Friday, 13 May 2011

EUSSR Cut Britain in Two – or Three

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Eric ‘Porky’ Prickles, the multi-chinned Tory MP for East Gluttony and incumbent Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, this week accused the EUSSR Commissars of trying to wipe Britain off the map by developing a new cross-Channel region that merges parts of Southern England with Northern France in a moronic Arc Manche region - complete with its own flag.

Prickles, a former barrage balloon impersonator who still continues to deny he ate all the pies – recently had his name entered into the Guinness Book of World Records for his mega-rating six-figure cholestrol level and a body mass index equal to that of a hippopotamus.

The Secretary claims to be incensed that the Eurocrats running the Brussels-based den of graft and corruption are planning to roll out their new Arc Manche transnational emblem across England – with the logo described as looking like a cheap piece of Frog embroidered shite souvenier tablemat – specifically a series of Masonic occultist concentric circles symbolising the flow of bribes and kickbacks between Belgian and Swiss bank accounts.

The controvertial logo includes the word ‘Inter-reg’ – (no, not Easter egg) - a contraction of inter-regional – the name of a £1 zillion quid per annum shifty EUSSR initiative to reduce the influence of national borders and initiate the wholesale disruption of British society as Point 1 on their agenda by this pisspot scheme to intergrate the English with the foul and foreign French.

Throwing Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle (which states that we don’t know shit from shinola) to the four winds, the EUSSR’s mandarins desire the creation and maintenance of a dysfunctional society – with the enforced dissolution of the four major collective forces of Race, Religion, Family and Nation - the four principal pillars of our human identity.

Alas, the coming ‘Big Society’ – a panopticon dystopia - will afford no sanctuary for love, empathy or selflessness. The New World Order design that the Orwellian social engineering cabals such as Common Purpose, the RAND Corporation and the Ford Foundation, etcetera, et al, are working to create will be one fuelled by cruelty and total disregard for human rights - with patriotism and altruism being adversarial to their end game strategy.

So, apart from Porky Prickles, who else in Parliament and the House of Conmans - where irony and hypocrisy co-exist in harmonious accord with criminal deceit and treason – are objecting to this sinister move by Brussels?

No fucker – or their dog. They’re all stricken by Sinecurism and the Curse of the Four C’s – Cronyism, Collusion, Corruption, and Complacency. Compromised politicians and a compliant, corporate controlled media – all together in a society where corruption has become institutionalised and government is incapable of functioning without it – that is the Europe of today - and Britain too.

Minister Prickles condemned the EUSSR for ploughing millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money into the ‘Arc Manche’ - the name given by Brussels to this treasonable attempt to merge Northern France and Southern England.
Oh yes, tax-payers funds now ear-marked to be squandered on moronic vanity projects in this all-new socio-economic zone, including a £7.6 million nicker network of cross-Channel multi-lingual bordellos and a £5.5 million quid scheme to pay for circus clowns to perform throughout the Arc Manche region – in addition to those already on display in Brussels – and the British House of Conmans - and every local government council authority office.

Thought for the day: Fuck the EUSSR and the ZioNazi kikesters New World Order.

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