Monday, 23 May 2011

Libyan No-Fly Zone Extended to Ships

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In typical sneak-creep neo-imperialist kikester fashion, the ZioNazi-controlled NATO forces are proceeding to criminally transgress the parameters and restrictions of the UN Security Council Resolution 1973 which singularly imposed a ‘no-fly zone’ over Libya to assist the useless pro-democracy mujahideen – backed and funded by Western commercial interests - in overthrowing the ultra-eccentric Colonel Gaddafi.
These violations have now exceeded the original no-fly zone mandate to encompass not only the Libyan air force’s helicopters, planes and runways but also the Libyan navy’s ships – just in case some bright spark decided to defy the laws of physics, get them airborne and drop depth charges on the rebel’s Benghazi stronghold.

In a statement to the Warmongers Gazette, NATO spokesman General Wilbram P. Ratstamper III related that the aircraft carrier, USS Halitosis, had launched two flights of F16 fighters to attack Tripoli harbour and sink anything that floated – including the channel marker buoys – and further demonstrate the United States unflagging resolve to protect the civilian population of Libya, using appropriate and proportionate force to kill anything old enough to bleed.

Conversely, Ghaban ibn Himar of the rebels' National Transitional Council, based in Benghazi, has appealed for NATO to call a halt to their indiscriminate air attacks – disputing their claim of having hit eight warships belonging to Gaddafi's naval forces in co-ordinated raids on Tripoli, Al Khums and Sirte the previous night.
“These were not warships but a collection of cargo vessels and fishing boats - plus two ferries carrying refugees down the coast to Benghazi. The Great Satan and NATO’s gung ho trigger happy psychopaths are killing more of our people than the mad Colonel in Tripoli ever did.”
“The United Nations referendum was meant only to neutralise the military’s air attack capabilities and definitely did not constitute an open season licence to snuff Gaddafi’s children and the civilian population – or scores of our rebel fighters with hails of friendly fire.”

On Thursday, US President Barky O’Barmy informed a Shite House press conference that "Time is working against Gaddafi now he has lost control over his country’s oil wells and pipelines to the forces of democracy.”

Well, of course he’s lost control when the poor fucker’s got the US Global Bully and their New World Order NATO forces all breaking their balls trying to snuff him, so their muppets can take over, hoof all the Chinese commercial interests out and monopolise the country’s natural resources for Uncle Sam and the shifty shylock neshekers.

Repeating the same moronic piss-ant script to the State Department from his digital teleprompter, O’Barmy stated for the public record that the Libyan opposition has organised a legitimate and credible interim council (sic) – with it’s own numbered Swiss bank accounts – thanks to a spot of help from the CIA and the Rothshite crime syndicate bankster types who are currently wheeler-dealing the futures market for the rebel-controlled oil.

"When Gaddafi inevitably gets fed up and leaves or the reform movement forces him from power – or our short-sighted fighter pilots eventually draw an accurate bead on his damned elusive ugly ass and blow him away - decades of Pan-Islamic provocation and anti-American rhetoric will come to an end, and the transition to an Alice in Wonderland democracy can proceed – just like the pantomime of socio-political reform in the other North African shitholes: Tunisia and Egypt."

Conversely Libyan government spokesman Shaheed Kess Emakk told one reporter from the Reality Check Gazette that President O’Barmy’s comments were delusional.
“This cuckoo in the Oval Office is yet another juke box politician – stick a few coins in and he’ll play any tune you want. The US manipulates the United Nations Security Council into issuing this Resolution 1973 to protect Libyan civilians from their own government as a pretext for foreign aggression and to seize our oil reserves - then drop bombs on them and sink the refugee ferries coming out of Tripoli.”

“The Great Satan’s stooges believe the dirty lies that their own AIPAC-puppet government and yidster media spread around the world. It's not his African brother Barky O’Barmy who decides whether Muammar Gaddafi leaves Libya - it's the majority of the Libyan people – and definitely not a gang of rag-arsed Zionist-funded rebels – these running dog lackeys holed up in Benghazi."

Thought for the day; Fuck NATO and the ZioNazi shadow government - and their land-grabbing New World Order.

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