Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Brazil: Buggery to be Compulsory

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The ex-Portuguese colony Brazil is currently facing a mid-life socio-political crisis concerning democracy and basic human rights in the form of the all-new buggery-promoting ‘Law PLC122’ – being touted by Common Purpose International, the socio-cultural engineering cabal tasked with turning out mind-controlled morons and conditioning the sheeple to say ‘Baaa’ – and wholly backed by the country’s burgeoning gay community since the faggot-infested Supreme Court bestowed their anointed legal approval of gay civil unions last week.

The radical shit-stabbers movement is now taking advantage of the momentum produced by this to lobby President Fadinha Ripoffi and his ruling Desviado Kleptocracy Party-dominated Parliament to prioritize passage of the ambitious Anti-Homophobia and Hate Crimes Law (PLC122).
Gay activists are planning a march to support and foster the bill in Brasilia, funded with money donated by the international Brown Hatters Anonymous cottaging group in order to coincide with, and vehemently oppose, the global Bash-a-Poofter Day which falls at the end of May.

If this abhorrent law is approved, any format of moral, religious, philosophical or medical opinion against the lesbo rug-munching and poofter turd-burgling lifestyles in this predominantly Roman Catholic country, will subject the author to prison and heavy fines – and not only in the commercial media, but also in web blogs, religious programmes and even in the privacy of the church confessional.

The passage of PCL 122 through Parliament will make it a citizenship requirement that all men agree to play the beast with two backs and consent to taking it up the arse if so fancied and solicited by an iffy workmate or drinking buddy who is so inclined and enjoys the smell of scat more so than the erotic aroma of juicy finger-lickin’ yummy pussy.

Self-outed gay priest Father Diablo Chupeteiro of the Queima Rosca Church for Latter Day Sodomites, informed one press hack from the Bumboys Gazette that “We’re not after turning Brazil into a butt-fucker’s paradise but there’s nothing wrong with rogering another bloke, so forget all those condemning Biblical quotations in the Old Testament, labelling gays as ‘abominations’ – it’s just like Jesus said – ‘Love thy brother’ - literally.

A gung-ho mega-bucks ‘desensitization’ media campaign has been launched to ‘ram’ (sic – no pun intended) this social engineering exercise home – (perception programming to manipulate the masses) - with pro-gay news dominating the red top tabloid gutter press and television.

This is especially true of the Globo TV’s ‘Latin Punheteiros’ channel, through their soap operas viewed by zillions of the brain-dead population of sheeple – promoting gay couple romances and ridiculous fictions of male shirt lifters or strapon-wielding Sapphic dykes under persecution for giving each other one in the office toilets – all to forward the agenda of creating an elitist caste of perverts, with special privileges.

Conversely, while corn-holing goats and each other might well be an acceptable cultural norm with the male populations of certain morally-depraved heathen countries; for the majority of Western chaps – (while in this instance ignoring the insidious and debased practices of the corrupt and wanton Catholic priesthood and their lascivious carnal addictions to choirboy catamites) – who were fortunate enough to be raised on a moderate testosterone diet of Christianity and the sanctity of womanhood, men buggering other men is a total anathema.

Thought for the day: Alas, there are no safeguards against human nature. Brazil is one of the principal states pushing this venal and totalitarian campaign of domestic suppression and unquestioning compliance to establish and achieve - alike the People’s Marxist Utopia of China - their respective ends of the Protocols of the Power-Mad Kikester Elders of Zion / New World Order agenda.

Call it what you will - it’s the same diabolical 666 Beast rallying for the total destruction of the four major collective forces of Race, Religion, Family and Nation. These are the four pillars of our human identity which must be wreaked asunder to allow the creation and maintenance of their dysfunctional Luciferic society – devoid of empathy or moral and family values, with an end product that will make Israel’s inhuman cruelties visited daily upon the Palestinian population of the Gaza Strip - and the excesses of totalitarian Big Brother states such as China and North Korea - look like democracy-friendly Camberwick Green and Trumpton.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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