Sunday, 3 July 2011

Arrogant Frogs Breach UN Resolutions

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So typical of France’s unqualified arrogance, and in a display of brazen hubris that almost (but not quite) surpasses Israel’s blatant disregard for human rights and International Law, the ‘Mini Me’ dwarf Frog President, Nicky Sarkozy, has criminally breached the provisions of the conspiratorially-concocted UN Security Council Resolutions 1970 and 1973 – limiting actions against the established and legitimate government of Libya to creating a ’No-Fly’ zone by spraying the country with Raid and Baygon insect killer – under the guise of ‘humanitarian intervention’ to protect the civilian population (which they’re now bombing with their not-so-smart bombs – along with strafing rebel convoys with Shitehawk missiles just for good measure).

After being caught red-handed, France has been forced to admit to supplying arms to the rebel mobs operating out of eastern Libya, while their NATO ally Broken Britain has decided not to follow suit just in case they too get branded with the War Crimes ‘Mark of Cain’ stigma for deliberately violating the UN Security Council mandate.

Conversely the supercilious French ambassador to the United Nations, Gerard Le Twatte, a former Marseille pimp and total ‘gorf’ (backward ‘frog’), informed one gutter press hack from the Warmongers Gazette that his country’s air drop delivery of arms to the mountainous Nafusa province to re-equip the rebels in control of the festering shitpit city of Benghazi was not in breach of the Security Council resolution that established an arms embargo to Libya.
“We decided to provide self-defence weapons to the civilian populations via the ‘humanitarian intervention’ clause as we considered these non-combatant types were under threat with having no guns of their own.”

French General Staff Colonel Thierry Fuckwitt, told the Black Propaganda Review that the shipments were essentially support ordnance such as load n lock chastity belts to help female civilians protect themselves against the Gaddafi regime’s randy rapist troops from the 21st Viagra Rifle Brigade.

Meanwhile, African leaders are concerned by French arms deliveries to Libyan rebels, fearing weapons could end up in the hands of the Al Qaeda terrorists imported by the United States government and Israel to support the useless Transitional National Council – a proliferation they fear could well be turned against moderate African Islamic state governments – and also smuggled to Jolly Jihad Islamic terror cells in Europe.
Mr Wormhole Jaffacake, the Foreign Secretary of the Republic of Mali told media hacks “Dis am all gonna go tits up in a big way. Jest you blokes wait until dem black pepper an’ bleach bombs start going Ka-fuckin’ Boom!’ under all dem Metrolink trams an’ tube trains around Europe when the Big Al Qaeda Gang decide it’s time for some of dat old time payback.”

However, Libya’s illiterate opposition leader, Liwat ibn Zamel, told a reporter from the Neo-Colonial Weekly that the rebels need more heavy weapons, such as battle tanks, Apache gunships – and tactical nuclear devices - plus lots and lots of ready cash funding and not the crap that Broken Britain was offering.
France has, in its infinite stupidity and via fractured logic, announced that foreign deliveries of military hardware would provide the rebels with the upper hand and a chance to decide this battle quickly – and spill as little blood as possible.

Apparently the closet case British Foreign Secretary Willy Vague had announced that the UK was offering “as many body bags as you need” – along with 5,000 sets of Pound Stretcher body armour and 6,650 Toys-R-Us ‘Action Man’ uniforms – plus 1,000 Milo cocoa can and string field communication sets (tried and tested in the Great War trenches) – and a further HSE-approved 5,000 high-visibility vests and hard hats – ideal for Gaddafi’s snipers to target rebel scallies.

Thought for the day: Fuck NATO and the crooked UN, and the US Bio-Tech / Military-Industrial cabal’s Project for a New American Century - and their ZioNazi’s New World Order - and the Rothshite-scribed Protocols of the Greedy Bastard Elders of Zion.

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