Friday, 29 July 2011

Notorious Scots Paedo Scumbag Croaks

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Sir Angus McScrote, the former Scottish Sheriff who adopted a kinky custom of attending the Grampian courts dressed in an Axminster tartan kilt and fondling his sporran while presiding over cases, was pronounced DOA by medical staff yesterday on arrival at Scaberdeen General Hospital.

According to a report in this morning’s Highlands Shitraker, the 69-year old McScrote apparently suffered some type of seizure and collapsed while personally conducting a ‘risk assessment’ inspection of the female toilet facilities at the Ferryhill Centre for Special Needs Children during playtime, with teachers being alerted to a crisis situation by the gleeful howls of a bunch of girls who were stood around McScrote’s prostrate body and repeatedly kicking him, while shouting “Boot the effin’ paedo’s ribs in!”

McScrote, a ranking Freemason who became notorious in the alternative press for his involvement with the systematic sexual abuse of minors and disabled children in Scotland’s crime and kiddie fiddling capital of Scaberdeen, was under investigation for his part in the far-reaching Hollie Greig rape scandal that has now pervaded the halls of Holyrood’s Parliament due a culture of conspiratorial denial by venal government officials out to cover each other’s privileged arses.

Holyrood’s refusal to sanction a full and independent investigation into the criminal charges filed against the Scaberdeen establishment - wherein all areas of officialdom - justice, police, legal, education, health and social care services - are infested with drug-dealing crooks and paedophiles simply serves to illuminate the disgraceful fact that Scotland’s government has become so institutionalised with graft and corruption, to the extent it is now incapable of functioning without them.

Hence the Scottish establishment - and a legal system rife with liars and fudging perverts that includes private practice solicitors - is now regarded as being in denial of their own sins in not only ignoring these reported abuses but further covering them up and silencing any and all moral crusaders who would dare have the audacity to see these crimes exposed and justice done via their long overdue prosecution.

The sexual abuse case involving Hollie Greig, a special needs person afflicted with Downs Syndrome, who was systematically raped since childhood by the Ferryhill kiddie fiddlers cabal – which included her own father and step-brother – further involves the murder of her uncle who set out to expose this abuse and the Scaberdeen establishment worthies involved - has now been tagged by the international media as “Scotland’s Shame”.

Thus the lack of effort on the part of Holyrood’s Lord Advocate and Justice Secretary to duly investigate the identified and named pederast members of the Grampian Gropers Club simply serves to demonstrate that Alex Salmond’s Scottish government have long ago pawned their moral franchise and any semblance of credibility they ever possessed.

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Anonymous said...

Levy & McRae

Solicitors and Notaries Public



With reference to the ‘Notorious Scots Paedo Scumbag Croaks’ news article posted on this weblog on the 30th July 2011, bearing a marked underlying theme connecting to what you term the ‘Hollie Greig’ case.

The article, composed as a satire or otherwise, regardless bears the essence of malicious libel inasmuch it makes specific reference to a certain Aberdeen courts of justice official and Ferryhill area resident who has personally been improperly accused of criminal wrongdoing in this matter.

We thus direct you to remove the articles from this weblog forthwith and to further cease and desist from disseminating this libellous information elsewhere.

Failure to immediately comply with this directive will result in punitive and costly legal action being taken against the author responsible for this weblog.

Peter Watson

Solicitor Advocate

Rusty of said...

In reply to your demand I quote you my 'Fair Comment in the Public Defence' statement carried at the foot of each blog.
Further, regarding the intimidating threats to remove said article, I quote you Arkell vs Pressdram 1971: specifically "Fuck off!"

Rusty’s Skewed News Views (Purveyors of Bespoke Satire) - enhanced with a modest touch of Yeast Logic and a piquant dash of Political Incorrectness: a newsheet and media source not owned by Rupert Murdoch and the Masonic Zionist kikester lobby – and immune from litigation under the statutes of the ‘Fair Comment in the Public Interest’ defence.

Anonymous said...

Tell that Peodophile Peter Watson to go and screw that Paedophile Junkie Purcell. and I hope he gets a dose of AIDS.

wiggins said...

