder units, aptly titled the ’Homicide Squadron 39’ and appropriately sited at ‘Screech’ air force base close to the Sin City of Las Vegas in the Nevada desert, to execute remote unmanned drone attacks inside Afghanistan – a mere 12,133 kilometres away – even on a clear day.

The ‘kill chain’ drones were commissioned and tasked to assist the inept NATO occupation aggressors in Afghanistan with their fatally-flawed campaign to defeat the make-believe Big Al Qaeda Gang and the Taliban’s Jolly Jihad mujihadeen, who are currently maintaining their 10-year insurgency against the Zionist neo-colonial invaders with renewed gusto and vigour.

Conversely, the remote-operated drones are inadvertently killing dozens of civilians on a daily basis – a ‘crimes against humanity’ scenario that Royal Air Force commanders back in the UK – thousands of miles from the actual warfare ‘control’ zone – informed a press hack from the Atrocity Gazette, without displaying a nano-shred of conscience, “Following consultations with the Attorney General regarding this matter, we are ‘legally comfortable’ with the non-combatant fatalities.”

Air Chief Marshall Sir Genghis ‘Pitbull’ Bogbrush KC, elucidated “When President O’Barmy announced the US military surge in Afghanistan last year, PM Posh Dave Scameron also anointed the RAF’s ‘Operation Kill Every Fucker & Their Dog’ campaign with Downing Street’s approval and blessing.”

“However the killing of civilians is to be blamed directly on MI6 and the CIA for intelligence failures. Really, how are we expected to conduct high altitude precision bombings and missile attacks on other side of the globe and not inflict casualties on non-combatant members of the common sheeple when we’re presented with DGPS coordinates for the location of a ranking Taliban jirga (get-together) and it turns out to be a school in Bellend Province - or Achmed’s Barf Burger chew n spew kebab outlet – or like last week, a branch of Pestco’s Greedy Grocer supermarket in Kandahar. As the cliché goes “This is a war and the innocent get hurt alongside the guilty.”

“Good grief, it’s not as though these people will ever amount to anything in life anyway, like win the Nobel Prize for Literature or become ranking 33rd degree Freemasons – or career rapists heading the IMF, so why worry over Godless heathens being exterminated.”
“Okay, perhaps it is regrettable that little kiddies are getting maimed and snuffed, but heathen sprogs have nothing to look forward to either – such as Santa Claus coming down their chimney on Christmas Eve – or going on a Hunt the Bunny and finding chocolate eggs at Easter - which is their own fault for worshipping Islam.”

“I’ve heard all the controversy from critics, claiming that the Libservative Coalition and the RAF are now stricken with severe credibility issues concerning our involvement with the war against terrorism in Afghanistan and supporting President Hamid Kami-Karzai’s Kleptocracy Party government, but we personally do not see a problem as the British establishment have been trading with bloodthirsty dictators and despotic regimes for centuries.”

“Just you wait, if we pull the UK’s NATO contingent out of there, then Al Qaeda and the Taliban will be all over the place like a mess of rats out of their Tora Bora tunnel maize complex – flying their explosive magic carpets into the Shard London Bridge and Canary Wharf skyscrapers - and setting off more of their devilish black pepper and bleach bombs on the Underground - and blowing the tops off Stagecoach’s buses like sardine cans. Not to mention burning the bloody opium crops – then galloping inflation kicks in and the price of heroin will go through the effing roof - then you’ll have British addicts going into self-harm mode and screaming “Foul! – who pull our fucking troops out of Poppyland?”

Alas, for purposes of belligerence we command a technology of far greater evolution than our moral and intellectual abilities to rationally commit such to destructive use. Then we’re stricken with a government and military whose ambitions are far beyond the scope of their abilities - launching wars of aggression on multiple fronts, just to keep up with the brain-dead Yanks - supposedly firing off smart bombs and laser-guided Shitehawk missiles that can’t tell the difference between a tank and a school bus and go ‘Ka-fucking-Boom! whatever and wherever they hit.

It’s quite ironic, and an utterly hypocritical display of arrogance, when NATO in Libya are only using UN-sanctioned military force as ‘humanitarian intervention’ to protect the civilian population, whereas in Afghanistan this philosophy – according to the RAF’s warlords does not apply and they’re quite happy – ‘legally comfortable’ - to be killing every fucker old enough to bleed.

In warfare there is no moral high ground – just a lot of immoral low ground – which is defined how far one combatant party can sink further than the other.
While there is no such thing as ‘conventional military wisdom’ there does exist, and all too frequently displayed, as Sir Genghis Bogbrush’s speech confirms, conventional military stupidity - as instanced by the well-worn cliché regarding the oxymoronic statement of ‘military intelligence’.

The pursuit of the fantasy Big Al Qaeda Gang is yet another pretext for foreign aggression and domestic suppression – just like Iraq and the ‘weapons of mass distraction’ – with Britain being run on a permanent war economy basis – which benefits the tax-paying common herd naught.

A succession of British governments, and too all three branches of the UK military, have long ago pawned off their moral franchise in exchange for neo-imperialist footholds in the Third World – to enable the dissolution of sovereignty via the establishment of stooge governments and hence facilitate the plundering of their natural resources.

Anyone recall ever hearing the moronic term ‘legally comfortable’ before? US President Harrry Truman, Secretary for War Henry Stimson and General Leslie Groves were ‘legally comfortable’ with dropping their nuclear weapons of mass destruction on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 – just to see how much damage they’d do to a civilian target.
Same again with Hitler’s Nazi High Command officers during their prosecution at the Nuremberg trials for war crimes stemming from the treatment of the inmates of their slave labour concentration camps – and the Final Solution - all legally ratified at the 1942 Wannsee Conference under the supervision of General Reinhard Heydrich.

The mad dog Israeli regime too seem to be ‘legally comfortable’ – under their own perverted laws - with ripping off the occupied West Bank lands from the indigenous Palestinian owners for their illegal settlement expansions – and besieging the hapless population of the Gaza Strip behind their 30-odd foot high Great Apartheid Wall.

Shabby Acrobati, the director of Liberty (formerly the National Council for Civil Liberties) – a British political pressure group – had this to say to one press hack from the Warmongers Review concerning the RAF’s indiscriminate assassination via drone campaign.
“The blundering MI6-CIA intelligence machine is issuing death warrants for Islamic insurgents endorsed by office-bound bureaucrats – and are commanding the USAF and the RAF to essentially run an airborne hit squad programme, which would probably be better administered by Wiley T. Coyote – as both the Afghan and Paki’ regimes claim the strikes have snuffed 700 civilians over the past year in their efforts to kill a total of 14 ‘targeted’ al Qaeda insurgents – all of whom are, as of date, alive and well, and running their terrorist operations from the hedonistic comfort of sunny Dubai.”

“Alas since New Labour and Tony Bliar’s gang got into power in 1997 and followed the Neo-Con’s Project for a New American Century lead after the 9/11 false flag terrorist attacks being blamed on Muslim jihadists – and came out with their dodgy weapons of mass distraction dossiers and then murdered Dr Kelly for exposing the myth - and went on to stage the 7/7 bombings on the London underground system, then the RAF’s admittance to being ‘legally comfortable’ with murdering civilians on a foreign war front simply confirms the damning indictment that approval of mayhem and bloodshed is the British government’s adopted moral and ethical position for the 21st Century.”

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