Thursday, 5 May 2011

Al Qaeda Gear up for False Flag Attacks

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The telly-addicted population of Britain is being urged by our shifty Libservative Coalition government’s intelligence agencies to vigilance in the wake of the Lazarus-style second-time-around death of Al-Qaeda leader, Osama Bin Pasty; with council sink or swim housing estate residents across the length and breadth of our once-sceptred green and pleasant realm advised to keep a beady eye on their shifty Muslim neighbours – especially the ones wearing burkhas and hijabs - in an attempt to further demonise the UK’s Mussulman immigrants as a bunch of raving Jolly Jihadist terror bombers and promote yet another wave of galloping Islamophobia.

In the meantime the elitist public school clot currently posing as the nation’s Slime Minister - Mr ‘Big Society’ Scameron - has struck up a new parameter on the political incorrectness scale by publicly hailing the murder of the Al Qaeda leader as "Jolly good news – an all-round great success" - and “Absolutely brilliant – I can’t think of a bigger oick I could have wanted snuffing more than Bin Laden - and now he’s ‘Bin Killed’ – Ha-ha-ha! Then the Yanks tossed his body into sea, knowing quite well he couldn’t swim – and made doubly certain he was dead. Bravo.”
Hmmm, no Nobel Peace Prize for Posh Dave, eh folks.

So now the scaremongering propaganda merchants infesting government and the Zionist-owned media are predicting a simmering wave of attacks by Al Qaeda terrorists out to avenge the death of their martyred leader - which actually translates as ‘Get ready for another set of MI6 / CIA / Mossad ZioNazi false flag attacks on the Great Saitan and his infidel Western cohorts.
So, what’s it going to be - a nuke attack on the continental US – or Europe – or London? A pathetic 7/7/2005 replay, with a dirty nuke in a Brazilian electrician’s backpack on the tube at Elephant & Castle?

If it’s going to be the UK then any Islamic Jolly Jihad terrorist worth his salt will choose London and achieve a maximum impact effect by targeting the centre of the Metropolis. So for a dirty nuke or a device with some real explosive “Whumph!” to it they’ll obviously go for the real power hub – the actual City centre – the Freemason Banksters’ Square Mile – and if one did go off there and level the place, then it might just be a real terrorist attack for a change.
Conversely, if it goes “Ka-fucking-Boom!” in some suburban shithole like Battersea or Slumborough Hamlets then it’s yet another ZioNazi false flag op’ conjured up to further demonise Islam and generate anti-Muslim sentiments.

Likewise, if the good ole US of A is the target, is it to be another New Hiroshima alike 9/11 - micro-nukes up the centre columns of the Twin Towers and a DEW / weaponised electromagnetic pulse scalar device to turn concrete to toxic talcum powder constituency?

Hopefully this time around Hollywood’s special effects get involved so it doesn’t turn out to be another amateurish job like the Pentagon plane hit? Fer fuck’s sake, the cast of Sesame Street or Homer Simpson or the South Park gang – or even Wiley T Coyote - could have done better at faking up a bigger hole and a pair of sheared off wings – plus some dead bodies.
Oh well, if you own the media then you can broadcast any old bullshit and the sheeple will believe it if the lie’s repeated often enough. Why else all this elaborate choreographed pantomime and propaganda if not simply to boost the Kenyan cuckoo’s chances of getting re-elected.

It might well be a HAARP attack now the US ZioNazi military-industrial cabal have got their arrays fine-tuned while generating the massive storm fronts across the mid-West – and generating the recent earthquake offshore Japan that caused the major tsunami fubar at the coastal Fuckupshima nuclear power station.

But the US are all ready for 9/11 Act 2 with their FEMA and DHS pukes chomping at the bit to impose martial law across the full 50 states and start rounding up the dissidents and domestic extremists - (which in their book equates as any fucker and their dog who disagrees with what the government says – or drinks organic milk – or thinks the Secretary of State Hilarious Rodent Clinton’s a rug-munching dyke) - as fodder for their internment camps.

Alas, with apologies for pissing on the Yank’s bonfire and making a fuck up of the entire script of this elaborate concoction of pantomime, but the truth surrounding the attack on the Abbottabad fortified residence in Pakiland, where the elusive ‘Lazarus’ Bin Laden is reported to have been killed, differs vastly from the official American line.

Pakistani military forces, responding to the downing of one of their helicopters by a shoulder-fired ground-to-air missile, staged an assault on the compound – (the same place they’d raided back in 2003 while investigating reports of it being used by opium smugglers as a heroin lab) - and engaged a group of suspected terrorists (Al Qaeda or otherwise) in a firefight. One of the slain males had a beard and bore a passing resemblance to Bin Laden.

It was at this point that US troops nosed in on the act and snatched the body, then raised the theatre curtain - with the White House cuckoo Barky O’Barmy (the hypocrite who copped for a Nobel Peace Prize) thus credited with being the President who launched Operation Geronimo and finally hunted down the slippery Al Qaeda leader - who in actual reality succumbed to the ravages of Marfan Syndrome back in 2001 and has been dead and buried for what horologists term “quite a long time”.

Holy shit, with reflections on the above, just imagine the possibilities here. If US jet fighters and bombers assigned to NATO’s ‘Operation Kill Every Fucker’ attacks on Libya manage to snuff Gaddafi in the same week as the gung-ho Yanks claim to have re-murdered the non-existent Al Qadea’s head honcho, Osama bin Laden – then President 'Hope n Change' O’Barmy’s popularity ratings are gonna go through the roof and nobody will give a flying fuck over the raging controversy of his all-new counterfeit Hawaiian birth certificate being an amateurish piece-of-shit digital overlay forgery.

Do you know the whereabouts of any Muslim terrorists? Check the FBI’s ‘Most Wanted’ website photo album and see if any of your neighbours or the staff at the local ‘Halal Doner Kebab’ outlet are on it.

Send us any information or suspicions you might have to our ‘Snitch n Grassers’ e-mail address below and you could earn a crock of brownie points exempting you from the upcoming Great Extinction eugenics de-population drive – and also receive an exclusive Club of Rome commissioned ‘Georgia Guidestones’ poster autographed in baby blood by no less than the Grand Ubermensch himself - David Rockinghorseshit.

Thought for the day: Regardless of what you personally believe – actual Al Qaeda revenge (by a non-existent terrorist group – Que?) – or yet another ZioNazi kikester false flag hit – it might well be a good time to get into the habit of sticking your fingers in your ears, head between knees – and kissing your ass ‘goodbye’.

Oh, and by the way, fuck the Freemasons and the Protocols of the Greedy Bastard Elders of Zion - and their PNAC / New World Order.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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