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Bin Laden Killed - Yet Again

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Anyone here old enough to remember the days of human compassion and Biblical morality, that when a person died or was killed it presented a cause for respectful mourning – and not raucous street celebrations complete with bullhorn cheering, fireworks, finger snacks and cans of ratpiss Budweiser?

Alas, since the US and European nations fell under the noxious spell (more at ‘curse’) of the cheese-rolling agenda of the Protocols of the Greedy Bastard Elders of Zion to establish their insidious New World Order and make the goyim useless eaters their slaves, those days are long gone.

Such is clearly evidenced by the recent pathetic attempts to boost the flagging popularity of the Kenyan cuckoo currently squatting in the White House Oval Office, who this week produced a brand-new counterfeit copy of his Hawaiian birth certificate in a last ditch effort to authenticate his American citizenship and run for a second term of office without Donald the Trump heckling such insults as “Who’s dat nigga in de woodpile?”.

To further augment his credibility as a leader and enamour the gullible American public to this ‘Hope & Change’ impostor, the ZioNazi kikester powers that control US government, commerce and the media system in entirety decided that the much-maligned ex-CIA asset - the long deceased and illusionary Muslim terrorist leader of the Al Qaeda jihadist group - Osama bin Laden - had to be exhumed and resurrected alike Lazarus before him – then snuffed yet again – with Barky Hussein O’Barmy’s finger clearly on the trigger.

To achieve this end, the gospel according to White House press officer Sheldon Shitestein claims it came to pass that intelligence sources traced Bin 'Patsy' to a secret hidey hole at Abbottabad, a septic shithole 100 kilometres north-east of Islamabad, in Pakistan.

Revealing further details of the operation to one reporter from the Propaganda Gazette, senior Pentagon official General Billy Bob Redneck said a small team of special forces had conducted the operation in which a fortress-like compound was attacked - with dozens of Jolly Jihad Mujahideen being killed in the ensuing firefight – believing the assault was actually a bailiff-led eviction linked to a recent court order for non-payment of rent and other bills that had resulted in Bin Laden’s Sky TV, telephone and broadband internet connections being cut off earlier in the week.

The dead included several of Bin Laden's sons and daughters – with his Number 4 wife committing ritual seppuku by swallowing a grenade rather that face defilement and gang rape by a bunch of uncircumcised infidel US troops.

General Redneck revealed that the size and complexity of the structure in Abbottabad had surprised military officials as it was surrounded by 40 foot tall stone ramparts – even higher than the rogue state of Israel’s Great Apartheid Wall around the besieged enclave of Gaza – and was eight times larger than other homes in the area - and equipped with missile silos, tank traps, a radar system and an artillery practice range.

The body of Saudi-born Osama bin Laden – the scion of the zillionaire Bin Laden Flatpack Construction Corporation, was discovered lying face down in the patio hot tub – simmering away to a nice tender pink colour - along with his second-in-command Mohammed al Patsy, the former Afghan ’Gurning’ champion.
Bin Laden was positively identified via DNA testing as he had obviously undergone drastic cosmetic surgery procedures to disguise his appearance – such as having a shower and shaving – and losing his customary sickly grin by wearing a set of Piranha Pete style dentures.

A veritable enigma to the bullshit-fed public due the Zionist media’s black propaganda campaigns, Bin Laden was recruited by the US intelligence community to train as a suicide bomber in their covert war against the Soviet Russian forces in Afghanistan in the 1980’s – but had the sense to realise the career advancement possibilities and pension scheme really sucked – regardless of the promise of Paradise and seventy-two virgins - so he opted out of the American-funded Shaheed Martyrdom programme become a regular Mujahideen fighter.

After the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan and the fall of the communist ‘Evil Empire’ the CIA needed ‘enemies new’ to justify the squandering of zillions of taxpayer’s dollars to keep the military-industrial cartels busy and in profit – and provide fresh battlefields to test their innovative weaponry.
Hence Al Qaeda was conjured to serve the purpose – with the hapless Bin Laden as the leader on which to hang the blame for the countless false flag attacks that would be expedited in his name to demonise Islam and label all Muslims as bonkers suicide bombers out to destroy the democratic freedoms of the Great Satan and Western civilisation.

Starting small, the first CIA / Mossad false flag op’ blamed Al Qaeda and Bin Laden for blowing up the main Aden branch of the multi-national kikester-owned Pestco Greedy Grocer supermarket chain with a sub-nuclear Vegemite and Branston explosive mix device in Yemen in October of 2000 – followed swiftly by scores of such similar atrocities around the globe.

An Ozzie-frequented nightclub bar in Bali – demolished with a black market Israeli micro-nuke concealed in a monsoon drain - targeted for serving liquor to infidels. A non-halal kebab stall in downtown Nairobi - blown to smithereens for serving the haram pork. The Shylock Scattberg Memorial Synagogue in Mogadishu fire-bombed – resulting in the death of Rabbi Weaselstein and the loss of a centuries-old Torah and thousands of pickled foreskins.

His legend was purposely inflated by Mossad’s ‘Porky Pies’ department until he was even blacker than what he’d originally been painted - and represented an elusive Islamic terrorist / Fu Manchu style criminal mastermind of Anti-Christ proportions whose diabolical scheming even stooped so low as to hire a group of hi-fiving Israeli furniture removal men as stooges to record the terrorist event of 9/11 on video for him and thus throw suspicion on responsibility for the attacks on Tel Aviv’s ZioNazi leaders – just to make the kikesters look worse than they normally did.

So, at last the Muslim madman is gone for sure – even though he was killed several years ago during a bombing raid on the Tora Bora cave complex – then later died at least twice while undergoing a kidney transplant in Dubai – or as accounts tend to differ, depending which intelligence service is telling the tale - when his mobile dialysis machine was booby-trapped by Feryl Beryl and Toxic Tessie - Mossad’s homicidal Semtex Sisters.

Once the kikester-controlled media announced Bin Laden’s demise, a cheering crowd from Washington’s prestigious Renta-Mob publicity agency descended on the Shite House, applauding President Barky O’Barmy for tracking down the diabolical Islamic Saitan and ensuring his fate at the hands of the lynch mob instead of wasting time and money on capturing him alive and shipping him back to the US to face a fair trial for his purported crimes.

Good ole America – don’t you just love the hypocrisy. “One nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all” – but not Osama bin Laden. Yet another stooge fallen victim to ZioNazi treachery.

Thought for the day: Persistent rumours remain unconfirmed that Donald Trump has challenged President Barky O’Barmy to produce a verifiable copy of Osama bin Laden’s ‘Death Certificate’.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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