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7/7 Inquest More Scent Than Substance

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Well, the Coroner’s verdict is in after 19 weeks of ignoring the most vital pieces of evidence appertaining to the false flag ‘terrorist attack’ – and it exonerates MI5 and MI6 and Mossad from any involvement – placing the blame for all four of the 7/7/2005 terrorist bombings on Mohammed al Patsy and his Jolly Jihadist Yorkshire-based cohorts.

So, much to the delightful satisfaction of civil service mandarin Sir Irwin Whitewash at the Ministry for Coverups and the shifty spooks infesting Thames House and Vauxhall Cross, the 7/7 inquest has rolled on, and on, and on - alike Trumpton’s town hall clock: concealing the truth, steadily, sensibly; never too quickly, never too slowly; concealing the truth for the SIS and Downing Street – until the telly-addicted British public lost interest and could no longer give an apathetic flying fuck what kind of dodgy verdict was returned.

The appointed coroner, Lady Justice Heather Halibut, conspicuously sitting without the hindrance or scrutiny of a jury, has faithfully followed her covert remit to the letter. Not to look too hard into dark places – such as actually examining the floors of the tube train carriages to explain the enigmatic fact that the bombs were detonated beneath, and not inside, as per the ‘official’ story.

Further, the security forces responsible for the false flag attacks definitely didn’t want any questions asked as to why the bombers, led by Mohammed al Patsy, survived their suicide attacks on underground trains near Aldgate, Edgware Road and Russell Square Tube stations, and inside a double-decker bus at Tavistock Square, near King's Cross.

The make-believe Jihadist stooges turned up at Canary Wharf later that morning – only to get their gullible arses triple-tapped ‘Kratos’ fashion and to disappear from the world stage without a trace. A case of them becoming insta-X-Files no less.

Thus throughout the inquest nary a mention has been referenced of Canary Wharf / Docklands shootings lest the plot thickens and the official story starts to unwind. Just too many loose ends – alike Dr David Kelly’s assisted suicide job in the Grassy Knoll Woods – or the Pont de l’Alma tunnel murders in Paris. Yet another glaring false flag murder job expedited with the professionalism of Wiley T. Coyote in cahoots with Wallace and Gromet. Honestly, we’ve seen better organised riots.

Regardless, secrets are only good when kept by a party of one. Hence in the case of 7/7 – just like the sore thumb fiasco that constituted 9/11 – too many people involved, and down the road some whistle-blowing little bird -like that Chinese ‘Qui Tam’ guy - starts twittering in eager ears and the wheels of the rumour mill start grinding the grist of conspiracy theories piecemeal. Hence the survival of the official lie depends solely on its constant repetition.

So, were Mohammed al Patsy and his mates all unsuspecting dupes and stooges participating in a purported ‘official’ terrorist drill on 7/7 for Visor Consultants? Then, being a bunch of incompetent twats, after missing their scheduled train connections, and things actually did start going ‘Ka-Boom!’, Mo’ al Patsy and his gang of dupes realised something was very wrong with a capital W (but obviously failed to comprehend they had been royally set up by the security forces) and bee-lined for the news media offices in the Docklands, at Canary Wharf to get their side of the story on record and into the public arena.

Alas, here the dark players were tracking their every move and turned up pronto to snuff them with extreme prejudice and ensure no fucker or their dog found out they didn’t get blasted to bits on the three tube trains – or the bus - when their explosive ‘peroxide and black pepper’ suicide backpacks detonated ‘underneath’ the carriages.

Perhaps a similar scenario occurred with Peter Power, the managing director of the Visor Consultants security company who just happened to be carrying out anti-terrorist suicide bomber drills that same morning and at precisely the same stations which were hit by military grade explosive charges concealed beneath the tube train carriages – a fact worthy of mention in the Guinness Book of Unlikely Coincidences.

However, obviously Power’s survival instincts kicked in and he immediately contacted the salivating media – declaring for the public record his company had been contracted by the Bliar Labour government / SIS to expedite the anti-terror drills on 7/7/05.
This was his ‘Gennifer Flowers’ defence – to salvage his own arse and prevent him getting ‘Grassy Knolled’ alike David Kelly - for knowing too much and being the source of ‘official criminal complicity’ revelations.

