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UK Voters Want EUSSR Referendum

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Public opinion is never a commodity to be juggled nor manipulated at any time with a guarantee of impunity, especially so during an election year – unless you happen to be the President of the People’s Marxist Utopia of China or the dictator of some equally fascist state’s regime – such as Russia, the Ukraine, North Korea or Singapore.

However, in the UK, prime ministers past and present have disingenuously sworn a solemn oath on a stack of Bibles that they’d sanction a referendum on continued EUSSR membership if they were ever voted into office – as instanced by the international war criminal Tony Bliar – the bloke who kept telling us “I’m a pretty straight kinda guy” – echoing the words of Stalin, Hitler and Pol Pot.
Then the same again from Posh Dave Scameron – who copied Bliar’s example and, true to form, also broke his word and reneged on promises past when confronted with the reality of holding the afore-mentioned plebiscite.

Now we have Scameron’s notoriously hypocritical Big Society being forced onto us, accompanied by agonising repetitions of his Goebbels-like ‘We’re all in this together’ propaganda mantra when it should read ‘You’re all up shitcreek together’ – now the UK is being run on a permanent war economy basis – which benefits the common man naught.

Ah well, while there is no such thing as ‘conventional political wisdom’ there does exist, and is all too frequently displayed, ‘conventional political stupidity’. But that’s politicians the world over – only one step up – and a very small step at that – from a child molesting paedo’. How do you know when a politician’s lying? Their lips moved.

Thank Heaven for small blessings some might say, that at least Parliament never dared to force their hand on renouncing the sovereign ‘Pound’ – our iconic ‘quid’ -or else we might well be as deep in the shit as the rest of the 27 member economic joke community who did adopt the worthless single currency piece of crap and are unfortunately now part of the ‘Eurozone’. Although for some imponderable cryptic reason we still have to contribute zillions to bailing out bankrupt failures like Greece due our ‘association’ with the shifty Shylock-owned IMF.

And do we now, upon reflection of the recent economic fubar, ever want to opt for adopting the Euro? Not fucking likely when Eire’s just had her credit rating and mega-bucks debt reassessed as ‘junk’ – and Greece is fucked with a large capital F, and Spain and Portugal are going the same way – with Italy now joining the insolvency pack as the IMF scheme to get a grip on their 2,400 tons of gold reserves.

Whereas ‘sensible shoes’ Iceland, alike our sacred isle of Albion, is not a part of continental Europe, and recently took one look at the chain reaction economic chaos percolating into a critical mass state, ready for a mega-nuclear meltdown, then told Brussels to stick EUSSR membership up their proverbial jacksy.

So, what we want is ‘that promised’ - and then repeatedly denied – a one-off EUSSR membership referendum – or even a show of hands in Trafalgar Square – or to be more democratic – around Hyde Park Corner. And not a repeat of the Eire fiasco either – where each time the majority voted NO they had to hold another, until every fucker and their dog got fed up and eventually voted YES.

Fact: we’re not a part of Europe – never have been, never will be. We are, and always have been, an insular – and once green and pleasant sceptred isle – free of foreign domination – especially so an inward-facing fascist protection racket like the EUSSR that’s blighted by the Curse of the 4 C’s: Cronyism, Collusion, Corruption, and Complacency.

The best friend the UK ever had was that beaky old twat De Gaulle, who while hiding over here when the nasty Nazis invaded la belle Francais, was such an Anglophobe that he blocked our membership of the Common Market – until that traitorous Tory scumbag Ted ‘Piranha Teeth’ Heath signed up for membership and the other Quisling John Major sealed the Satanic pact at Maastricht – along with his mate Sir John (I’ll be under the table) Kerr.

With the current economic meltdown across Europe, we’d best to get out now and break the deadly stranglehold the EUSSR has on the UK before the burgeoning totalitarian monster goes tits up, consumes itself and Britain with it – especially when viewing the graft and corruption-ridden kleptocracy that the Brussels and Strasbourg centres of administration have now morphed into – bleeding the life blood of the member nations to the detriment of the many and the benefit of the few. It’s a bigger criminal organisation than the Mafia now become.

Brussels tyranny has manifested the destruction of national immigration borders and cultural identity - wherein all of Europe’s 27 nations integrate freely – with the UK infested with swan roasting Albanian pikeys who claim welfare benefits and then work under the radar selling pirate DVDs and running paedo prostitution rings – and so many Polacks posing as qualified plumbers – or down the Jobcentre grabbing anything going - which has created an impasse where unemployed hapless Brit’s can’t get a job in their own country.
Fer fuck’s sake, not only do these people speak no English but they’ve even got a different alphabet – totally devoid of vowels and full of top-scoring Scrabble consonants.

Let’s not forget the actual purpose of the EUSSR. It’s just one step towards consolidating the New World Order system of global government run from the top by the Ashkenazi-Sabbatean Jews of convenience banksters - and according to the dictates of their notorious Protocols of the Greedy Bastard Elders of Zion – a purported Tsarist Russian black propaganda forgery that has the likes of Nostradamus beat hands down any day of the week due the accuracy of it’s counterfeit prophecies – all of which are coming true.

Okay, we are inclined to ask, if Britain’s ‘Got Talent’ they why are we burdened with a bunch of moronic clots in the House of Conmans and Shitehall who are definitely not out to serve the best interests of the voting, and tax-paying, public – as instanced by New Labour’s kilted clot of a Chancellor, the intellectually-challenged Gordon ‘Incompetence’ Brown - flogging off 400 tons of our reserves of gold bullion for a firesale bargain of US$ 270 bucks per troy ounce when the current 2011 price stands at a record $1,593 less than ten years later. Now, given the facility of 20/20 hindsight, who needs a good kick in the arse?

The Brussels-based crime syndicate are intent on sacrificing Britain and our national identity to global interests – starting with the Bedlam-run EUSSR – a wholly corrupt political institution which has adopted a revised Malthusian Catastrophe concept of how to keep milking the cow without feeding it and created a 27 member Debtocracy.

Thought for the day: The entire Euro crisis be fucked. The strategy is to terminate with extreme prejudice the social middle classes via this Shylock bankster-engineered recession (read ‘Depression’ with a large capital D) which is intended to provide the rationale to enforce redundancies, foreclose mortgages, slash public wages, freeze pensions, increase the retirement age and cut state subsidies.

Alas the dog wanker Illuminati kikesters plotting and scheming via the CFR and Club of Rome and Trilateral Commission and Bilderberg, etcetera, et al, need to reflect on history and why a middle class was created – as a buffer zone between the have-nots and the ‘have’s’ – as instanced so well by the sanguinary extinctions of the ruling Bourbon clan of France in 1789 and Russia’s Romanov tribe in 1917 – in what are commonly referred to as ‘bloody revolutions’.

So, if Scameron and his fuck-up of a Libservative Coalition government won’t now concede to holding the referendum that was promised then next election we vote for the semi-indestructible Nigel Barrage and his UKIP Party – he’ll have us out of Brussels and back to sovereign status faster than shit through a goose.

Oh, and by the way, fuck the EUSSR and Big Brother – and his sister – and the panopticon state New World Order.

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