They don't like it 'up 'em'.....not without lube anyway.

Bazzer said...

Nice one Rusty, love the 'Scaberdeen' word play.
But we all know that the pseudonym 'Sir Angus McScrote' is actually the named and shamed kiddie fiddling perv Aberdeen Sheriff Graeme Buchanan of Ferryhill who tadgered wee Hollie and her school chums.
May the whole gang of them burn in Hell for all eternity.
Keep up the good works,

Ally said...

Aberdeen police and the scum in Holyrood are a disgrace.
What's the difference between the Scottish justice system and a criminal organisation?

Teanna said...

There has bee and still is an on-going sinister “cover up” by the authorities, including the Crown Office, Grampian Police and the Scottish Government - with the new Lord Advocate Frank Mulholland declaring that he's examined the Hollie Geig sexual abuse case files and finds no evidence to substantiate a fresh inquiry.
All true and honest Scots should hang their heads in shame at the scandalous cover-up by their judiciary and government - for the sake of children still exposed to abuse by this cabal of pederast perverts.
See the linked newspaper article below

Like your reply to Levy McRae, Rusty. What balls, that is just brill'.



Bert said...

Oh yes, it's a disgusting omerta by the Scottish Masonic Lodges. What a bunch of paedophile scum they really are from all aspects of the establishment - with that crooked bunch from Simpson & Marwick (Solicitors) filing the case against Rob Green to protect super-slime Graeme Buchanan.

Like the Arkell vs Pressdram quote Rusty - superb.


Gillie said...

Edinburgh and Glassie are the crime capitals but Aberdeen is right up there with them - for drugs and child prostitution - catering to the perverted tastes of all manner of nonces, most of which are establishment figures.

Like the concept - well composed piece of satire - hilarious too.


McGann the Warlock said...

Nice work Rusty. Keep it up.
Simpson & Marwick are as thick as thieves, literally, with the Aberdeen mafia, and that's why they're representing that dirty pedo Buchanan to stop Rob Green's crusade.

Anonymous said...

Aberdeen is just a cesspool of dirty paedophile scum. Grampian Police has numerous child pervert in its ranks, they have had three crooked Chief Constables, Oliver was found in the woods with a high class HOOKER, Brown was actively involved in criminality, and Kerracher is a paedophile protector, and a Masonic Lodge Scumbag, who hangs out with that Paedophile Sheriff Buchanan. You will have seen recently that 5 Sheriffs are retiring from Aberdeen Sheriff Court, these are 5
corrupt and crooked Sheriffs, who have actively been involved in the perverting the course of justice. Then you have that den of SCUM in Aberdeen the Procurator Fiscals Office, they are actively protecting criminals, paedophiles, drug dealers and corrupt paedophile Police Officers who are involved in organised crime, including drug dealing and perverting the course of justice, they are also involved in illegal phone hacking, bugging properties, intercepting mail all without Court Orders. Then you have the Crown Office, it is just a cesspool of sewage, along with that crook Kenny MacAskill, and Scotland's top crook and paedophile protector Alex Salmond, he is also covering massive criminality in Scotland, the evidence has been given to him, but he will do nothing about it, but is in regular contact with the fraudsters, who are contributing to the SNP Coffers. The SNP Coffers is being filled with criminals cash, but the SNP are not interested in where the money comes from, as long as it gets into the SNP Bank Accounts.

Anonymous said...

Watson is storing up a lot of bad blood

contrick said...

Two things;

First, and most importantly, I am in correspondence with all of my Parliamentary reps re bringing a Public inquiry about this - I suggest it would be a positive thing for others to do the same. We can achieve the kind of critical mass necessary to bring this about because there are more decent,compassionate, honourable, non-mason Scots, than there are of these paedphile, scum who spend their time Goat shaggin' and destroying the lives of disabled and defenceless children.

Secondly, the Nats want Independence and if the profile of this issue is raised enough to concern them in their campaign for Independence, they will simply HAVE to address the issue. This is a golden opportunity to get justice for Holly AND to stick it right up 'em in Paedoville-on-Sea.