Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Getting Rid of the Gaddafis – One at a Time

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The UK’s Libservative Coalition leader Posh Dave Scameron, in total disregard for the statutes of international law covering human rights and wrongs, or the Geneva Conventions governing acts of warfare and the summary or arbitrary executions or assassination of a head of state - or any other fucker and their dog who is covered by Habeas Corpus - has publicly applauded the illegal killing of Osama bin Laden – and walked round wearing a Cheshire cat smirk over the Bank Holiday weekend near miss bombing of the eccentric Gaddafi senior.

Joined in praise of the recent NATO blood-splattered aggressive tactics by the moronic Kenyan cuckoo currently squatting in the White House, Scameron hailed the purported Al Qaeda leader’s death as a great success and a credit to the return to gunboat diplomacy – and agreed with Barky O’Barmy that the world was a safer place without Bin Laden - (though perhaps it would be safer without Tony Bliar Mk 2 'Scameron' and Dubya Bush Mk 2 'O’Barmy').

Scameron then stooped to make a tasteless and sarcastic mention of the overthrow of the Gaddafi regime on a one-by-one basis with the death of Saif al-Arab Gaddafi – by killing off his sons and daughters and grand-children via the medium of ‘selective targeting’ (read ‘random’) bomb and missile air strike attacks until there’s only the old man left – then snuff him too.

To round off the Mad March Hare season and the April Fools month with a good old shit-kicking Bang!, the NATO cabal began fielding armed Predator drones to target anything that looked like a tent in a hit and miss campaign to try and cop the al fresco lifestyle loving Gaddafi – little realising that the canny Colonel has now taken to doing business and sleeping in fortified underground bunkers.

Further to this numpty strategy, NATO air strikes began to target C31 command, control, communications and intelligence networks – with the just-demolished Bab al-Aziziya compound housing all the above networks. Hence it was erroneously presumed that their disruption would disorient regime soldiers on the front line, cut off field commanders from Tripoli, and sow confusion in the ranks – and most important of all perhaps take out the bonkers Colonel himself – which thus classifies the action as an actual assassination attempt.

As NATO and their UN bosses should be aware, assassination of a head of state is illegal under international law – but stands as a constantly snubbed socio-political nicety that never seems to bother such rogue states as the US and Israel when it comes to knocking off targeted opponents to their PNAC / New World Order hegemony.
On the other hand, the targeted killing of those woven into the enemy chain of command is shrouded in legal – and too Biblical ambiguities – such as the Ten Commandments’ “Thou Shalt Not”

Whatever the tactical reasoning behind the Bab al-Aziziya compound air strike, such indicates neither legitimacy nor prudence – for the death of Saif al-Arab Gaddafi and three Gaddafi grand-children has produced sweet Fanny Adams in the way of military gains but at the greatest diplomatic and symbolic cost to NATO as the propaganda value of such unintended deaths is potentially severe and carries a far-reaching rate of exchange.

More consequentially, the air strike and its lack of credible strategic results is likely to piss off the NATO alliance's warier members and inflame Arab and African public opinion – not to mention stirring the smouldering embers of a Pan-Islamic Jihad against the Great Satan back to a blazing inferno.

Well, if it wasn’t for bad luck then the NATO war-mongers expediting this fiasco - (under the pathetic remit of ‘protecting civilians and the right to exercise their democratic right to protest for socio-political reforms’) – wouldn’t have any.

Saif al-Arab was, unlike his brothers, neither a senior military commander or propagandist but drove a Mr Whippy ice cream van – hence his death is redolent of the 1986 US strike on the same compound by the ZioNazi US and Israeli forces – a raid killed Muammar Gaddafi’s infant daughter and, in the scarred buildings and craters, furnished him with a long-lasting symbol of defiance against Western aggression to gain military hegemony in the North African state and crush the extensive Sino commercial and industrial investments.

In a Monty Pythonesque aside to the aforesaid air assault, the Libyan ambassador to London has been expelled following attacks on British embassy in Tripoli - when foreign missions aligned to the NATO aggressions who maintain embassies and consuls in the capital were targeted by irate crowds driven to violent response following reports that the NATO air strike had killed Colonel Gaddafi’s son and three grand-daughters.

Willy Vague, the inept closet case British Foreign Secretary denounced the Tripoli regime for failing in its duty to protect the embassy as mandated by the Vienna Convention - and that Libyan Ambassador Omar Jelban had been given 24 hours to fold his tent, pack his bags and piss off back from whence he came – a severe blow as his personal slice of Royal Wedding cake has yet to be delivered to the Ennismore Gardens embassy.

In defence of the failure to protect the embassy, Jelban informed one reporter from the Warmongers Gazette that “How the fuck are we supposed to protect their poxy embassy building from an irate mob of Jolly Jihadists bent on mischief when every time one of our armoured cars or troop carriers ventures out onto the streets of Tripoli it gets blasted to shit by NATO aircraft or Predator drones?”

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Oh, and by the way, fuck NATO and the US ZioNazi hegemony and their New World Order.

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