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Separation Walls Cleave Palestinian Unity

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In a pathetic attempt to justify the 63-year old blood feud predicament that arose when the pro-Zionist kikester terror cadres of the Irgun Tsvai Leumi, the Lehi / Stern Gang and the insidious Haganah stole Palestine (from the Palestinians) in the 1948 Yawn an-Nakbah (Day of Catastrophe) and drove them, by homicidal force of arms and barbarous displays of blood-letting, out of their historical homeland – Rabbi Fagin Rosenslime, director of the pro-ZioNazi AIPAC lobby in the good ole US of A - has launched a ‘Let’s Make Israel Look Good’ PR campaign.

Rosenslime desperately endeavours to achieve this fatally flawed objective and divert attentions from the blatant facts that since 1948 the scumbag Israelis have besieged the populations of the incrementally-diminished West Bank and the Gaza Strip enclaves behind their Great Apartheid Walls by seconding AIPAC’s tame anthropologists and socio-psychologists from the St Shylock University for Latter Day Kikesters to get in on the act in an effort to play down the global rise in anti-Israeli / Zionist sentiments.

Their solution is to ‘clinically diagnose’ this pathological ‘need’ for a racist ‘Separation Barrier’ as more a cultural necessity than paranoid requirement – due their much-vaunted but delusional Khazar-Ashkenazi ‘Ubermensch’ and higher IQ’s – and being the mythical Yahweh’s elite – His ‘Chosen People’ - (although ‘chosen’ for what nobody quite yet understands).

Conversely, critics from the Amnesty International and Ox-Rat human rights and wrongs watchdog charities, claim the walls are there for racist and religio-sectarian purposes – and to further allow the IDF to play shooting fish in a barrel when culling the true Semite Palestinian populations in their on-going ethnic cleansing / slow cook genocide ‘Final Solution’ campaign against the historical and true owners of the Holy Land.

So, we ask, what is a wall? In total contradiction to the biased opinion of AIPAC’s ‘trick cyclists’, Amnesty International and Ox-Rat jointly agree, and have now stated for the public record, that ‘Walls’ are the very embodiment, the essential symbol, of separateness and apartheid.
In further condemnation they claim that in Palestine, the Separation Walls around the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip gives a literal, concrete (sic – no pun intended) form to the Jewish exclusivity and separation represented by Israel's governing political philosophy: the diabolical racist doctrine of Jabotinskyism.

Hence, as such, the Great Apartheid Walls represent an end to the possibility of independent statehood for Palestinians in any part of their native land - and regardless of the West Bank’s Fatah and the Gaza Strip’s Hamas healing the political schism between themselves this past month in Cairo, these 30 foot high separation barriers form a physical divide between the people – as per the insidious Berlin Wall thrown up by the Soviet totalitarian aggressors in 1961 to halt the ‘Westward-Ho!’ migration of ‘citizens’ disillusioned with the burgeoning Moscow-managed East German Communist Utopia.

The Separation Barriers blotting the landscape of Palestine are an Israeli innovation adopted from the Nazi German’s model with their highly efficient walls around the Warsaw ghetto – which the ultra-Zionist kikesters comprising the IDF’s Hafganat Koah Brigade would see further bolstered and augmented in their flagrant ethnic cleansing drive against the Palestinian populations of the West Bank and Gaza Strip by the introduction of Auschwitz-style Arbeit Macht Frei concentration camps if the chutzpah-addicted pondscum running the Knesset thought for one minute they could get away with it.

Gnasher McTwatt, the director of Ox-Rat, the international human rights and wrongs abuse watchdog, told one press hack from the Schadenfreude Gazette that these walls perversely serve to facilitate the achievement of Zionism's primary objective: the establishment and maintenance of an exclusivist Jewish state on stolen Palestinian land - whereby insolent audacity and kikester ‘hasbara’ are invoked to qualify the fractured logic of separating the goyim Christian and Muslim Palestinians from the elitist Jewish population.

In all reality this is to achieve the Israeli’s ‘lebensraum’ – and occurs by confiscating Palestinian lands, restricting the free movement of Palestinians, preventing growth and expansion, and breaking up the territory available to them.

Yet again, from a sympathetic angle, these Jews of convenience, the Ashkenazi Israeli leaders utter their ‘victims’ mantra to anyone stupid enough to pay heed concerning the pogroms and Holohoaxes directed against them and the centuries of collective persecutions – and those that don’t listen to their ‘hasbara’ are instantly branded as anti-Semites and Holohoax deniers – hence they have good reason to be paranoid and need a big high wall to hide behind.

Conversely, in a desperate reaction to US President Barky O’Barmy’s speech on May 19th, declaring that any future Palestinian state must be based on the pre-1967 borders, Israeli Prime Minister Bobo Nuttyahoo told one press hack from the Ethnic Cleansing Gazette he appreciated O’Barmy's duplicitous "commitment to peace" but that for peace to endure, "the viability of a Palestinian state cannot come at the expense of the viability of the Jewish state" – wholly missing the irony that the ‘tenuous’ viability of the Israeli state today has only manifested at a catastrophic cost to what was once, pre the1948 Nakbah, the sovereign state of Palestine.

Thought for the day: Hmmm, the Israeli mongrel refugees of Europe - God’s Chosen People indeed - these Children of the Covenant boasting of their superior intellects, yet are a gullible enough set of meshuggenahs to make this ‘covenant’ with their mythical, non-existent omnipotent deity that mandates they cut the ends off their shmoks. Obviously Yahweh has a very cruel sense of humour.

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