Friday, 6 May 2011

Kikesters Slam Fatah-Hamas Accord

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The Israeli Knesset’s ruling kikester Jews of convenience are shitting kittens that the four year political rift between the occupied West Bank’s Palestinian Fatah Party and the besieged Gaza Strip’s democratically-elected Hamas Party has been healed – which will then present a united Palestinian political movement and not the schismatic chaos which so suited Israel’s nefariously Faginesque purposes of ‘divide and conquer’.

In customary fashion whenever they can’t get their own way, the psychopathic Israeli Slime Minister Bobo Nuttyahoo spit the proverbial dummy yet again and resorted to lashings of reverse psychology, condemning the new unity pact between the leading Palestinian factions and disingenuously referring to it with typical Shylock ‘hasbara’ as a tremendous blow to ever achieving peace between the land-grabbing Israelis and the usurped Palestinians.

Nuttyahoo, the founding member of Tel Aviv’s prestigious ‘Meshuggenah Club’ voiced his ‘Kus Ima Shelcha’ party’s disapprobation to one gutter press hack from the red top Warmongers Gazette after the reconciliation deal was signed on May 4th in Egypt, during a Jirga between the Palestinian Fatah movement, which backs negotiating a peace agreement with Israel, and the Iranian-backed militant Islamist Hamas movement, which denies the outlaw state of Israel’s right to exist as a sovereign country established on lands stolen – with the permission of pro-Zionists supporters in the British government - from the Palestinian people in the Yawn an-Nakbah (The Day of Catastrophe - the 1948 ZioNazi terrorist campaign to drive the Palestinian people out of Palestine) – just on the legally-questionable strength of a personal opinion stated in a memo from Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour to Baron Wally Rothshite (patriarch of the Rothshite crime syndicate family) in 1917.

Speaking on a visit to London this week, Nuttyahoo, resorted to the usual kikester ‘victims’ defence, accompanied by nauseating layers of chutzpah and hasbara - referring to the agreement as a ‘tremendous blow to peace and a great victory for terrorism’.
“We did that fat git Mahmud Abbas a big favour back in 2004 when Mossad poisoned Yessir Marrowfat with thallium and he got to be the leader of Fatah – now he stabs us in the back by making this truce with Hamas. There’s Palestinian gratitude for you.”

During a meeting with British Slime Minister Posh Dave Scameron - (the Tory leader and a career Conservative Party ‘Friends of Israel Club’ sycophant) - Bobo Nuttyahoo cited the pro-democratic movements that are currently being violently suppressed in Middle Eastern states alike Bahrain as a great struggle that is now manifesting across the entire swathe of the region.

"The world is witnessing an enormous convulsion in the Middle East and across North Africa, and there is a great struggle now under way now between the forces of democracy and moderation, and the forces of tyranny and terror – and the Hamas terrorists, backed by Hezbollah and Tehran are out to destroy Israel and subject Yahweh’s Chosen People to yet another Holohoax – this is why we must attack Gaza again and kill them first.”

Israel's lap dog ally, the United States, has called on Fatah to implement their reconciliation accord in a way that advances the prospects for peace with Israel – by shunning any deal that involves Hamas.
Further, in accordance with strict instructions from AIPAC, Barky O’Barmy’s kikester-infested administration has officially listed Hamas as a terrorist organization – as per the institutionally-corrupt EUSSR regime in Brussels.

Conversely, from the opposing viewpoint in Cairo, Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas and Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal shook hands on the formal accord designed to end a four-year rift between their two political parties that has served only to favour Israel while creating an actual schism between the populations of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

Hmmm, just what the Knesset’s Jews of convenience don’t need - enemies united in a common cause. If it wasn’t for bad luck then Israel wouldn’t have any.

Basically that issue manifests its ugly head regarding the fact the Jews have earned themselves a bad name since the dawn of time – not only for being a bunch of usurious money-grasping ‘nesheker’ scumbags and murdering Jesus Christ – but due the psychopathic and genocidal actions of the ultra-Zionist kikesters running Israel – the Ashkenazi Jews of convenience – building a 30 foot high Naziesque Great Apartheid Wall around Gaza and besieging the enclave’s marginalised population in the biggest concentration camp on the planet – then culling the Palestinian youth as reluctant donors for their black market transplant organ trade.

The world’s sick and tired of Israel’s ‘Jabotinskyism’ and ‘Dahiya Doctrine’ strategy - and blatant aggression and barbarity towards it’s neighbours – everyone in fact. From it’s utter disregard for international law to their incessant false flag op’s against every fucker and their dog to stir up Islamophobia so they can forward their Jew World Order agenda – this venal Protocols of the Greedy Bastard Elders of Zion plot - against the Gentiles – those they disparagingly term as ‘goyim’ – their mandated slaves.

Israel – an illegal rogue state, eternally blighted by the stigmatic ‘mark of Cain’, that stole Palestine from its rightful population, was founded on violence and the blood of others – and is still maintained that way 63 years later. A rabid militarist nation now become - thriving on its illusory victim status and unhealthy doses of paranoia – and massive injections of US taxpayer’s money and American weapons.

Thought for the day: The ZioNazi pondscum regime infesting the Knesset are not the good Jews that follow the Torah - they are the bad Jews of convenience that follow the Talmud and Kabbala - and are Pharisees – the worshippers of Satan.

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