Monday, 30 May 2011

ZioNazis Slam EU Support for Palestinians

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Popular support for the ‘Semitic’ Palestinian peoples by the majority of the 27-nation EUSSR community is a blatant racist display of ‘anti-Semitism’ against the shifty Shylocks dominating Israel (formerly the sovereign state of Palestine) and the occupied West Bank - where Knesset-sanctioned squatters are evicting the rightful historic owners with backing from the IDF’s brutal Hafganat Koah Brigade, and throwing up jerry-build illegal settlements like termite colonies.
So goes the gospel according to that notorious Khazar Jew of convenience - Israeli Propaganda Minister, Yetzer Hara - a meshuggenah who is personally devoid of any trace of Semite DNA in his mongrel Ashkenazi genes.

Applying lashings of customary kikester ‘hasbara’ to justifying their ‘lebensraum’ cause during an interview with a press hack from the Holohoax Gazette in Brussels last week – at a politically-motivated ‘whinge and kvelling’ event to mark the 63rd anniversary of the Yawm an-Nakbah (the creation of the illegal state of Israel through the theft of the Palestinian’s lands) – the minister claimed there is a bigoted tendency in Europe to blame the failure of the flawed Mid-East peace process on rogue Zionists and the die-hard Jabotinskyist running the Knesset - and that EUSSR support for Palestine's long-overdue proposal to seek full UN membership is linked to an institutional brand of rabid anti-Semitism.

Minister Yetzer Hara continued "It's very easy to put all the blame in the world on God’s Chosen People and our belief in manifest destiny and a Greater Israel – for as Josch Fischer, a former German foreign minister, once said in reference to Israel – “We cannot ignore the fact there is an arcane European tradition of 2,000 years in blaming the Jews for murdering Jesus Christ and being notorious as a bunch of grasping, no-good usurious money-lenders who devised the corrupt practices of capitalism, fractional reserve banking and financial derivatives speculation to serve their own ends – to the detriment of the goyim.”

“But you Gentile scum should remember it was the Roman Prefect, Pontius Pilate who had Christ crucified, not the Jews – and it’s only black propaganda put out by the evil Vatican and the Tsarist Okhrana and Nazi German ideologists who blamed the Sanhedrin for forcing Pilate’s hand – and branded the Rothshite bankster family of being responsible for compiling the Protocols of the Greedy Bastard Elders of Zion.”

The minister’s outburst of brazen hubris comes after the moderate Palestinian Fatah movement - ‘which controls the Israeli-occupied ever-diminishing West Bank’ - (excuse oxymoronic terminology) - has created a new unity government with the militant Hamas group, that governs the Gaza Strip – an enclave still besieged behind Israel’s racist Great Apartheid Wall and constitutes the biggest concentration camp on the planet - making Auschwitz look like a Butlin’s holiday camp.

Recognition of the Palestinian’s right to national autonomy on at least part of the lands stolen from them by the avaricious usurping ZioNazi terrorist brigades – the Stern Gang, Irgun and the Haganah - during the 1948 Yawm an Nakbah, is total anathema to Prime Minister Bobo Nuttyahoo and the Knesset’s ranks of separatist Ubermensch – especially so with the ruling political factions of the West Bank and Gaza Strip finally bonded as one and declaring before the UN that Jerusalem is their national capital.

Several EUSSR community nations are adamant in their stance to block any and all planned ‘upgrades’ in diplomatic contacts or trade with Israel due the war crimes and human rights and wrongs offences visited on the Palestinians - with the EUSSR’s foreign affairs chief Baroness Catherine Ashton this week informing a reporter from the Pound of Flesh Gazette that she has personally refused to bow down to AIPAC and US State Department demands in condemning the ground-breaking Fatah-Hamas political unity pact or the re-opening of the Rafah border crossing between Gaza and Egypt.

“I spit on Israel’s flagrant insolence and this cloak of audacious righteousness they assume – this posturing display of unqualified arrogance that possesses them - while showering their neighbours with lashings of ‘schadenfreude’ and declaring themselves to be a Western nation with advanced democratic standards - in contrast to their barbaric Arab neighbours. What pomposity and rot to declare themselves the eternal victims when they possess the only nuclear arsenal in the region and threaten to use it against any and all aggressors.”

Thought for the day: Fuck the Israeli war mongers and the US-based AIPAC lobby and the Rothshite crime syndicate - and their New World Order.

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