Saturday, 28 May 2011

Obama Vetoes McKinnon Appeal

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The hopes of celebrity Scots computer systems hacker, Gary ‘Solo’ McKinnon, to avoid extradition to the good ole US of A suffered a severe kick in the teeth yesterday when the pretender President, Barky Hussein O’Barmy, issued a big no-no against the petition to allow him to be tried in Britain.

McKinnon’s plight began in 2001 / 2002 when he hacked through Nasa’s and the CIA’s piss poor cyber security systems from the bedroom of his North London flat, searching the real X-Files for evidence of 9/11 being a US-Israeli false flag attack - and UFO’s / little green men - and Kenyan birth certificates.

Campaigners were hoping that O’Barmy would be inspired to dole out a spot of compassion during his state visit and halt the vindictive legal proceedings being ram-rodded through by his own rug-munching Secretary of State, Hilarious Rodent Clinton (wife of Dodger Bill, the Arkansas Amateur Rapist) and Justice Department due the Asperger Syndrome sufferer’s precarious mental state.

The threat of extradition has now rendered McKinnon clinically paranoid and suicidal at the prospect of being tried for his ‘crime’ (sic) in the US – where it has been publicly decreed he'll be indicted in Virginia – a state which imposes the death penalty for heinous offences such as Gary’s – exposing the calamitous condition of the US government and military’s piss-poor cyber-security systems – and the fact their intelligence agencies are a bunch of amateurs posing as professionals.

PM Posh Dave Scameron raised McKinnon’s case in face-to-face talks with President O’Barmy this week. However, the contemptuous Kenyan cuckoo – despite previously stating for the public record, in the typical duplicitous fashion for which he has become notorious, that he wished to find an appropriate solution to end the computer hacker’s ordeal – effectively endorsed the extradition process – informing the media “We have confidence in the British legal system coming to a just conclusion and so will await resolution and be respectful of that process.”

Hmmm, well, that’s more than the British public have (confidence or faith) in their own corrupt judicial system – (Tony Bliar stifling the Operation Ore investigations of paedophiles in his Labour government; the illegal invasion of Iraq inquiry whitewash; the Dr David Kelly assisted suicide non-inquest and cover-up; and the 7/7/05 false flag Muslim terrorist attack inquiry sham - to name but a few).

Conversely, Scameron could have so easily whispered in O’Barmy’s ear “This one’s non-negotiable Barky – I want McKinnon reprieved,” and it would have been so – and a hell of a boost to Posh Dave’s lack of credibility and current zero popularity with the British voting public. Alas, Scameron lacks the balls to do that and perhaps upset this special relationship we are purported to have with our ‘Colonial Cousins’ –doing precisely what they say and hang McKinnon out to dry for embarrassing them.

Though Barky is only expediting what he’s been trained (brainwashed) to do by his Zionist masters – alike Posh Dave – to get a well-deserved pat on the head and avoid a sharp kick in the butt: Good dog, Sit, Beg, Roll over, Play dead.

Shabby Jaffacake, director of Scumwatch, told gutter press hacks “If, as O’Barmy claims, the US Justice Department will be respectful of our legal process, then he should be happy for Gary to be dealt with here in the UK.”
‘If our Government seeks to honour the words of both Coalition partners – Scameron and Clogg - when in opposition, it will decide that Gary’s condition warrants halting this farcical extradition immediately, so that justice and compassion can be dispensed at home.”

Since McKinnon was originally charged with being a bloody nuisance before UK magistrates, the British courts have repeatedly refused to block his extradition for what in Britain amounts to a Community Service Order sentence, despite doctors testifying he will kill himself if bundled on to a plane to the United States of Israel.

Judges have unanimously agreed Gary poses a suicide risk but – under the controversial 2003 Extradition Act, which is grossly biased in favour of the U.S. – the fact a person is hell bent on self-harm and suicide if extradited to spend the rest of their days in one of Uncle Sam’s dehumanised ‘Fight Club’ sodomite paradises is considered insufficient reason to halt proceedings or cast the eye of empathy on the case.

Following the announcement by O’Barmy that he didn’t give a shit about Gary’s human rights or fate, and in an attempt to salvage some positive PR from the mess of pottage, Posh Dave Scameron informed one reporter from the Tergiversators Gazette that ‘The case is currently before our Home Secretary Theresa Maybe, who is still considering reports concerning Mr McKinnon’s health and well-being before making her decision of whether to save his life and deny the extradition order - or throw him to the dogs.”

Alas, the Home Secretary, to all intents and purposes perpetually indecisive, is dragging her feet on the case hoping it will go away of its own accord so she doesn’t end up committing political seppuku – either by denying the US extradition request – or bowing to the ZioNazi Yank’s demands and approving it, and having Gary attempt - or even worse – actually commit suicide.
The latter, approving the extradition order and Gary going into self-harm mode, will evoke such a howl of socio-political outrage that the ensuing hue and cry will emanate across the length and breadth of our once-sceptred isle, heralding the end of her career and perhaps the timely fall of Scameron’s pisspot government.

Lest our current Libservative Coalition government forget, 21 years ago the British public got off their complacent arses for once and staged nation-wide poll tax riots which forced Slaggie Twatcher’s government to back down and withdraw them.
The application of common sense and prudence aforethought designate the next move lies with Scameron and Clogg – to have a sharp word in Theresa Maybe’s ear to bin the extradition order, lest permitting such raises socio-political tensions to a critical mass and initiates a chain reaction, kick starting a long-overdue campaign of civil disobedience on a Biblical scale – the likes of which were previously manifested in France in 1789 and Russia in 1917.

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Anonymous said...

The cunt also said he would close down Gitmo...what an 'Uncle Sam?'

Tony said...

This is astonishing, as you have rightly pointed out these arseholes had no security in place at all with default passwords in place. Instead of McKinnon getting shafted the dumb fucking idiots in charge of security should be the ones getting fucked.

This whole issue and the way Gary has been treated really makes my blood boil.