(Gennifer Flowers came forward during Dodger Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential Campaign alleging that she had had a twelve-year ‘three-hole suck n swallow’ relationship with the Arkansas Amateur Rapist. Rumours were rife that legions of Clinton’s ex-lovers and renta-humps were proving to be very ‘unlucky’ young women – meeting with unfortunate ‘fatal’ accidents or disappearing altogether (c/o the Mena Mafia) before they could become acute embarrassments – as did Monica (suck n spit) Lewinsky some years later.
Genni Flowers, obviously focused on staying alive, decided to get her story out there in the public arena so that any future accident that might befall her would act against, rather than in favour of, Clinton’s crooked criminal interests).

Obviously the last thing Bliar’s dodgy government (staffed by kiddie fiddling paedo’s, raving fudgers and criminal perverts various) wanted was a public disclosure that they were responsible for bomb attacks on their own citizens – the voting electorate – solely to justify their illegal invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, demonise Islam and Muslims in general - and further fund and expand their neo-colonial military misadventures in foreign lands – and their disingenuous war on terror. Thus the limited intelligence of Tony Bliar’s administration - when the only tool you possess is a hammer, then every problem begins to look like a nail.

To wit, while no fucker or their dog has, media-wise, honed ‘Occam’s Razor’ and focused on the evidence that points directly to official complicity and involvement in the terror attacks, Coroner Lady Justice Heather Halibut (yet another establishment cunt in cunt’s clothing, who was specifically selected and tasked to sit as coroner ‘without’ a jury) has ruled that a number of pieces of evidence – including "bodymaps" detailing the injuries of those who died - and full footage of the bomb scenes once the victims had been removed – should not be made available in open court as they may well draw unnecessary attentions to the glaring inconsistencies in the official account of the treasonable events of 7/7/2005.

Hmmm, this is the six years too fucking late ‘No stone unturned’ inquiry the British public were promised - and hoodwinked into accepting.

Yep, no stone unturned indeed, when we’re faced with this fucking big hi-viz fluorescent pink elephant stood in the middle of the Coroner’s court that corrupt government officials are trying their best to ignore like a gnarly fart in a crowded elevator – the enigmatic riddle of why no inquest has ever been performed on the victims to determine the causes of death or the type of explosive devices used.

Alas, to anyone with military experience of explosives, the peroxide and black pepper story is more a blend of bullshit and black propaganda as the former is an amateur chemistry set thermal incendiary mix that while producing a heat wave, totally lacks brisance due its slow expansion rate and wouldn’t blow the knickers off a cheerleader.

This point is basic physics, not quantum chemistry nor rocket science, regardless of the Coroner's officer, Det Chief Supt Doug McKenna, a founder of the Freemason-affiliated ‘Vauxhall Cross Perjurers Society’, obviously serving parties of self-interest by debunking conspiracy theories that the explosives used were of a military grade Semtex equivalent, and were concealed and detonated under Tube train carriages – simultaneously - by a pulsed radio wave signal.

Then we have one further glaring sore thumb inconsistency that serves to stimulate the minds of the conspiracy theorists – wherein a special facility had been set up to receive the dead of the July 7th bombings in a temporary morgue built on army land, the contract for which arrived on the contractor’s desk on 6th July, the day before the massacres – the storage site where all the bodies of the dead were taken and placed in cold-storage – with nary a single post mortem autopsy ever being performed.

And that is one can of worms they don’t want up-ended as the real questions would start to fly – beginning with ‘Whodunnit?’ and ‘who’s got something to hide?’

Alas, 7/7 would be a complicated if not impossible scenario to prevent when Mohammed al Patsy and Co were actually controlled by the UK’s own security services – the ones whose salaries are paid by the tax-paying voters they’re tasked to protect.

Yet they commit treason – to serve what is termed ‘defence of the realm’ – and murder their own nationals in a false flag operation to incite the Anglo-Saxon population into Islamophobia mode and prove the mythical Al Qaeda exists and there are bad guys out there who hate our ‘democratic freedoms’ – and thus justify their illegal and concocted war on terror that was still short of one vital ingredient: ‘TERROR’.
And if you didn’t have a genuine threat at the ready, then make one up with your custom-built ‘Insta False Flag Attack’ kit – available from the manky Mossad’s ick n mix ‘Problem-Reaction-Solution’ department.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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