Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Justice Lives! Tomlinson ‘Murdered’ Verdict

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After the Bank Holiday weekend fiasco where one of the founding principles of our Big Society – specifically Habeas Corpus - was tossed out of the legal statute’s window like a bag of dogshit with the ‘pre-crime’ doorstep arrest of Charlie Veitch, the soft-core anarchist leader of the Love Police political activist group, by the Plod Squad’s Thought Crime Unit for daring to think about making a fucking nuisance of himself at Prince William and Katie Middleclass’s wedding bash, and in an attempt to prove to the world that there might just be such a thing as ‘Justice’ still alive in the world, the inquest jury hearing evidence relating to the murder of news seller Ian Tomlinson yesterday retired for deliberation and unanimously returned a verdict that he had been unlawfully killed.

Due this damning verdict by twelve good men and true, evidence that emerged during the month-long hearing at the International Dispute Resolution Centre in Fleet Street, central London into the death of the newspaper seller Ian Tomlinson is to be reviewed by the Director of Public Prosecutions.
DPP Keir Ratstamper will decide if the homicidal sadist, one PC Simon Harwood, who delivered the snide and cowardly blow to the back of the legs of the 47-year-old innocent passer-by with a steel baton from behind, before shoving him violently to the pavement during London's G20 protests acted illegally and should be charged with manslaughter.

PC Harwood, in his pitiful ‘save me own neck’ defence, has reiterated that he did not intend, or foresee that his gratuitous and vindictive actions would cause Mr Tomlinson’s death and get him in so much shit - which will hopefully result in a trial on a minimum charge of manslaughter (although murder would be better) and cop for a ‘guilty’ verdict and a nice long custodial sentence in one of Her Majesty’s sodomite paradise prisons.

Harwood already faces a misconduct tribunal for being so stupid as to get himself caught on video while wearing a police uniform and exercising his fetish for bullying. However, as a result of the inquest verdict, the case is set to be reviewed by the Crown Prosecution Service and the Met Police.

Last year the Director of Public Prosecutions ruled out manslaughter charges, disingenuously claiming that it could not be proved beyond reasonable doubt that Mr Tomlinson's death was caused by PC Harwood pushing him to the ground – due the irreconcilable conflict between medical experts – which resulted from the primary botched post mortem examination diagnosis of the pisspot pathologist Dr Freddy Fuckwit, whose lack of professional credibility has since resulted in his suspension and subsequently being struck off the medical register – and further branded as a total dog wanker due falsifying his CV qualifications from Zambia’s University of Wogga-Wogga Land.

Good, perhaps this might serve as a lesson to all the UK’s dominant and intimidating thugs in uniform – the ruling elite’s ‘enforcers’. Hopefully the Plod Squad’s Renta-Thug riot unit sadists will henceforth think twice – or at least ‘think’ - before emptying a clip of 9mm parabellum ammo into the heads of Brazilian electricians who look a bit ‘Muslimish’ – or arbitrarily decide to mistake a G20 protester’s orange juice drink for a suicide bomb as an excuse to punch her in the face – or tip disabled activists out of their wheelchairs and drag them across the road by the scruff of the neck, as per the student tuition fees hike demo’s last December – or even give a harmless and innocent passer-by news vendor, on his way home, a snide crack across the back of the legs with an Asp telescopic steel baton then shove him violently to the ground for a bit of a laugh.

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