Sunday, 22 May 2011

Bubblehead Beatrice Flogs Pretzel on eBay

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At street parties the length and breadth of England, the common sheeple gagged and spewed up their Pol Pot Insta-Noodles and Hedgehog Tikka Masala en masse as the royal ‘renta-dent’ Rolls pulled up outside Westminster Abbey and a piranha-toothed Morticia look-alike appeared wearing a 22nd SAS regimental beige felt beret, criminally modified, in the name of bad taste, by the likes of Jimmy Choo-Choo to resemble a pretzel-shaped dunce cap.

Was this the blushing bride, Kate Middleclass, resplendently draped in a Mogul’s ransom of Sarah Bunghole conflict diamonds, just having a bit of a laugh to lighten up this joyous yet solemnly serious occasion – or simply the royal retard, Princess Beatrice, doing her customary trick of looking like an utter twat to attract attention and compensate for her pathetic lack of self-esteem – and cerebral grey matter?

Alas, t’was the latter, followed closely by her equally moronic sister Eugenie, wearing a chemtrail-blue millinery concoction that appeared to be a scavenged prop from Mel Brooke’s ‘Men in Tights’ – with a festoon of Big Bird’s tail feathers attached to complete the ridiculous spectacle of ‘The Slapperella Sisters go to the Ball’.

The villain responsible for these exorbitantly-priced monstrosities of fashion is Irish milliner Pikey Pete McScrunt, the son of a Galway swan poacher, who also adorned the chain-smoking spouse of the ‘Plant Whispering’ Prince Chazzer – none other than Gorgonzilla, the Duchess of Cornhole, with an inverted black jelly fish to distract attention away from her crevice-ridden face - and fitted out Auschwitz Diet Queen, Victoria Peckham, in a magpie’s nest garnished with leprous slugs and slices of raw smoked bacon - plus a score of other celebrity shits and titled wedding guests in his flamboyant creations on the big day – with Candida Palmer-Scroteberg’s wimple and yashmak ingeniously crafted from a Bactrian camel’s scrotum to hide her cocaine-ravaged Channel Tunnel nostrils.

However, it was the outrageous creation perched atop the empty noggin of Chlamydia Knobb-Hedd, scion of the Smegmashire Knobb-Hedds, wearing a concoction of furry road kill, draped with the intestines of a juvenile Sudanese cluster bomb victim, delicately cradled in a Palestinian baby’s sun-bleached rib cage – and all topped off with a cormorant’s severed head.

Considering McScrunt charges a £2,000 quid minimum for a dead meerkat’s tail or a festering Roland Rat pelt to adorn one of his fascinator bonnets, this perhaps might be compared or paralleled with the Emperor’s new clothes when a bunch of over-privileged split-arse sluts are prepared to pay the Paddy milliner a fortune for the privilege of being made to look like a troop of utter cunts.

Beatrice is currently engaged in a Combined Studies BA at Numptyford University where she’s pursuing - in the tradition of her spendthrift and influence-peddling mother, Flabby Fergie, the Duchess of Pork - graduate courses in ‘Ostentatious Waste’ and ‘Hedonistic Squandering’, and at Mummy’s urging has posted her royal wedding headgear creation on eBay for auction to the highest bidder – where the Frankenstein monstrosity of inelegance has been labelled a Turkey Twizzler, a contortionist’s toilet seat – and ‘one hell of a fucked-up pretzel’.

Bids on eBay currently stand at £80,200 nicker – with the hopeful vulgarian buyers - all of whom obviously have more money than fucking sense - numbering thirty-eight so far. The auction ends on Sunday evening - with the proceeds going to Eugenie’s favourite scrounging institutions: the Virgin Islands-based ‘Distressed Royal Sluts’ and the ‘Fat Fergie in Crisis’ charities.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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