Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Illegal Settlements Will Ignite Third Intafada

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General Avi Mizrahi, the head of the IDF’s Israeli Central Command, has warned that unchecked ZioNazi kikester terror acts against Palestinians in the criminally occupied West Bank by illegal settlers threatens to plunge the entire region into another bloody conflict by kick starting a Third Intafada.

During an unusually outspoken interview with the Hudaibiya Gazette, Major General Mizrahi, a former hamantaschen baker with Moshe’s Matzo chew n spew outlet in Galilee, took aim at extremist Israeli settlers and claimed the settlement of Shitzhar, one of the most radical of the ‘halacha’-orientated Chabad Jewish strongholds in the occupied West Bank, should be shut down, immediately if not sooner, calling it a source of terror against Palestinians.

The general's comments doubtless put him at odds with the Knesset’s pro-settler government, headed by the goyim-hating PM Bobo Nuttyahoo, which has simply ignored UN and international human rights and wrongs activist’s efforts to curb settlement expansion in a bid to revive the illusionary peace talks.

Further, to add insult to injury, the ultra-fascist / raving racist Israeli foreign minister, Avigdor ‘Meshuggenah’ Lieberscumm, a die-hard Jabotinskyist, personally lives in a West Bank settlement – (from which the rightful and historic Palestinian owners were driven out by force of arms) – and is perfectly cognisant of the fact all such usurped settlements, since the 1948 Yawm an-Nakbah, are regarded as illegal under international law and declared so by various United Nations resolutions – which the Israeli criminals running the Knesset, with their typical chutzpah and obnoxious arrogance, continue to choose to ignore.

General Mizrahi, interviewed by Sid Shylock, the presenter of the Shovrim Shtika Channel’s ‘Pound of Flesh’ exposé programme, blamed the courts for failing to rein in the most radical of the 500,000 illegal settlers who are living beyond the Green Line in East Jerusalem and the West Bank.
“They employ a disingenuous blend of chutzpah and hasbara to silence their critics and use the words of the Pentateuch to justify the usurping and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian population – then laugh at these people’s plight with their customary schadenfreude – this sick and perverted rejoicing of another’s misfortune.

Human rights groups suggest that the more radical settlers, all of whom oppose a two-state solution on the premise that the whole of Palestine was bequeathed to them, the ‘Chosen People’ no less, by some mythical religious deity known as Yahweh – (the bizarre sense of humour guy who mandated the kikesters make their cocks shorter by snipping the ends off) - are not only lobbying abroad but also agitating inside Israel against any and all Palestinian moves to seek ‘sovereign statehood’ recognition before the United Nations assembly this coming September.

The army has anxiously watched an upsurge in unregulated violence by hardline settlers, who in recent months have set fire to a West Bank mosque and barbequed the Mullah, burned and bulldozed Palestinian olive groves, poisoned wells and vandalised property – plus murdered countless Palestinian families - which General Mizhari classes as “terrorism against the Palestinians which is likely to ignite the territories and needs to be dealt with by a return to the UN- Resolution 242 mandated ‘Green Line’ 1967 borders before the laws of Karma apply and it all comes back on us in a nightmare nuclear fireball."

Thought for the day: Fuck the illegal and outlaw state of Israel and their Protocols of the Greedy Bastard Elders of Zion.

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